THE SMS SYNC Wireless Over-ear headphones

Do you walk and listen to music at the same time? Well, if you do, then you must have brought conventional headphones during your one of your walks and realized how inconvenient sometimes are. Using conventional headphones that have cables strung to your devices can be irritating and uncomfortable, often getting tangled up on your arms or bag and you would more often find yourself just giving up on them in the end.

But, don’t lose hope, for SMS Audio introduces the SMS SYNC Wireless Over-ear headphones! Now, there should be no more worries for any wires or cables getting tangled up when you’re at your best. SYNC by 50 aims to deliver high-quality music minus the cables. The headphones feature drivers to keep your music going strong and a sound isolation system that would keep your music to yourself.

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Features of SMS SYNC Wireless Over-ear headphones

There’s the 16-bit lossless digital sound feature of the headphone that even without wires it would still provide high quality, clear, and clean sounds without any compression to your favorite music. Besides that, this headphone can provide incredible music that supports other platforms whether you use it in PCs or other gaming devices, to any audio products at home. With its technology the SYNC by 50 can play even when the music source is 50 feet away.

40mm drivers provide studio-quality sound that lets you experience almost-authentic music through wireless technology. The quality is not compromised by its cordless feature, and in fact, even beats other quality headphones that are wired.

The SMS SYNC Wireless Over-ear headphones is engineered to provide you a pure, balanced sound that lets you enjoy any genre; rap or rock, pop or country. This set of headphones will deliver you any frequency with perfection, even if you prefer deep bass, or high-pitched music. And with its being wireless, you don’t even need to use the original source anymore as the full controls for your music is already placed on the ear cups that give you the power to play, pause, and skip your music.

A built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery is set in your headphones so that you won’t need to constantly change batteries for a more long-lasting, cost-effective listening experience. SYNC can also be used as a wired headset, just plug the mic cable and you’ll have yourself a working headphone.

The SYNC by 50 also provides sound isolation as it contains soft cushions that block outside noise and makes listening to music as comfortable as possible so that you could use your headphones for as long as you like without getting uncomfortable.

Do you have a friend that owns a pair of SYNC by 50 headphones? If so, then you can also use another feature of SYNC that lets you share the fun because this headset contains wireless transmitters that allows you to send wireless audio signals to about four people!


The SMS Audio Sync targets those who are looking for a quality pair of cordless headphones with high-tech features that make it a “sound gadget”. In terms of comfort and durability, the Sync is performing quite well. However, it is its quality digital sound, and their Bluetooth 4.0 APX Technology that make it a great option for highly demanding users. SMS SYNC Wireless Over-ear headphones have been designed with a lot of attention to detail. Even their packaging is quite unique, with a slide-out pressboard folding box and soft mini-football shaped carry case.

<<Click here to see the price, specs and reviews of SMS SYNC Wireless Over-ear headphones>>
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