Reviewing Sony X Headphones

Sony Corporation is a renowned electronics company that specializes in making a range of electronic devices such as headphones, sound systems, TV, gaming consoles, household appliances, computers and more. This Japanese multinational conglomerate that is headquartered in Tokyo has been in operations since 1946. Over the past decades, Sony has made its products synonymous with Credibility, Reliability, Quality and Durability.

This experience and expertise reflects on all products, especially its headphones where this company combines the latest in sound technology with a cool design to create world class piece of equipment. These headphones provide the highest quality of audio and at the same time look cool and trendy. Its popular SONY X headphones, which are indeed known as ZX series, have some unique features such as urethane-cushioned ear pads that relieve pressure from the ears even after listening to many hours and 30 mm multi-layer dome diaphragm for excellent audio quality. This series of headphones are lightweight with a special emphasis on portability, thereby making it ideal for those users who tend to travel frequently. Another feature that enhances portability is the design of these headphones. They fold inwards to make it easy for users to carry them in any bag.

Another salient aspect of these headphones is that they are all priced less to make headphones affordable for everyone. Despite this low cost, Sony has not compromised on any feature including sound quality.

Review of some of the Sony X headphones

MDRZX 110 ZX Headphones

Sony MDRZX 110 ZX headphones combines usability, comfort and design to give a well-rounded product for users.

The design of these headphones is sleek and elegant. Its all-black color is simple and yet powerful in terms of appeal. A unique aspect of these headphones is their lightweight, and this makes it easy to wear them almost everywhere. The head band is covered with good padding to make it comfortable for the skull while the urethane covered padding on the ear cups ensure that it sits light and comfortable on the ears. It also relieves the pressure on ears which means users can wear it for long periods of time. Furthermore, the padding looks rich and adds to the overall style of these headphones. These thick ear pads also keep outside away to some extent even without active noise canceling technology The fit is also good without being overly tight.

Other than its lightweight, other features that make these headphones ideal for travel is its ability to fold inwards. The ear cups fit right below the head band, so it becomes a long horizontal piece. Such a fold makes it easy to pack it inside any bag.

There is nothing much by way of accessories except for a 1.2 meter cord that comes attached to the Sony X headphones. This cord is attached to both the ear cups and it comes together into a single piece right way below. This design ensures that the cord does not get tangled often.

Other than excellent design, portability and comfort, these headphones score high on sound performance too. Its 30 mm drivers bring music to life, so there is a bang to every note. Bass is a highlight of these headphones as it is loud and intense, without being too overpowering. Treble is good too, and does not distort at high volumes. Highs, lows and mid range notes are clear and the transition between these different notes is smooth.

Overall, these headphones are a good pair for those who tend to travel a lot.

ZX MDR -ZX310AP/L Headphones

For a sleek style and excellent-sounding headphones, look no beyond than Sony MDR -ZX310AP/L Headphones.

As with all models in this series, the first thing that users will notice is its lightweight. It is easy to wear and carry without compromising on looks or quality. These headphones are all-black except for the dark metallic shine on the outer side of both the ear cups. This gives these headphones a bold look combined with street style. The materials used for making these headphones is of top quality, so they are sturdy for street use. The padding is thick on the head band as well as on the ear cups to make it comfortable for users to listen to music for extended periods of time. Also, these headphones fold inwards to make it easy for users to carry.

There are no extra accessories that come with these headphones except for a long cable that is attached to the ear cups. The cable comes with an in-line remote control with a single button that works ell on both iOS and Android hones. Also, there is an in-built mic that makes it convenient for users to take audio calls from their smartphones as well.

In terms of sound quality too, these Sony X headphones are excellent. The 30 mm drivers deliver powerful and clear notes, irrespective of the track that is being played. Bass is strong and outstanding, but blends well with other notes.

All these features and excellent sound quality come at a low price of $40. Due to this low cost, these headphones are preferred by those who are on a tight budget as well as by those who want to use it as a replacement for their more expensive models, especially while traveling.

ZX MDR -ZX310 Headphones


For those who are shopping for a headphone on a budget, Sony mdr zx310 is the right choice. At just $30, these headphones combine excellent style with sound quality to make it a great value for money. Its low cost also makes it a handy replacement pair when users are traveling.

The design to start with is on-ear, and this is the most preferred model for those who are always on the move. These headphones do not poke or pierce the ears as they sit comfortably on the ears, thereby covering it fully. Other than the on-ear design, another noticeable aspect of these headphones is they are petite. They pale in front of giant full-sized headphones, but in terms of sound performance and comfort, they are better than many of the higher priced models.

These earphones are made of good quality plastic and the back side of the ear cups have a shiny metallic blue finish to it. This adds a touch of elegance to the otherwise all-black headphones. The ear pads are covered with padding made of faux leather and this makes it comfortable for users to wear for long periods of time. These headphones fold inwards nicely, so users have the flexibility to fit it inside any bag.

A cable comes attached to the Sony X Headphones, and there is a single button remote. Since there is only a single button instead of the more common three-button control, it works on iOS and Android phones. Other than the cable, there are no other accessories that comes with these headphones, and this is understandable as the headphones retail for a lot less than other headphones.

Sound signature of these headphones is excellent. As with all headphones in this series, the bass is meaty and at the same time, it is clear. There is no murkiness that tends to be heard in other models in the same price range. Though the bass is heavy, it does not overpower other sounds which means there is good balance between different notes. High notes are crisp, but the mid range notes are relatively flat. As a result, vocals sound less exciting when compared to instrumental tracks. However, it does not bother the user in any way, and in most tracks this flatness will not even be noticed because it blends well with the other notes.

In short, a great pair of headphones that offer a lot of bang for the money. For those who think it is madness to send hundreds of dollars on headphones, this pair is the right choice as it combines good sound quality with low cost.

Sony MDR ZX300/WQ Headphones

One of the lowest end headphones from Sony is the MDR ZX300 headphones. Contrary to the opinion that low cost comes with low performance, Sony X headphones has proved critics wrong by giving a product with good features and excellent sound quality. As a result, these products are great value for money.

These headphones are lightweight and portable – a trademark of all the headphones in this ZX series. These headphones are black in color except for the brown metallic shine on the outer side of each of the ear cup. The entire head band is well-padded to make it comfortable for users to wear it on the head while the ear cups have reasonable amount of padding to prevent ear exhaustion. In this sense, Sony has combined durability with comfort though the product retails for a low cost.

As for sound quality, these headphones come with Sony’s signature 30 mm drivers. As a result, sounds are powerful and clear on all the tracks. Bass delivery is simple amazing especially with the equalizer while the treble is natural sounding. The best part of the Sony X Headphones is that its treble does not distort at high volumes.

All in all, a great buy for under $20. The features, comfort and durability make MDR ZX300/WQ one of the best headphones in this price range.

Sony MDR ZX100 Headphones

Another great looking and excellent sounding headphone from Sony is MDR ZX100 headphones.

Its design is neat and stylish with a simple over-the-ear structure. The overall color is only black, but the finish is glossy to make it look elegant. These headphones are made of good quality plastic, so they are smooth, sturdy and at the same time, it is lightweight and easily portable. The head band is covered with padding on the under side to ensure that the plastic does not poke the skull while the ear cups are covered with a synthetic material that feels comfortable. These pads are thick enough to keep away ambient noise, though there is no active noise canceling technology in these headphones. The fit of the Sony X Headphones is also excellent as the ear cups pivot to suit any head size. Also the fact that these ear cups fold inwards make it easy for travel.

In terms of sound quality too, these headphones are superb for this price range. The music is crisp and clear, thanks to its 30 mm drivers that power its audio. This clarity makes it convenient to listen to lectures, audio books and to just about anything else. Its bass is good but less intense than other models, so there is a nice sonic balance between the different notes. The treble is easy as well to give a natural sounding tone.

In short, these headphones are a great buy as they come loaded with features and provide excellent quality of music. The best part is they are priced at under $20 to make it affordable for anyone who wants to own a pair of headphones.

Sony MDR ZX600 Headphones

Strong sound quality and an attractive design are the hallmarks of Sony MDR ZX600 headphones. Though these headphones are priced higher than most of the other models in the ZX series, they are definitely worth the price.

It comes with an over the head and on-ear design that is ideal for style-conscious users. They come in a range of colors such as white, black, red, blue and gray to suit the preferences of different users. The cable is also of the same color and it is flat to prevent it from getting tangled all the time. The ear cups are fairly big to suit all ear sizes, and it comes with thick and high quality padding that feels soft on the ears. The head band is also well-padded with the same material.

Sound quality is amazing as it has 40 mm drivers to deliver crisp and clear sounds. Bass is punchy and warm while the highs and mid range notes are soothing. Its low end notes are also clear and audible.

Overall, these Sony X headphones are steeped in style and performance, thereby making it a great choice for those who want to listen to clean audio, and are looking for a headset-  manufactured by a top-notch company- that offers outstanding value for money.

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