Sony H.Ear Headphones – Complete Review for 2022

Sony has been a leader in the headphone segment for a long while now. In the year 2017, the company launched a Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N in 2020new range of wireless headphones with special noise cancellation capabilities. The Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N headphones were a part of this offering.

Made with a unique blend of excellent noise cancellation capabilities as well as all-round listening comfort, the ergonomic design and intuitive control system won hearts all over the world.

Engineered to be one of the most flexible headsets the company has ever produced, the device comes powered with a great battery life.

The Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N headphones is an attempt by the company to deliver a device with noise cancellation, hi-resolution audio support at an affordable price.

Design and size

The Sony Hear On 2 Wireless headphones have a sophisticated design that is sleek and elegant. Constructed out of premium materials, these headphones have a solid and durable build that is made to last.

The wireless design of the Sony Hear On 2 headphones minimizes all the hassle that pesky wires bring, and add more freedom to your listening experience.

With an over-ear closed back design, these headphones are made to completely cover the ears in a comfortable and laid-back fit.

Grayish black in color, these Sony headphones come with a carrying pouch, a USB cable, a connection cable, operating instructions, a warranty card, and a reference guide. Its portable design with carry pouch makes it a great travel companion as well.

The earcups are foldable, thus reducing space during storage, also making them easy to carry around and store in your travel bag.

The closed back design ensures that the sound experience is rich and lively, and that audio does not leak to the external environment. The design also makes sure that ambient noise has minimal chances of distorting your listening experience.

The product being discussed here is a renewed version of the Hear On 2 WH-H900N. The company assures users that the product has been inspected professionally by experts and Amazon qualifies suppliers. With minimal dents or scratches, it is ensured that the product being sold is looks and works like a new one.

Materials and comfort

The Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N is designed for utmost hearing experience and comfort.Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N in 2020

These headphones are equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology making them a breeze to use, without the hassle of pesky wires. The device offers excellent wireless comfort and is perfect for work, travel or fitness.

Its construction brings you an easy to operate touch control panel that makes for smooth and easy transitioning between controls. The control buttons are ingeniously placed and ensure optimum operation and use.

Constructed for extreme comfort, the headband is composed of soft foam like material that places minimal pressure on the scalp of the user. It is padded at just the right areas so that it offers the right amount of stability and cushioning to the user’s head, maximizing the listening experience.

The WH-H900N headphones are made up of sturdy material built to last a long while. It is made to withstand long durations of listening, and excessive wear and tear.

Its earcups are made up of leather like material that conform well to the ears and provide maximum cushioning and padding as possible. This keeps the user comfortable over long listening durations and minimizes strain on his/her ears.

Overall, the Sony Hear On 2 Wireless headphones make for an excellent hearing experience. The built-in voice Alexa voice assistant makes sure that you can easily carry on your daily information retrieval in an easier and more enjoyable manner.

Its well-rounded construction, with its light weight and user-friendly construction, ensures that it is a brilliant choice for anyone looking for a super comfy listening experience.

Sound performance

The Sony Hear on 2 headphones offer exceptional sound quality and are truly engineered for maximum comfort. Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N in 2020With a build that is designed to last for a long time, the WH-H900N headphones offer a marvelous audio experience throughout.

A great feature of these headphones is its ability to offer two modes for noise cancellation – a digital noise cancellation mode as well as an ambient sound setting that lets you allow ambient noise in, in certain settings.

The digital noise cancellation mode successfully blocks maximum ambient noise to give you a pure, unadulterated listening experience. The construction of the Sony Hear On 2 Wireless headphones actively ensures that the earcups conform closely to the ears to ensure minimal leakage of noise/audio, i.e. in both directions. The noise cancellation setting on the WH-H900N headphones can be turned on solely as well.

The ambient sound setting is a blessing for when you have to wear your headphones in situations where you wouldn’t want total noise cancellation, and you’d like to stay in tune with the ambient noise too. Examples may include listening to music while in traffic, while you’re at work, etc.

The Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N headphones offers a high-resolution audio experience with DSEE HX™. This technology ensures that compressed music is upscaled to deliver crisp, well-balanced and sharp audio output.

The device offers a nice noise reduction of mid as well as bass sounds. It does not come with an equalizer, but the device is fully equipped to work with an online equalizer through a phone.

Designed to deliver all the subtle nuances of high-quality studio-like sound, the device is engineered to produce high-resolution audio always. Its unique design makes sure that every component is unified i.e. from signal up till the speaker, to give you a real, one-of-a kind experience.

The WH-H900N headphones have two in-built microphones that deliver crystal clear audio output making conference calls a breeze to attend. The device is constructed to minimize distortions and ambient noise, to deliver crystal clear sound output.


The Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N headphones are constructed out of premium materials to offer long-lasting durability and comfort to its user. The solid construction and durable build make sure that the device gives the user a well-rounded and comfortable listening experience all through the year.Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N in 2020

The WH-H900N Sony headphones are constructed out of sturdy materials made to last for a long time. The special design is equipped to withstand long durations of listening and excessive wear and tear.

The headphones are grayish black in color and are designed to go well with almost all outfits. Light, portable and flexible, these are perfect to be carried to work, on an airplane or while working out.

The Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N headphones come in a compact carry case, helping you store the device comfortably, to prolong its durability. Its ear cups come in an easily foldable design which makes for easy and safe storage.

Its lightweight and wireless construction ensures that it will never weigh you down or create obstructions/hassle in your daily experience of life while wearing them.

The WH-H900N headphones offer 28 hours of battery backup for you enjoy all-day music. It also has a quick charge option that offers a 10-minute charge that lasts you a full 65 playback minutes.

Connectivity and compatibility

The Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N headphones constitute a Bluetooth Wireless design. With the absence of pesky wires, its wireless design ensures maximum safety and comfort for the user.

The device has been designed to be compatible with high resolution audio and is powered with the DSEE HX technology to upscale compressed music to a high-resolution audio format.

The audio formats supported by the Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N headphones include AAC, aptX HD, aptX, LDAC and SBC.

These headphones can be connected to your TV if it is Bluetooth compatible. If not, it may also be connected to your television via the standard phone jack as well. The headphones also constitute a setup where they may only be charged through a laptop computer or a PC.

Mainly designed to work via a Bluetooth connection, the device works well with phones and devices that are compatible with Bluetooth. In other cases, it is also compatible with devices via their standard audio jack. Hence, the Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N headphones work well with both Android and iOS provided these have a capability to connect to Bluetooth.

The device does not support multi-point connections, that is, they can only be connected to a single Bluetooth device at a given time.

Additional features

The Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N headphones offer a brilliant wireless setup and are designed to give you the best of comfort, music quality and performance.Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N in 2020

It is powered with Sony’s unique digital noise cancelling feature which cancels ambient noise to produce a stream of pure, crisp and unadulterated music all through your listening experience.

A great feature of this device is its ability to switch between noise cancellation and ambient noise mode so as to improve alertness with your immediate surroundings. The ambient sound mode is specially designed keeping in mind all the unique needs of its users, giving him/her a truly customizable and versatile experience.

The ergonomic and comfortable construction of the Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N headphones ensures that it can be easily carried around -whether to work, or during travel or while you’re working out.

The Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N headphones use LDAC to transmit increased data in comparison with regular Bluetooth wireless connections. Also, its Digital Sound Enhancement engine i.e. the DSEE HX works well to restore the high range detail in the music that you’re listening to, to give you a rich and natural sound every time.

Another unique feature of these headphones is that it lets you make a quick conversation with its quietening touch sensor located conveniently on the device. This button can be activated by just a simple swipe of the hand whenever needed.

The WH-H900N headphones have a unique touch interface that also lets you answer calls from your phone, control different music settings, activate Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant with a simple touch.

The device is also designed to connect with Sony’s Connect app that allows you to adjust equalizer settings, select sound presets, and do much more.

Who are these headphones for?

These headphones are for anyone that needs a comfortable and rich listening experience. With its truly versatile design, the WH-H900N headphones can be used in multiple scenarios quite comfortably – whether you’re at work or in an airplane relaxing.

The wireless design offers a no-hassle construction to make sure that you are not bothered or weighed down with additional wires. This means that you do not have to deal with unnecessary tangling of wires and one more accessory that you have to carry everywhere.

The Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N headphones come in a convenient and portable carry case which means that you can comfortably carry them wherever you want to. The foldable headphone cups make sure that they stay safe in your travel bag and consume minimal space, making them an ideal travel accessory.

These headphones are not specially designed for workouts and fitness sessions since sweat and moisture may wear away the ear cushions on prolonged exposure. But these can be still worn comfortably on walks and light fitness sessions given their extremely comfortable, light and hassle-free construction.


  • Digital noise cancelling capabilities that keep the ambient noise outside and let you enjoy a pure listening experience
  • Ambient noise mode to help you tune into the outside world whenever necessary
  • Available in a number of eye-pleasing colors and hues to suit your taste, personality and style preferences
  • Lightweight and convenient design that scores well on ergonomics and comfort. Soft and conforming ear cups and well-engineered headband for maximum comfort and safety.
  • Travel-friendly design for easy storage and convenience. Includes an easy carry case too
  • Engineered to be compatible with high resolution sound
  • Uses LDAC for better data transmission than regular Bluetooth/wireless connections and DSEE HX to give you a rich audio experience
  • 28 hours of battery backup lets you enjoy all-day music. Quick charge option with a 10-minute charge lasting 65 playback minutes
  • Features an intelligent and intuitive touch sensor panel for easy access to settings
  • Lets you easily connect with the Connect app for various fine-tuning options
  • Refurbished, fully functional model which is expert tested and professionally set up to work like new

About the company

Sony is a Japanese company that produces professional and consumer electronic systems, and is a leading player Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N in 2020of the film and entertainment industry. It manufactures semiconductors, electronics, gaming equipment and also is an active leader in the financial and entertainment services industries.

The company also makes consumer electronics like televisions, mobile phones, headsets and computers. Its popular products include Sony PlayStation, Sony Experia, Sony Vaio, etc.

The brand today has a household presence and is the trademark of quality, reliability and trust among people all over the world.


The Sony Hear On 2 WH-H900N headphones is a brilliant choice if you are someone that prefers the comfort and convenience of wireless technology. This headphone offers a good compromise between cost and quality.

With the WH-H900N headphones, Sony brings you a combination of good audio quality and comfort at an affordable price. This, along with the brilliance of a few other features makes this a winner in its own right.

If affordability is important to you, this product can definitely be a wonderful choice for the returns it promises.

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