Sony WH-CH007 Headphones – Review

If your priority is good battery life and lightweight, then the Sony WH-CH007 should be your best call. The priceSony WH-CH007 Headphones Review offered by Sony for the noise-canceling headphones is hard to find with better performance. WH-CH700N is the best headphones provided by Sony for noise-canceling headphones. The WH-CH700N is wireless Noise-cancelling headphones that are made for listening to songs for a long time. The AINC (Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancelling) once adjusted to your environment; with a push it can eliminate all the unwanted noise around you.

About Sony

Sony has never failed the market in terms of consumer goods, and it continues to do the same with this pair of headphones. High-Quality electronics goods have always been a specialty of the company, and the company had very less negative product reviews by their users. Sony has done it again with this pair of headphones because it is equipped with ultra-modern features such as:

High Battery Life and Noise Cancellation Across All Electronic Devices

After subjecting the headphones to a relentless output of our objective tests gave a 43.57-hour stand-by time withSony WH-CH007 Headphones Review noise suppression enabled. This is often a wonderful reading that offers the Sony wh-ch700n a high score in terms of battery life. Though the selection of a micro USB entry by Sony is embarrassing, it’s a minor inconvenience for such a protracted reading. If you simply would like a touch juice for the morning walk ten minutes provide you with an hour of enjoying music.

Go Vocal or Dynamic; It Can Suit It All

The Sony wh-ch700n encompasses a slightly discreet neutral and radio frequency response. If you wish acoustic freelance or vocal, these headphones are a wonderful alternative. As a result, they reproduce the media and treble for a pretty sound. Therewith in mind, if you wish hip-hop or electronic music, you will find it unsatisfactory. Dynamic controllers are minded parallel to the auditory canal for an additional realistic sound illustration that takes full advantage of the anatomy of the human ear, taking advantage of the horn before sound waves enter the receptor.

Ultimate Noise Suppression

The isolation and therefore, the suppression of the noise are smart. Once comparing the wh-ch700n to the wh-1000xm3, it’s obvious that the previous is doing a dissatisfactory job of attenuating the sound of low noise. Listening within the world confirms this as passing cars had no issue in breaking the noise barrier conjointly the} passing male voices were also sonic. That said it’s perpetually more practical than the absence of noise cancellation and might facilitate stop noise-induced hearing impairment.

The Above three features are present all across the electronic models made by Sony. Let us discuss the specific features of the product WH-CH700N.


The design of the Sony headphones is primarily plastic along with metal accents, and there is little metal at the size adjustment. The headphones don’t look expensive, but they look firm like they can be used normally. The pads in the earphone feel like faux leather as they are made of super soft material. One can say they aren’t the softest material Sony WH-CH007 Headphones Reviewout there, but they are great with extended use. As of the design, the top part is a one-piece where pads rest and support the main body. Some part of the padded portion moves the head away for improves comfort, but the single piece itself is pretty comfortable. The right portion of the earpiece has a power button, noise cancellation control button, charge port, and input jack where the left portion has play control slider along with volume rocker. The light-headed plastic headset with rotating ear cups is what makes WH-CH700N a great travel companion. There is a comfortable oval cushion attached to each ear cup.


One of the good things about the audio quality is that the frequency distribution seems fairly flat. The mobile app comes with an equalizer with presets and frequency sliders, which is the best modes to give access to a user and makes listening to music more comfortable. The maximum value will surely take you to a parallel universe. And then comes to the limelight feature of the headphone that is the Noise cancellation/ Isolation works which work pretty great. Although sometimes there may be a little extra sound leakage, (this is about the volume of the song being played on the earphone can be heard by someone nearer to earphone). The built-in microphones work like a charm, handles the phone call pretty well.

Trouble-Free Bluetooth Pairing

The one nice touch liked by the users is the right portion of the earpiece, which has NFC pair, which makes the Bluetooth pairing trouble-free for those smartphones that support NFC. The user is simply supposed to click on the phone and choose yes when the option of pairing comes up. Once the headphones and earphones are paired, you are prompted to install the supporting apps.

Digital Sound Enhancement Engine

Now in the app, you can see equalizer, noise-canceling, control surround mode, sound quality mode, and DSEE. Sony WH-CH007 Headphones ReviewDSEE stands for Digital Sound Enhancement Engine. DSEE helps with improving the quality of songs that lose their bass due to the compression of digital music. The best thing about the headphones is the good mids for vocal and a super tight bass end with serious oomph. Sony always presents a reliable earpiece with the best quality and comfort, and this headphone has got it all.


When someone buys a headphone after the audio quality, everybody looks for comfort. And this headphone supremacy lies in comfort, with pillow-soft ear cushions, the lightweight build and deeply padded support it can relax anyone.

The headphones are extremely comfortable, adjustable, and light. They are designed to be easily worn over a cap, and they will still reach your ears, which the headset will cover completely without unnecessarily pressing against the ears.

And the best part is they go easily with the glasses on. Everyone knows that glasses create most issues with headphones, but Sony has stylishly solved this issue as the headphones are unbelievably comfortable. These headsets are snug yet not over tight. After using them for some time, one may feel the warmth, but this is because the padding isn’t made of leather.


Sony is a brand known and famous for its durable products. The solid headpiece makes the product highly durable. User can use it roughly over a cap or glass or anything else, and it will still give the same feels. The durability is appreciable with designs, comforts, and the controls provided in the headsets. The headphones are wireless that makes it vulnerable, but the body and material are solid, which makes it worth the cost. Also, when it comes to the brand of Sony, one should not worry about durability.


Who doesn’t listen to music? Be it a bad mood, stress environment, anxiety, or work pressure music can solve Sony WH-CH007 Headphones Reviewanything and everything. And Sony has presented these amazing wireless headphones to make our lives easier.

Wireless Capability

Their Noise Cancelling Technology used through artificial intelligence is commendable work. These headphones quickly adapt to your environment and reduce all the noises in the background so to make your music listening experience enjoyable.

Additional Features

It also comes with quick battery charging feature, on these over-ear comfortable earphones that provide over 35 hours of playback for user’s convenience. The headset enables simple wireless pairing with Bluetooth enabled device. The right portion of earpiece has NFC pair, which makes the Bluetooth pairing trouble-free for those Smartphone that support NFC. This Sony WH-CH700N has made an exceptional entry to the greatly established line of great headphones. Sony headphones are known for providing an excellent enjoyable listening experience with affordable wireless and a wired option. The price is worth it when it comes to noise-canceling, sound quality, and voice control. It supports several wireless operations like AAC, SBC, APTX, and APTX HD. Along with the great wireless features; WH-CH700N is compact, lightweight and makes it easy for prolonged use.

Sony WH CH700N Ideal?

Enjoy your favorite music with headphones with impeccable noise-canceling feature with wireless Bluetooth pairing. These features scream that WH-CH700N is the best headphones carrying the best quality and comfort with itself. One can do all the other work with hands-free calling and 35 hours of battery on a single charge and at least 50 hours of playback if you’re using wired cable.

Before going into the details of all the features, let’s take a quick bird’s view of the features:Sony WH-CH007 Headphones Review

  • Noise cancellation with a single push
  • Long-lasting battery with 35 hours and fast charging
  • Wireless Bluetooth feature with one-touch NFC.
  • Built-in microphone for comfortable calls
  • User can customize the songs with Sony Headphone Connect app available for android and iOS.
  • 50 hours of noise-cancelling when used with a wire.

The above features are ideal for:

People Who Love Their Music Without Noise (Noise Cancelling with Single Push)

AINC (Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancellation) adapts to the environment around the users reduces the unnecessary background noises and provides the listener with good experience; it adjusts with the optimal performance and other noise. The user is supposed to do press and hold the NC button to get it activated and voila it will work like a charm.

People Who Love the Wireless (Freedom from noise and wires)

Adjusting the wire all the time around yourself and not to jump or dance profusely as the wire might unplug from the phone were one of the various issues of wired cable headphones. The WH-CH700N helps you listen without wires with blocking unwanted noise and enjoy the comfort and warmth on your ears.

Ideal for Instant Music Lovers (NFC™ One-touch for instant connectivity)

Near field, communication is there to make life even easier. The one nice touch liked by the users is the right portion of the earpiece, which has NFC pair, which makes the Bluetooth pairing trouble-free for those smart phones that support NFC. The user is simply supposed to click on the phone and choose yes when the option of pairing comes up. Once the headphones and earphones are paired, you are prompted to install the supporting apps.

People with Less Patience Level (Quick charging)

You can listen to your favorite playlist all day long. The built-in Li-ion battery keeps the headphone going for continuous 35 hours and is rechargeable with USB. The headphones can be charged for 1 hour by charging only 10 minutes. The main reason behind the quick charging is the lack of time and patience the users have these days, gone are those days when people could wait for headphone and power bank to charge for 3 hours in today’s quick and instant result waiting for a half-hour is the best one can give.

People Who Love Super-High-Quality Sound (DSEE and digital music)

Boost the quality of the music files with the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) that faithfully restores the Sony WH-CH007 Headphones Reviewhigh-frequency elements richness to your favorite tracks and also produce a high-quality sound that’s closer to the original recording.

Although WH-CH700N doesn’t support the LDAC codec, they have the aptX HD support which combats perceptible audio-visual latency. If the user prefers connection stability over the audio quality, you can adjust the headphones app accordingly.

The amazing and comfortable over-ear headphones are the middle-ground option for consumers who cannot afford to invest more money.

These headphones also support the aptX HD that are simply great for all those travelling Audiophiles who cannot compromise when it comes to either sound quality or convenience.

People Who Love the Wonders of AI (Integrated with Alexa and Google Assistant)

One of the most popular features amongst all the noise cancellation and NFC is the complete advantage given by WH-CH700N of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which is brilliant. This makes your life a lot more comfortable when you’re working on a project or taking care of a baby, and you automatically listen to all the incoming text coming. If you have issues with saying Alexa or for that matter Ok Google, to get the assistant’s attention, the user can always press the ANC button all he needs to remember is to remap it as mentioned earlier.

Should you choose Sony WH-CH700N?

After reading the article, one will get a clear view on whether they would prefer the WH-CH700N. Now to be straight forward if your priority is lightweight, comfortable headphone with extended battery life, then this is the best call for you.


  • The sound quality is top-notch.
  • App can boost the bass capabilities and the preset equalizers.
  • Customizable equalizer.
  • The weight and design give a heavenly feeling.
  • Impeccable comfort


  • The headphone doesn’t come with case or pouch.
  • Sound leakage through ear foams.
  • Headphone can be used only when connected with Bluetooth.

Other Observations:

This might look like a minute feature but the slider adjustment area, the headset has a pinch of chrome trim which Sony WH-CH007 Headphones Reviewgives it a real classy look.

  • When connected to a phone, the phone operates smoothly with the inner mic; it doesn’t let the other person realize that the BT is connected as the phone works fine. Okay, now this is a strange review that we came across, two phones different ones were being used in a situation where a user called someone driving a Nissan Rogue, and the other person to whom the call was made could hear their voice when they spoke. After several hiccups also the same issue continues. Ultimately when the phone was unpaired, the echo disappeared automatically, so the issue was with the headphones.
  • There might be a deeper cause of scenario, but by plain look, the headset looks at default.
  • The NFC pairing is smooth even using two different devices. When using WinAmp (Audio player, previously available in Play Store), the Play and pause button doesn’t work whereas the FF/REW lever uses to work. Users say that in the previous model, there was no issue with the play and pause button as such.
  • Previous models had great audio quality but use to weigh a lot. Whenever the user uses to turn around or lean, the headphones tend to fall. However, the model has small ear cups and has light weighted casing comparatively.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing glasses or a cap they will smoothly reach your ears without pressing them and let you hear your favorite playlist without any trouble. Although last year’s model failed in comfort due to the thickness of the foam, this small ear cup concept won the comfort feature again.
  • The various updates made to the Headphones app which is available at android and IOs had made the music listening experience at another level and for experiencing the change try experimenting with Bass Boost EQ or the custom setting.
  • The battery life and let us tell you the battery life provided by this headset is amazingly good. Users have used the headsets for 20 hours wireless, on medium volume and the app showed the battery was depleted just one half. They are tending to last a whole week because no one will listen to music for 20 straight hours. This fanatical battery life and the swift charging feature is what made this headset gone bat crap crazy amongst the teens.
  • The buttons placed on the headphones are chosen wisely so that one doesn’t accidentally while setting the headphone or their hair messes up the setting of songs. The popular noise-canceling button can be reconfigured and remap to provide access to either Alexa or Google Assistant as per user’s convenience via the feasible Sony Headphones App. Users have found this configuration useful, and they prefer it often as theySony WH-CH007 Headphones Review used noise cancelling to shut down.
  • Although few users reviewed that the headset isn’t very comfortable, the positioning of controls of playback makes the onboard operation quiet easy. Each role has its own dedicated button so the user doesn’t need to remember what the two times tapping of the button would to oppose the single tap. This feature is very particular but worth mentioning when this headset is paired up with Samsung Note 8, and the BT range is commendable and exceptional. The experience is enjoyable at another level.


WH-CH700N is the best headphones offered by the Sony brand for the noise-cancelling headphones. The pads in the earphone feel like faux leather as they are made of super soft material. One can say they aren’t the softest material out there, but they are great with extended use. The solid headpiece makes the product highly durable. User can use it roughly over a cap or glass or anything else, and it will still give the same feels. AINC (Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancellation) adapts to the environment around the users reduces unnecessary background noises. Boost the quality of the music files with the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) that faithfully restores the high-frequency elements richness to your favorite tracks.

Looking at all these special and unique qualities and reading several user reviews, this headset gets an 8.5/10. It is a recommended piece of headphone. Sony has time and again proven its quality and durability. This headphone has everything to make the user enjoy the music to the best. Handy, strong, portable, it has all features at one place. This is the best one could ask for.

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