SoundBot SB270 HD Headphones Review

Headphones have become quite popular over the years, but recently, with the conception of Bluetooth (a method of transmitting data wirelessly) many manufacturers are designing headphones that can do music streaming wirelessly. Among those manufacturers is SoundBot, which has designed Bluetooth headphones such as the SoundBot® SB270 HD Stereo Bluetooth 3.0 Wired/Wireless headset that is capable of streaming music wirelessly or hands-free talking.

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A few stand-out features on this headphone is its ability to use them as a wired headphone and its multi-touch function.

Features of SoundBot SB270 HD Headphones

Sound Quality

Compared to other mid-range wired headphones, the SoundBot® SB270 HD Stereo Bluetooth 3.0 Wired/Wireless headphone has a very nice stereo sound. It has a good range of sound output, though it does lack some bass when playing music. The mic works quite great for phone calls, too.

With these headphones, you’re going to have a number of useful things to do with it. You can use it with your 3.5mm audio jack or set aside the wire completely. You can also opt to connect it on android devices through NFC. The touch controls are conveniently located at areas where you can either touch the side of the headphone to put a stop to the music or you can slide your finger up and down to regulate the volume.


This headphone has a pair of soft cushion pads for the comfort of your ears. You can safely wear it for long periods of time and its lightness, weighing only 8 ounces will make it easy for you to carry it anywhere, and wear it anytime. Meanwhile, its mould-to-ear shape padding, self-adjusting ear cups, and spongy top head frame provides maximum comfort overall. Not surprisingly, it has received very good reviews from hundreds of users.

Design and Construction

The SoundBot SB270 HD Headphones is compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 technology and built with a 3.5mm audio port for both wired and wireless connections. Being easily paired with Bluetooth enabled devices allows you to enjoy 12 hours of wireless music streaming and hands-free talking. All you have to do is to turn on your Bluetooth setting on your device, then hold down the power button for at least three seconds to pair with your device.

If you like using headphones while jogging or walking on the treadmill, then the SoundBot® SB270 HD Stereo Bluetooth 3.0 Wired/Wireless will work great for that. It comes in a foldable compact design with 180-degree retractable ear cup arms that offer portability.

Its sensory multi-touch control allows you to browse through the menu in swipe motion. It also supports Bluetooth A2DP, HS/HF and AVRCP profiles, and pairs with A2DP-enabled devices, including laptops, digital media players, smartphones and tablets. It also comes with the smart auto sleep feature that helps the device to conserve power. Also featured is a touch control for music play/pause, forward/backward, and volume up/down.

Value for Money

Normally priced just under $100, SoundBot SB270 HD Headphones could be a cheaper option for those who collect Bluetooth enabled headphones. This is especially true among the fans of online music streaming. So if you often go on Spotify, iTunes Music, or SoundCloud, you will be able to listen to your MP3 files with greater sound quality through a headphone.

Included in the package is an instruction manual in English and a USB cable that you can use to charge the headphone. A cloth bag and a case should also be in the package, to protect your SB270 from dust and dirt.

Conclusion of SoundBot SB270 HD Headphones

SoundBot® SB270 HD Stereo Bluetooth 3.0 Wired/Wireless headphone is relatively inexpensive but the question is; are they even worth it? Well, if you’re on online music streaming sites all the time, you would say yes. Plus, the sound quality and construction do not look too cheap for its price. You can even do hands-free talking for hours with its Bluetooth technology, so you’ll be getting a lot of benefits out of your $100 budget.

<<Click here to see the price, specs and reviews of SoundBot SB270 HD Headphones>>
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