Sound Intone HD30 Portable Headset Review

Noise isolation has never looked so good with Sound Intone HD30 Portable Headset

Sound Intone HD30 Portable HeadsetNothing can be more annoying when you are trying to listen to your favorite tracks as having all the other ambient sound from outside pouring into your ears and ruining the experience. With the Sound Intone HD30 Portable Headset, you can expect to be able to listen to your favorite songs in complete isolation. However, this is not the only attractive feature about these headphones – they come in a multitude of colors and one for everybody’s taste. Sound Intone is an international electronics brand that specializes in crafting attractive headphones. This being their primary focus allows the brand to create headphones that are top quality where functionality is concerned while at the same time ensuring that this essential accessory matches everybody’s daily listening needs. So, what makes the Sound Intone HD30 Stereo Lightweight Folding Portable Headset so special?

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The complete listening package

They’re not kidding when they promise a heavy bass. Customers have complimented this headset for the on-point sound quality that this piece generates – which is made up of a strong low bass that allows all those songs with the heavy bass in them to be heard from a whole new perspective. Not only the bass but the treble and general voice quality that is generated by the piece has received critical acclaim – especially for the price range that the piece falls under. The best part, of course, is the noise isolation, which allows users to listen to music through this piece without having outside noise ruining the experience.

That’s not all…there’s more

While most people who love carrying their music everywhere with them might be satisfied with just the fact that they get to listen to their favorite songs in great quality without facing any distortions even in high volume; that is not all that the Sound Intone HD30 Portable Headset promises. It comes with some other cool technical features such as the handy cord button that allows users to control their music, and answer calls – all from the click of a simple button. Of course, the fact that these headphones are compatible with nearly any music playing device that a user might want to connect it to – also adds to its brownie points.

An accessory you’d want to show off

Who says that an essential daily gadget such as a good quality headphone has to look drab and boring? The Sound Intone HD30 Portable Headset comes in tons of different colors which means that every customer will find the perfect piece for themselves. The best part, however, is that as hard as it may be to believe, this piece is entirely foldable. This allows users to easily fold it up and carry it around without having to worry about finding a safe storage space for it – this is especially helpful while traveling. The soft leather ear pads and the stretchable headband also contribute to the comfort that the piece provides; this ensures that no matter how bulky the headphone looks it is actually quite lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The fact that it comes in so many colors, the fact that it is durable and lightweight – means that the Sound Intone HD30 Stereo Lightweight Folding Portable Headset is actually the perfect headset for all ages. From kids to adults, this headphone is the perfect music accessory for everybody who loves to listen to music on a daily basis. This would also be the perfect listening accessory for people who need to travel a lot or commute on a daily basis as its foldable design and noise isolation feature ensures that commuters can have an enjoyable and comfortable listening experience.

In a nutshell, the reasons why customers and experts alike have reviewed the Sound Intone HD30 Portable Headset so highly is because of the quality of sound it generates, for the price range it is available in and finally because of the additional features of comfort and durability that it provides. The fact that it is available for purchase in multiple colors and the sleek design only add additional points to why it is quickly becoming one of the best sellers on the market now.

<<CHECK OUT PRICES & CUSTOMER REVIEWS OF Sound Intone HD30 Portable Headset>>
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