SMS AUDIO DJ Pauly D classic style headphones REVIEW

Looking around for great, quality headphones? Well, you’re not alone. Ever since headphones came into being, people can’t stop looking for those especially good ones even if it’s expensive. Classy, bulky, lightweight, or intricate, we just can’t stop searching for the headphones that truly expresses us while catering to our music needs.

Loving the products form SMS Audio? Then take a look at the SMS STREET by 50 Limited Edition DJ Pauly D Classic Style Headphones with Inline Microphone. This one is hot in the market for its amazing design and color quality, leaving music enthusiasts begging for more. This limited edition headphone has a sleek design that appeals to the eyes. Offered also in limited colors, this headphone is sure to give you a wholesome experience.

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The SMS Audio STREET has rotating ear cups that cater to the users’ needs and form. Since most people complain about their headphones not fitting properly on their head and hurting their ears, SMS Audio has designed this headphone to counter the side-effects of wearing headphones, especially during long periods of time. The ear cup design will protect your ears from getting tired when you want to listen to music for hours. Not only that, plush memory foam leather ear pads cushion your ears to the headphones for a more comfortable experience.

No more getting tired from listening to your favorite tunes, as this will provide you with all the comfort you need for a more enjoyable time. Definitely, the DJ Pauly D classic style headphones will let you enjoy music by embracing your ears and sit comfortably for a great music experience. A hard shell carry case is also provided to keep your device from getting damaged especially when you bring it during long travels. No more worries for travelling, as the hard case will protect it during your adventures, and when you get back to it or feel like listening to your favorite music, it’ll be there ready for your use. Whether you relax or have fun, bringing the SMS Audio Street won’t be any problem with its classy shell case.

WHO SHOULD BE BUYING THE SMS DJ Pauly D classic style headphones?

The DJ Pauly D classic style headphones is a pair of headphones for highly demanding users, who are looking for a headset that goes above and beyond a basic model. Their design, comfort, durability as well as their quality of sound are top-notch, and offers great alternative to the most iconic headsets, of other popular brands such as the Beats Studio 2.0.

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