The Best Snowboarding Headphones In 2019 – Complete Guide

best snowboarding headphones

Shreddin’ The Gnar in the mountains this season? Why go alone when you can take your music with you. More and more sports have started involving audio to double the fun. Taking the correct type of snowboard headphones with you will allow you to partake in this alluring trend. Only having robust headphones for grindin’ the rails is not enough, they must be accompanied by the sound, the full impact of Foo Fighters pumping your adrenaline. That requires finesse in discerning the details of music, the right fit around your noggin and ability to stay put when you pull a stunt.

Identifying the best headphones for snowboarding  – Our methodology

With hundreds of headphones out there it’s quite challenging to find out the best ones for snowboarding, which are different from ski helmet headphones, but we’ve done an in-depth research and analysis, and have identified and ranked the best headphones in this category by taking into account the following factors

We researched and picked the top 10 best headphones for snowboarding, taking into account a wide array of factors including:

  • Design Dilemma: When you select headphones for snowboarding you need to know that they fit alright. They should also be comfortable under you beanie or helmet. Easy as it seems, not all headphones satisfy these conditions for every individual.
  • Type Tip: There are different types of headphones you are can use for snowboarding: wireless earbuds, wired earbuds, wireless headphones, wired headphones, clip-on headphones, helmet Bluetooth headsets and more. It depends on your preference.
  • Whether Weatherproof: Headphones for snowboarding need to function in extremely cold conditions. Moisture and sweat resistance is a cardinal trait for them. IPX certified headphones are usually up to this challenge.
  • Value for money: You must bid in you budget. It is likely that you plan to buy spare headphones only for snowboarding. If that’s the case, a moderately priced or cheaper headset would be your best bet

The best Headphones for snowboarding in 2019 – Chart

Key Feature
Key Feature
 1. Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones Specifically constructed with a flexible design$$4.5 
 2. Sony MDRZX100 ZX Series Stereo Headphones 30mm Multi-layer film diaphragms create powerful sound$$4.2 
 3. Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport Headphones Behind-Ear Ergonomics Design Guarantee 100% Stable when Exercising$$4.2 
 4. Sena SPH10-10 Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Stereo Headset / Intercom Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headset brings you four-way intercom conversations$$4.0 
 5. Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Advanced APTX sound and Bluetooth 4.0 technology $$4.0 
 6. Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Premium Bluetooth Audio For Skip-Free Music Outdoors$$4.0 
 7. Audio Technica ATHCKP500 SonicSport In-ear Headphones Ergonomic C-shaped eartips contoured for maximum earpiece stability$$3.9 
 8. Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones Neodymium iron boron magnets offer deep bass performance$$3.9 
 9. Outdoor Technology Chips Wireless OT0032 Bluetooth Helmet Audio Wirelessly delivers Hi-Fi sound into your helmet$$3.9 
 10. FIIL Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth 4.0 technology delivers astonishing acoustics$$3.9 

1. Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

best Headphones for snowboardingPlanning to stomp the railing while riding high on Spiderman theme? Plantronics BackBeat Fit wireless headphones have the perfect brew of dashing looks, spicy music and firm clasp to pull that off. One look at them and you will be left in no doubt that every adventure enthusiast should have one. Bluetooth lasts through 8 hours of battery life on one charge, enough for your cruisin’ needs for a day.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth headphones sport asymmetric buds that connect to ear hooks and further to a thick but pliable cable that runs behind the back of your head. The driver casings are slightly large and carry the buttons that can be easily operated with mittens on. The entire headset is finished with a waterproof material to grant it underwater life of 30 mins. Over-ear hanger locks the earbuds in place just above the ear canal allowing optimal ambient sounds so that you can hear the shouted warnings and noises crucial to safe snowboarding.The limited invasion of eartips keeps you more comfortable if ear canalling repulses you. Once you get the wearing procedure down to a pat, you will find that they fit securely around your ears. BackBeats headphones for snowboarding can enter DeepSleep mode to hibernate and save charge for up to 6 months. It is charged using the USB charger that comes with the pack.Audio quality is diligently nuanced and you will appreciate the kicky bass that can tune up your morale. Tonally balanced output of these headphones strikes a rapport with proper amount of external sounds to keep you vigilant. An internal mic offers you the choice to use it as a headset as well. Accessory-wise Plantronics justifies the price by including a reversible armband, that can hold your smartphone when engaged and converts to a carry case when you are done using these headphones.

Plantronics Backbeat Fit wireless best snowboarding headphones sport one too many characteristics that we laud in sports headphones. It’s a no-brainer for them to be on our list.

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2. Sony MDRZX100 ZX Series Stereo Headphones

best Headphones for snowboardingSometimes all you need when hittin’ you favorite slope is a budget-oriented all-round headphone that can keep your ears warm and pow out. Sony takes credit for the swanky Sony MDRZX100 which can stand the abuse of snowboarding season. These over-ear cans have a rugged ABS-backed build and Sony’s famous sound quality.

Sony MDRZX100 headphones are built lightweight and become inconspicuous after some time of use. The plasticky feel may put you off initially but gradually you start appreciating how comfortable they are. Ear pieces are amply padded to seal out unwanted noises. It is a well-known fact that if Sony has money to plunk, they won’t spend on looks. So MDRZX100 has a low-key appearance but comes in 5 color combinations. Both earcups connect to a Y-cable that terminates in an L-shaped 3.5mm plug. Cable is designed to resist tangles that are such a mood killer. Sony hasn’t compromised with quality for keeping the price shy. These headphones will last you long enough to garner value for their money. Sonic output is likewise dynamic. Lively frequency spectrum is colored red by the oomph of bass, like that of much more expensive headphones. Vocals are not drowned out by the bass. Highs breeze through high volumes without sibilance. That’s more than what you can ask for at this price. They will work with your smartphones, Ipads, mp3 players etc. without kicking up any dust.

Sony provides you a brilliant snowboarding solution in the MDRZX100 headphones. These will suffice when you travel to your destination and serve you when you go a-ridin’. Banging big for bucks, they land in our best snowboarding headphones list.

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3. Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport Headphones

best Headphones for snowboardingMpow specializes in Bluetooth peripherals for smartphones and draws from that expertise to design Cheetah, the ultimate wireless sport headphones. Light and supple, they have hooks that wrap around the ear and cable to string the two earpieces together. Bluetooth 4.1 drains battery slower than older versions and uses Apt-X to groom the audio quality. At its lowly price, Mpow Cheetah proves its mettle to enter our best snowboarding headphones list.

Mpow Cheetah headphones have a tilted earbud design where the eartips angle away from the driver casing. This housing is slightly bigger and is mounted with the buttons for its operation. Circuitry is nano-coated to be impervious to sweat and resistant to water. Still it’s not exclusively waterproof. Hopefully your beanie will keep it dry. Entire structure sticks tight to your ears once worn and remains stationary through many booters. They can be coiled up and stored in your pockets when not in use.  Bluetooth connectivity is swift and non-choppy. It will survive through 8 hours of playback or calling on a single charge. The internal mic lets you make calls too so it can double as convenient work headphone if you work for one of those new-age companies where laidback is the norm. Incoming calls and battery low are conveyed through a vibration alert.  Audio quality is fairly decent for its price. Just the right hint of bass goes with a wide frequency response. You can get better audio if you part with more greens. But Mpow Cheetah is up to its job in this category.

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4. Sena SPH10-10 Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Stereo Headset / Intercom

best Headphones for snowboardingSena designs remarkable Bluetooth headsets for helmets. SPH10 is a versatile headphone that can be used with the half snowboarding helmets or under a fleece band or cap. They make excellent consorts if you want to keep contact with fellow carousers with their 4-way intercom. You can sync them with your phones, Ipods, Ipads, what not and play clear music.

Sena SPH10 headphones have on-ear ear pieces cushioned with soft padding. These connect to a sturdy yet flexible back headband. Left earcup has a boom with mic at the end of it and Jog dial-cum-button control. The ear pieces can go in the corner of half helmets used in snowboarding or simply rest under the bandana. Bluetooth 3.0 powers the wireless connectivity in these headphones. It supports intercom with up to four other parties within a 900m range. Universal Intercom Protocol is used, so you can have intercom chat with non-Sena devices also. An advanced noise reduction technology eliminates unwanted low frequencies while preserving the high frequency voices that may call out to you. Sena SPH10 saves individual volume profile for call, music and GPS directions so that you are not left startled by loud music when the audio source changes. It works 10 hours with in one charging cycle. These headphones are sweat and water-resistant, built to keep you company at high speeds and terrific terrains.

Sena SPH10 has a lot of perks that can’t be passed over on any outdoor sports accessories roster. So it’s pretty predictable that it ended up in our best snowboarding headphones list too.

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5. Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

best Headphones for snowboardingPhotive BTE70 is of the class of earphones that put sound at priority. These wireless headphones have simple and effective build that does not get in the way of having fun in the snow. At half the price of Plantronics BackBeat, these Bluetooth headphones run a tight ship in terms of user-friendliness and end up in our best snowboarding headphones list.

Photive BTE70 has the two ear pieces with ear hooks and a wire running between them. Ear hangers grip you around the ears and keep the headphones from falling off during intense physical activity. A bunch of controls are provided on the ear pieces to power on, take calls skip tracks and control playback. Driver casing is built large and provides additional support and platform for the buttons. Photive covers bases with Liquipel that keeps the headphones water and sweatproof.  BTE70 headphones have a melodious sound. Everything is kicked up a notch: bass, mids, vocals. The result is warm sound that fills a wide soundstage with instrumentally separated harmony. Bass takes a turn towards massive impact but stops short of muffling the vocals. Bluetooth 4.0 with AptX is used to connect these Photive headphones with smartphones and other Bluetooth enabled devices. The juice lasts for 6 hours of playback.  They tick the portable, weatherproof, low cost and excellent music boxes. What more do you need when you go snowboarding with these? A pouch? Well, that’s also provided in the box.

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6. Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

best Headphones for snowboardingJaybird is known for its work in the sports headphones domain. The Jaybird BlueBuds X2 draw from the skeleton of BlueBuds and improve upon the general level of its performance. They debuted at a pretty high price but have dropped in greenbacks since then. They are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices and get us away from all sorts of tangles.

Jaybird X2 headphones have a convenient architecture. They have two winged ear pieces with no added bulk of buttons. On the wires linking these earbuds, is an inline remote with button control. You also get a removable cable shortner that can reduce the length of the cord between earbuds for a proper fit. Select from one of the 6 sets of eartips, both memory foam and silicone, for an effective seal from external noises. Extra winged tips for earbuds are also provided to fasten them at the ridge of the inner ear so that they don’t fall off when you carve difficult curves. Audio quality is the distinguishing factor for these headphones. They sound beautifully balanced with a zingy treble to kickstart your enthusiasm. Bluetooth connectivity keeps a strong hold on the connecting device. Unbroken streaming adds to the beauty of music heard through them. They have an internal mic so Jaybird X2 can be used to make calls as well.  They are sweatproof and carry lifetime warranty for damage from the same. They come in a handsome hard case that reflects their class.

Jaybird X2 is a well-rounded pair of headphones that win in every category. With the latest prices, we find ourselves quite happy to give it a spot on our best snowboarding headphones list.

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7. Audio Technica ATHCKP500 SonicSport In-ear Headphones

best Headphones for snowboardingAudio Technica is a very reliable brand when it comes to sonic output. Its CKP500 is meant to be a sports music-gear that hits the roof in comfort and audio expectations. It has a double cord system where the actual cable is long enough to reach the armband. An extension cable is provided if you want to extend it to your pockets.  Although it has no mic, it still performs grandly and grabs a position in our best snowboarding headphones list.

A-T CKP500 earphones are IPX5 certified which means they can survive the ordeal of a fair amount of water and moisture. The eartips are angled off kilter from the driver casings for a more ergonomic fit which we certainly experience with these on. In the box, they provide extra winged eartips and also other ridged eartips. The winged ones have C-shaped extension that latches on to the inner ear and keeps them steady. The right size of these eartips can form a high barrier for outside noises. The ridged eartips are for use in outdoor activities. They allow some external sounds to creep in so that you stay vigilant. That is some real forethought on Audio Technica’s end. Audio has the stability that we have come to expect from A-T: oomphy bass, colorful mids, forward vocals, sparkling treble , it’s all there.  They pack as much separation as they can at their size and price. You will not find the details that you get out of their flagship M50s but all other elements are present for a wondrous musical experience while you tackle the snow.

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8. Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones

best Headphones for snowboardingKoss KSC75 made a splash in the market and collected applause for packing a punch in sub $15 range. These are clip-on earphones, i.e. they stay on-ear supported by ear hangers. This design is customized to allow perforation for external noises especially when you head out in traffic or for adventure sports like snowboarding.

The ear pieces are moderately sized saucers padded with foam. They are extremely light and their weight is easily balanced by the ear hanger. This hook pivots at the hinge and can be spread or retracted to fit your ears. The contact points for skin are rubber-coated for a gentle feel. Wires run down from both the earcups to Y-junction and subsequently to an L-shaped 3.5mm plug. These headphones sit over the entrance of ear canal and direct all sound inside with a bit of conversation from the outside. Koss KSC75 best snowboarding headphones have a balanced sound with a smidgen more power to bass. Mids sound meatier than those its peers. This is the combination you look for when you wear them during sports activities.  They need a little burn-in time to bloom and show the real potential of sound. If you compare with more expensive models you will find that these don’t do as well. But in their price range, they sure beat the competition. There’s no mic on these headphones, so they are for getting into the ‘me-mode’.

Koss KSC75 has a comfy blueprint and delectable sound. At its price, we are excited to have it in our best snowboarding headphones list.

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9. Outdoor Technology Chips Wireless OT0032 Bluetooth Helmet Audio

best Headphones for snowboardingOutdoor Technology Chips OT0032 are wireless headphones that can be used with snowboarding helmets’ audio drop-in or beanies with ear pouch. Then don’t fit on the ears, rather they have to slipped into a recess in the head gear. These are a nifty accoutrement for helmet wearers and play music in both wireless and wired mode. IPX4 certification for water resistance closes their deal to be on our best snowboarding headphones list.

OT Chips wireless headphones feature two round petite ear pieces which hold the internal mic as well. They are strung together by a flat cable. There are big buttons on the center of either ear piece which can be operated with gloves on. These allow you to manage calls, playback, change volume and skip tracks.  You can even activate Siri using these.These ear pieces house 40mm drivers that are usually found in full-blown headphones.  They produce pleasant audio which sounds good for all genres of music, be it rock, jazz, classical or metal. There might not enough balance for an audiophile, but it sure does great as a sports accessory. These headphones can play for 10 hours on a single charge which is higher than the average life of Bluetooth on batteries. In case you run out of charge, you can use these headphones via a cable with 3.5mm jack. This cord also has inline controls for play/pause, calls and volume. Overall, the architecture is rugged and durable in build. A pouch comes with the pack where you can safely stow your headphones after use.

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of Outdoor Technology Chips Wireless OT0032 Bluetooth Helmet Audio>>

10. FIIL Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

best Headphones for snowboardingBrand unheard of?Probably. But these Bluetooth sport earphones are still the cheapest of the wireless lot and distinctly well-behaved. They have the ear piece – hooks – cable design similar to Jaybird X2 or Photive. Only these are more affordable and have deliciously smooth sound backing them up.

FIIL wireless Bluetooth headphones have a robust shape. They have eartips angled away from the driver casing which is slightly squat and boxy. These mount the earhook which connects to the cable to the other ear piece. All buttons are housed on the driver shell.  The weight of the build is evenly distributed across the front and back of the ear making these headphones comfortable for long use. They sit firm in their place even if you are gunning down the slope at top speed. The quality of build is perceptibly good. It looks and feels solid. Besides, the brawn only adds to their suave looks. Cable length can be adjusted by a clip provided on it.  When not in use, magnets keep the ear pieces together around your neck. Audio quality matches the design in its excellent performance. Bass is a formidable presence in its sound output. Glossy mids and highs and ample treble treat your ears to the ambrosia of details in a spacious arena. Switching between music and calls is done gracefully. Battery coughs out 6 hours of work on a single charge. These are water and sweat resistant headphones.

FIIL Wireless Headphones are an incredible find for our best snowboarding headphones list. They have the trifecta of looks, audio and price that we so desire every cold season.

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of FIIL Wireless Bluetooth Headphones>>

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