SMS Audio Sync Sport Headphones Review

SMS Audio Sync Sport HeadphonesStaying fit and getting the perfect bod is the ultimate goal of most people nowadays. More and more people are hitting the gym or going out on a run through the park every day in order to achieve or maintain the gorgeous physique. Well, aside from the basic bottle of water to hydrate, a change of clothes, and towel, it has become a necessity to carry your own set of tunes while doing your regular workout routine.

The most common problem that we encounter with headphones is that most of the time, they become worn and detached, oftentimes feeling grimy and soiled making them extremely uncomfortable to wear after long hours of relentless exercise. It is important to have something that will last as long as you do without looking much for wear and SMS Audio, a top notch global audio and accessories brand by famous rapper, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has come up with a line that will cater to these concerns – the SMS Audio Sync Sport on-ear headphones. They are specifically designed for the sporty, athletic types who like to rock out while working out. It is designed for the active lifestyle.

Audio Performance

       In terms of its audio performance, it provides a well- balanced, symmetrical mix that does not need to be blasted at high volume in order to be enjoyed. It works great with long listening sessions with a detailed soundstage, decent mids and highs. It also allows for sound isolation making it possible to listen to your playlist even in the midst of the loud hustle and bustle of the gym although it lacks the punch in terms of bass compared to other headphones.

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Design and Build

     SMS Audio Sync Sport Headphones  Simply put, the SMS Audio Sync Sport on ear headphones is visually stunning and stylish. It comes in many colors but the blue and black theme is the star of this review. SMS audio is well known for its awesome packaging and presentation of its products and it did not fail to disappoint with the SMS Audio Sync Sport on ear headphone which makes for a well anticipated unboxing experience to its everyday use.

  • Made of the rubberized perforated rubberized coating – it has a pleasant and smooth feel to touch.
  • Boasts of the Nano coating technology that is sweat or water resistant which the whole point of athletic headphones, absorbing sweat in spite of sweating bullets while exercising.
  • Unlike the traditional round headphones, this are oval shaped for a better and snug fit with perforated ear pads with memory foam that promotes air breathability and circulation – it keeps the ears cool even while you sweat.
  • In terms of durability, the headphones themselves are made of flexible, lightweight leather that can actually be bent in various ways but still maintains its shape and remain sturdy.
  • Foldable earpieces which makes it more convenient for storage.
  • The headphones themselves have multi features: The right hand side has a control console which is especially handy because it allows you to control your tracks while working out – skip songs, rewind, increase/decrease volume, the middle button with the giant “S” is the pause or play button. The left side has the ports – USB port for charging and the 3.5mm port for attaching the jack.
  • It can work both Bluetooth and wired.

Additional Features:

The SMS Audio Sync by 50 on ear headphones comes with the following additional features:

  • Bluetooth technology powered by battery and can be charged with the USB port on the side.
  • Comes with a fashionable hard shell carrying case that matches the color scheme of the headphone with a clip on compartment for the wires. It can be also be clipped to the side of your gym bag with its carabineer clip – practical so it does not take space in your gym bag.
  • Washable ear pad covers and a bonus sports towel.


  • Nano coating technology – repels dust and is water resistant making it the best choice for most athletic types.
  • Memory foam ear pads – it follows the contour of the face and even allows eyeglasses/shades to be worn comfortably.
  • Bluetooth Technology – it eliminates the need to be tethered to devices and becoming entangled with long wires that could interfere with workout routine. With it’s in line mic, calls can be made or answered while working out without the need to take out your mobile device.
  • The control console on the right side makes it easier to control your tunes so if ever someone strikes up a conversation while exercising, with just a tap of the button on the headphones itself, you can pause or play your playlist.

SMS Audio Sync Sport Headphones


  • It lacks power or slam or is not too heavy on the bass and lacks detail in treble so do not expect much of an effect with rock or songs that put much emphasis on bass.
  • It is a somewhat pricy but you could always be on the lookout for a good deal. 


       All in all the SMS Audio Sync by 50 on ear headphones is great for work out sessions. Just do not expect much in terms of bass compared to its counterparts because it has an entirely different sound profile but all in all, it is a great and handy companion to have around while building that great physique or losing the extra pounds in the gym or while on a run.

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of SMS Audio Sync Sport Headphones>>

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