Skullcandy Method Earbuds – Complete Review for 2022

Wireless headphones are becoming part of life for the new generation. They are offering the flexibility that today’sSkullcandy Method Earbuds - Complete Review for 2021 user seeks with sleek aesthetics. You will find yourself surrounded by several wireless in-ear earbuds from new brands to all those established entities. With new technologies coming up at a faster rate, it is quite tedious to understand how it will fit into your requirement and whether it is the right choice to choose one.

We will be reviewing the Skullcandy Method in-ear wireless earbuds today. You will have complete access to the information about the product. With the details in hand, you should find it feasible to decide in purchasing or decide whether it fits into your required category. The company produces a wide range of merchandise under its belt. You can browse the official website for further information related to the same. Skullcandy emerged as a winner among the recently launched brands and is attractive the Gen Z with sleek and futuristic-designed products with advanced technologies.

Design & Size

The priority that you or I prefer when we look for a product is the design. We all want it to be unique and different from other existing products. It is an instinct that we seek something special and like to own the same. The Method wireless earbuds from Skullcandy fulfills this desire. The way the engineers designed the product captivates your attention instantly upon revealing from the packing. You will fall in love with the hues, angle, color, shape, size, and the rigidity of the noticeable structure.

The availability in different colors gives you a choice to choose the one that fits your taste. You no longer require selecting a single color anymore like many of the companies offer for their products. We are reviewing the black and swirl colored product today, which is beautiful in color pattern and appearance.

As soon as you look at the earbuds, you will find them attractive. The significant factors for this are the swirl colored ear tips and the neckband. The visible nature of the construction quality ensures that you picked the right product for your daily use. It is sure to attract others when you wear and use them when traveling, exercising, running, and participating in different activities at the gym.

It is the well-chalked out design that makes the Method wireless earbuds a functional success. Not only are they amazing in appearance, but they are also offering enhanced comfort and connectivity options. For instance, you can control calls, volume, tracks, and microphone through the built-in buttons. You do not have to use the paired device each time you wish to make changes. You will find these keys on the neckband, which makes it simple for you to acceSkullcandy Method Earbuds Reviewss. The next time you like to reject a call or increase volume, just use the buttons!

While the entire layout is sleek and charming, Skullcandy ensured that the earbuds remained in position – in the ear canal. The sporty design makes the neckband sit comfortably around the neck. Simultaneously, the earbuds that hangout from the band through the connected cables help you adjust them according to your preference. The lengthy cables give you enough adjustment and ensure tangle-free operation.

Charging the earbuds is no longer a tedious task. You will find a micro-USB port on the neckband and use it to charge when running out of the battery. There is a LED flash indicator that blinks as a notification for low battery, incoming call, and missed call. The embedded microphone makes you have a clear conversation even when you are working out without accessing your phone.

The convenience provided by the presence of the buttons makes a big difference. You do not have to check out your phone each time there is a call. Likewise, you can use the volume keys to increase/decrease volume and skip tracks when the need arises. The compact construction makes it light on your neck and is easy to pack. You can put them in your bag and be on the move or leave it around the neck!

Materials & Comfort

The sturdiness of any commodity depends on the material used in the construction. Skullcandy emerged as the top leader among the emerging brands within a short period. It offers a wide range of consumer electronics manufactured using high-quality materials. The same is true for the Method wireless earbuds. Opting for the ABS plastic ensures that the product retains its original strength even if you are using them continuously. At the end of a year, two, or maybe more, the earbuds have the same durability as they did when you first purchased.

ABS plastic is resilient and offers better protection when compared to other materials. Therefore, you can expect the neckband to take a few bumps and still function without a hurdle. Likewise, it tends to be lower in weight, making it an apt choice for use as the material. Even if you are using it for long hours, you will never feel that you have it around your neck! The rigid construction helps it to function for an extended period if you do not damage it willingly.Skullcandy Method Earbuds Review

The next thing that we speak about is the level of comfort provided by the in-ear earbuds. While the material used defines the durability of the product, it also explains how well it is offering comfort. Many of us think that ABS plastic is not comfortable for wearing, especially for long hours. That is true to some extent. However, Skullcandy made sure that the Method wireless earbuds give you complete comfort. It is designed so that you will never feel any discomfort even when you use it for long hours.

The silicone tips provided make it further convenient. Apart from offering the highest cushioning experience, they hold firmly in the ear canal and prevent skidding. Therefore, even if you are using the earbuds during your regular workout sessions, running, or jogging, they remain in their position and offer best-in-class support.

You also get to adjust the length of the cord that connects the earbud with the neckband. It is this concept that makes it simple for use. You can retract the earbud to your preferred comfort level, place it in the ear canal, and let go! The cord remains in the position until you pull it again to retract the earbud to its home position.

Sound Performance

We all expect excellent output from earphones – be it in-ear or over-the-head earphones. With the technology that we are seeing today, we would like to be present in the product that we purchase. However, not all companies and models are capable of adapting. However, you will find an exception when it comes to the case of the Method wireless earbuds. You will find that this in-ear headphone gives you what you require – balanced output with required bass.

Offering high-end sound output is tedious for such small buds. Nonetheless, Skullcandy engineered the product keeping the customers in mind and the needs. The use of a 10mm driver helped produce the results that it wanted to give it to you – the end-user. The driver produces vibrant output with clear and crisp notes. You will hear audio with more critical details when compared with others in this category.

The other advantage provided by the diaphragm is the production of the bass. It produces only to the limit as Skullcandy Method Earbuds - Complete Review for 2021required and makes sure that there is a perfect balance of lows, mids, and highs. Therefore, you will never experience an over-the-line bass. All you get is a balanced output, giving you every reason to enjoy music always, including your workouts. You will listen to the same output each time you connect to a different media player. You can immerse yourself in the world of yourself and lose to the groove.

The optimization to generate and support high-fidelity sound helps to listen to different formats with ease. The decoding chipset makes this possible and aids in processing the signals. There is no loss to the quality or the details, and it is how it achieves the balance.


When we speak about a product’s life, we often expect it to last forever or at least for a few years. We want the company to offer such products. But we never think that it is equally vital for us to take care of things in the appropriate manner for them to function that long. The same is true for the Method wireless in-ear earbuds. Although Skullcandy opted for high-quality material to give you a product that lasts long, taking care of it in a proper way helps you to increase the lifespan. When you follow the care instructions, you will be increasing the durability of the earbuds with ease.

The construction and material are the other factors that make us tell you that the earbuds last for a long time and under different environments. The ABS/plastic material for the housing increases the protection against various environmental elements while enhancing endurance. It means that you will never feel that you are wearing a band on your neck! The counter of the band tends to remove the pressure and make you feel that you are not wearing anything.

When you are considering the price that you are paying for the Method earbuds, the durability is a blessing. Not only would you be using them for an extended period, but you will be retaining the originality even after regular use. You will continue to enjoy your favorite music with perfect balance irrespective of the connected device. It is the right choice if you are tending towards an earbud that lasts long, is not expensive, and has all the latest features.

Apart from the natural durability the earbuds receive using the materials, Skullcandy is further providing a limited period two-year warranty. You can use the warranty period to cover manufacturing defects and malfunctions. Make it a point not to tamper with the product, as you will be losing the warranty. If there is an issue, the company chooses to replace or repair the same.

Connectivity & CompatibilitySkullcandy Method Earbuds Review

Skullcandy is one of the leading brands and is offering products with the latest technologies at affordable prices. It is a tough contender for the already established brands. It is because of the technologies embedded, quality of the product, and service. The same is true for the connectivity part. Many of us consider connectivity and its options as a significant role-player in choosing earbuds. Surprisingly, the Method wireless tops with most of the checkboxes ticked!

The wireless technology gives you the possibility to connect with a myriad of devices that use Bluetooth technology. Skullcandy went ahead with the use of the 4.1 version for Bluetooth to make sure that the earbuds connect to different devices. Furthermore, it has a reputation for consuming less power with a stable connection. You will experience no connection drops!

You can choose the Bluetooth technology to connect with devices that are within 32 feet of range. Open the device that you like to pair with the headset and begin enjoying your media. Such an option is helpful when you are playing games or in the gym working out.

As the technology consumes less power, a single charge helps you to have a long playback time of 9-hours. The time is sufficient to go through an entire day’s requirement with ease. You can attend calls, listen to music, watch videos, and attend to video calls – the choice is yours!

Now, you like to have an earphone compatible with all the devices – not just your smartphone! Skullcandy made sure that the Method in-ear earbuds are compatible with any media player. It is the Bluetooth 4.1 version that helps you to increase the chances of connecting to several devices. For instance, you can connect with your car’s Bluetooth system and enjoy music while driving to your destination.

The Method wireless earbuds are compatible with all the devices running on the Android operating system. You can connect them to iOS devices, iPods, laptops, tablets, PCs, gaming consoles, and more. All you need is Bluetooth technology!

Additional Features

Not many earbuds have features that make them unique or worth the price. If you are seeking the one with features to meet your sports requirements, then the Method wireless earbuds are the answer. They have all the latest features to make it stand out from the rest in this category.Skullcandy Method Earbuds Review

The use of a 10mm driver helps in generating a perfect sound output with the right balance of bass, lows, mids, and highs. The housing uses ABS plastic for advanced protection and enhanced durability. All you must do is follow the care instructions. The silicone cone tip gives you all-day comfort and sits perfectly without skidding from the ear canal.

The most crucial factor of the product is the IPX4 rating. It means that you can use it when it is raining or when you are sweating. The nano-coating ensures that no water droplets seep inside. Therefore, you can continue using the in-ear buds even during an average rainfall or running, jogging, and participating in fitness activities without the worry of the sweat.

In addition to the above features, the Method wireless product also has a noise isolation feature. With the aid of this technology, you will indulge in clear conversations without the interference of external sounds such as environmental elements and static sounds. You will have better participation in calls and listen to details with ease.

Product Highlights

  • ABS/plastic material for rigid construction
  • Intriguing appearance
  • Sleek and stylish design with retractable earbuds
  • 10mm driver for vibrant, crisp, and clear sound output
  • Balanced lows, mids, and highs
  • Supports Hi-Fi sound
  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology to connect different devices
  • Consumes less power
  • A single charge gives 9-hours of playback time
  • Built-in micro-USB port and control buttons
  • Noise isolate feature for clear conversations
  • IPX4 water and sweatproof
  • Silicone cone tip offers a comfortable wearing
  • Compatible with Android and Apple devices

Who are these headphones for? 

The wireless in-ear headphones are perfect for sports enthusiasts. The neckband design with retractable earbuds is attractive and offers the highest comfort. The earbuds grip well while the neckband sits around the neck without any stress. The IPX4 rating ensures that you can continue to use them under rain and sweat. Bluetooth connectivity gives you the freedom to connect to any device. It is the earbud if you are looking for an affordable one with the latest features.


Skullcandy designed the Method wireless in-ear earbuds keeping in mind the requirement of today’s fitness enthusiasts. The features, technologies used, innovative design, wireless connectivity, and two-year warranty makes it an apt choice. The rigid construction ensures that it lasts longer when you care for the same. It will please even an audiophile who tend to have high standards for sound output.

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