SMS Audio DJ Pauly Headphones Review


Ever since headphones took the world by storm, manufacturers and companies have produced various designs and specifications since the first set was rolled out. Engineers have produced incredible variations, mostly improving sound quality and efficiency for the common music lover.

However, one fact we can’t overlook is that these headphones, high quality or not, had their prices skyrocket per release. And as the search for affordable yet high quality headphones continue, SMS Audio gives us a new product, set to be a fighter in the industry. We now introduce, the SMS Audio DJ Pauly D Wired On-Ear Headphones.

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Features of SMS Audio DJ Pauly Headphones

The headphones feature two different yet stylish forms to address your preference. You can walk in style with these and feel confident while listening to your favorite music.

Are you hungry for that high-quality music that is set to blow your mind? With the SMS Audio DJ Pauly Headphones 40mm drivers, your listening experience would be phenomenal. Whether you like deep bass or high-pitched tunes, you’ll have no worries listening to this. The headphone is engineered to provide you clear, clean, and direct sounds to let you enjoy pure music to its finest, almost as if coming from the original singer himself!

Irritated at headphones being too bulky? Fear not for the DJ Pauly also features a folding design that lets you carry it wherever you go in case you needed to store it. Of course, who would even want to remove such headphones? With this design, you could travel anywhere you want while bringing your headphones with you. Whether you go to the gym or travel around the country, this headphone remains a good companion to you anywhere you go.

Soft memory foam cushions let you enjoy wearing these even when engaging in different activities. Most people who own headphones have the common problem of getting uncomfortable when they use their headsets and thus, cuts off the experience. The SMS Audio DJ Pauly Headphones addresses this issue and lets you enjoy wearing these for longer periods of time without worrying about it being uncomfortable. Relieve stress and enjoy your comfort music with no limitations!

Sound isolation also plays a role in this headphone. If outside noise constantly annoys you, here’s a feature that you will surely enjoy. With the isolation feature, you’ll block out any outside noise from getting into your headphones so that you could enjoy quality music with no interference. In terms of value for money, the DJ are priced around 10 times (yes, 10 that was not a typo!) and thus they offer exceptional value for money.


  • Those who are looking for a decent pair of SMS Audio DJ Pauly Headphones that ticks all boxes and doesn’t cost a fortune
  • To those who are looking for a basic headset, without extra features such as wireless, Bluetooth and micro-phone.
<<Click here to see the price, specs and reviews of SMS Audio DJ Pauly Headphones>>
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