Sony MDR7506 Professional Headphones Review for 2022

Are you someone who works professionally with audio files? Does your job require you to listen well to music Sony MDR7506 Headphone Review in 2020inputs in order to edit them? Are you a musician or a singer who needs to use professional headphones for accurate sound recording? Then, the MDR7506 headphones  from Sony would be ideal for you. It is a professional headset that is well-equipped with all the features and advantages that you may need in order to work with audio files in a professional level.

There are various competing headsets in the market manufactured by other eminent brands but this headset combines the best features, comfort, and convenience at a remarkably reasonable price. The most important points of this pair of headphones are highlighted below.

Design and Size

The Sony MDR7506 comes in a rugged construction and with an immensely effective closed-ear design. Since this headset is typically used by professional musicians and artists, the sound quality needs to be perfect and the closed-ear construction ensures it. Despite the big size, it is lightweight and unobtrusive to wear on your head for prolonged periods. This makes it ideal for studio environments and for use in broadcast.

It comes in a box containing the pair of headphones, a 1/4th inch adaptor, and a soft container case. The product dimensions are 7 inches x 7 inches x 1 inch and it weighs a mere 8 ounces. The model number of the product is MDR7506.

This headset is ideal for those who need to work at a stretch wearing the headphones as they create little or no pressure or tension on the head and ear muscles. The headband is flexible and size-adjustable so it can fit comfortably on any shape and size of head without creating any strain or discomfort. There is soft padding on the headband to enhance the soft and lightweight feeling. The huge foam padding on the earcups serve the purpose of reducing external noise and also to protect your ears against too much pressure. Even after long hours of work, your ears would not feel any ache or uneasiness due to the comfy padding. This headset is foldable into a small size and can be neatly packed into the soft container case that comes with it for easy portability.

Materials and Comfort

Made of heavy-duty materials this headset is sturdy and robust in construction without compromising on the Sony MDR7506 Headphone Review in 2020quality grounds. The headband is adjustable for a perfect fit and it is also heavily padded to take the pressure off your head muscles. The earcups are spongy and oversized to ensure the comfort to your ears when you are busy with recording or editing for long hours. This headset comes with a large diaphragm which enables you to get the kind of quality you would need as an engineer or performer. There is no buzz or funny feeling in your ears when you finally take the headphones off.

The 40mm driver comes with a high-quality neodymium magnet which ensures smooth and accurate sound quality for you. A 9.8 foot long connector OFC (oxygen free copper) cord comes with the set which ends in a 3.5mm gold plug. This increased length of the cord ensures that you do not feel constrained due to the wired nature of the headset and can move around whenever you need to without having to interrupt your work. The Stereo UniMatch plug that comes with it is compatible with both 1/4th inch and 1/8th inch applications.

Sound Performance

This pair of headphones come equipped with 50 mm drivers and a neodymium magnet that can provide excellent power handling for superior audio quality. A wide frequency response of 10Hz – 20kHz ensures that you can work without constraints. The closed-ear construction cuts out external noises and disturbances, giving you the kind of noise isolation, you deserve for professional work. With close-to-zero distortion and interference cancellation features, you can expect only clean and clear music quality. The bass and audio quality are quite crisp while the midranges are powerful and deep. When you are working, you would need to hear every note and every detail and this headset will ensure that you are not missing out anything.

This high-performance headphone set come with 63 Ohms impedance and 1000mW power handling capacity. It is also a highly sensitive device with 106decibel/mW of sensitivity. Being a high-precision headset, you can expect to work with any genre of music, and right from the high notes, mid-range to low frequencies, this set of headphones will deliver perfect quality to you. These headphones do not come with an amplifier but that is obvious because they are not meant for home-usage. Also, the sound leakage being almost zero, you are likely to be able to hear the exact reproduction of the audio. You will listen better, and produce better work.


Made of premium materials this headset is armed with long-standing durability and extended reliability. Sony is a Sony MDR7506 Headphone Review in 2020brand name that is globally popular for their superior products and they take care to select the choicest materials when it comes to manufacturing electronics consumer goods. This headset consists of robust and sturdy parts which are made with care and before assembling, these parts go through multiple levels of quality control and checking so that you get the best in class item when it is finally packed for you.

On your part, you have to make sure that you take good care of the headset in order to keep it in perfect condition for long. Keep it away from dust, dirt, or direct heat. Also, when you are giving it a thorough cleaning make sure that you are not spraying or spilling water, rubbing alcohol, or any other liquid onto the equipment. Moisten a soft cleaning pad with cleaning spray and use it with very gentle pressure to remove accumulated dirt and grime.

It comes with a limited period warranty of 1 year on both product as well as on labor. This means that you can expect the manufacturer to fix the manufacturing defects as well as functional defects within the first year of use. This pair of headphones also come with a flexible return and refund policy of 30 days in case you do not like the product for any reason.

Connectivity and Compatibility

This headset is a wired one and does not come with Bluetooth or any other wireless facilities. Since it is meant for professional usage in studios or for broadcasting, no one actually needs the headset to be wireless. However, this set comes with a 9.8 feet long spiral cord that ends in a gold-plated plug. Due to the long length of this cord, you can expect to move around freely in the studio even though the wire is not detachable. The connectivity of the headphone is good and since it is not too bulky, you can wear it during your working hours without creating much strain on yourself.

The gold connectors and OFC (oxygen free copper) cord set up a reliable and stable signal which aids in uninterrupted and proper transmission. It is a dynamic and closed type of headphone which is compatible with several types of audio sources. You just need to plug the headset into the source and you are good to work. Though advanced in technology, this headset is rather simple to use and install. It is a simple plug and play device which will help you with sound monitoring on a professional level.

Additional FeaturesSony MDR7506 Headphone

This lightweight headset comes with a sturdy construction and the headband is generously padded for your comfort. The oversized closed earcups help in noise isolation and also take the pressure off your ear muscles.

Being lightweight and foldable it is easy to carry along in a soft carrying container.

The neodymium magnets and 40mm speaker help in crystal clear sound reproduction. Made for professionals, this headset does not compromise on the quality of the sound produced.

The 9.8 feet long cord along with the standard 3.5 mm plug helps you to have good mobility in your workplace. Also, being compatible with standard outputs, you can expect to work well with various types of audio files.

It has an active driver unit with a frequency response range of 10 Hz to 20 kHz. Though it comes with a wired connection, it does not create a problem with the users as this headset is meant for use in professional recording studios or for live broadcast.

The large diaphragm is a unique feature of this pair of headphones which makes sure that you can refined sound quality without distortion or noise.

Since these headsets come with long wires and cords, you do not need to worry about charging them or to install batteries separately.

Who are these headphones for

This pair of headphones is best suited for professional usage in recording studios and for video production too. If you are someone employed in the field of sound monitoring, engineering, or editing, working in recording studios, film production, radio, video, electronic news gathering, and other environments where authentic and clear quality audio is required then this headset will be ideal for you.

Professional DJs, musicians, and performers are also going to love this large diaphragm headset. It can be easily used for sound mixing and tracking purposes without diluting the quality of music in any way. Being simple and easy to use, it can be used by a professional of any age. This headset is a proven favorite of users across all age brackets.

This headphone is also suitable for people who are into gaming. You can also use it at office or at your home work-desk if your work does not need you to move around. This Sony MDR7506 is a multi-functional device catering to the needs of a wide range of people working in studios or with live broadcast. However, these are not ideal if you want a headset to listen to music as entertainment at home or while traveling.

HighlightsSony MDR7506 Headphone Review in 2020

  • Closed ear design for noise isolation and comfort
  • Neodymium magnets and 40 mm driver for clear and accurate sound
  • High sensitivity of 106db/mW
  • Wide Frequency response rate
  • 1/4th inch and 1/8th inch UniMatch plug
  • Lightweight and foldable for easy portability
  • User-friendly design
  • Comfortable fit for all head size and shape
  • Superior audio quality with minimal distortion
  • Sturdy and durable with high performance


This large diaphragm headphone from Sony is an excellent choice for professional sound artists, musicians, engineers, technicians, and others who need to work with accurate and clear audio. Right from the improved design and sophisticated look to the perfect audio quality and priceless comfort, this headset takes care of all the needs of the user. Though advanced in technology, this device remains simple and easy to operate. When compared to other similar products in the same category, manufactured by other brands, this headset stands out due to the superior features and quality. If you need to work with audio files on a regular basis then selecting this headset for yourself is going to be a good decision.

About Sony

Sony is globally reputed brand that needs no introduction. It was founded in May 1946 in Tokyo, Japan. In the year 1960, Sony USA Corporation of USA was launched with headquarters in New York City.

At Sony, they have always strived to use the latest technology and innovation to churn out the best of consumer electronics products for the customers around the globe. They are constantly pushing boundaries to inculcate newer conveniences and hi-tech facilities to the users. Right from style, design, and sophistication to quality, functionalities, and ease-of-use, the products manufactured by Sony have it all that it takes to impress a user.

At Sony, their unflinching purpose remains to fill the world with emotions through the power of creativity and technology. Their core values remain to infuse and inspire dreams and curiosity, to embrace diversity, to inculcate integrity and sincerity, and to ensure sustainability. Due to these high values, their products manage to instill a sense of pride in the minds of the owners too.

Among consumer electronics TV and video, audio, digital camera, smartphones and internet, games and network services, pictures, music and financial services are the dominant verticals of Sony and in each field, they have Sony MDR7506 Headphone Review in 2020managed to deliver impressive products, each better than the previous versions. Apart from consumer electronics, there are other new businesses, products, and services that Sony has spread its wings into.

The audio products of Sony are popular and much loved across the world. In the US they are a big hit with the customers due to the unmatched quality, superior design, excellent comfort, and other features offered at a reasonable price. The brand name of Sony is good enough to instill security and reliance in the minds of the customer.