Status HD One Classic Headphones Review

Are you a certified audiophile who is tired of all the hype surrounding superstar-endorsed headphones? Are you looking for a great alternative to ridiculously priced headphones? A great alternative to look into would be the Status HD One Classic headphones. They look similar to Beats by Dre, except that the latter does not have any logos in it. This would be an advantage if you’re aiming for the understated look rather than being ostentatious.

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The Status HD One is the flagship product of Status Audio, a start-up company founded in 2013 which focuses on personal electronics. One of their mottos is this: “No logos. No celebrities. Just sound.” And this kind of philosophy in branding reflects strongly on the HD One.

Features of Status HD One Classic Headphones

Design and Construction

Status Audio took the longer route and avoided the pitfalls of celebrity endorsements and instead, concentrated on accurate sound reproduction. The result? A pair of headphones that produces excellent sound for a low price. The design is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Strangely enough, the lack of a logo or a brand design gives the Status HD One Classic an edge over its peers. The lack of a logo gives you enough space to customise it and show your personality. For example, you can put on customised stickers or decals to add a personal touch.

    • The coated rubberised matte finish provides an elegant, classic look as opposed to plastic, cheap-looking headphones. You won’t leave any fingerprint marks on it, which can be somewhat annoying. The overall materials used are durable, and certainly not flimsy to the touch. This will last you a lifetime.
    • The headphones come equipped with two detachable, tangle-free, flat auxiliary cables. The red one is just your plain, standard 3.55mm audio input cable, while the black one has a built-in microphone and an in-line 3-button remote which gives you full control over your music and calls. The flat noodle design is heaven-sent, as they don’t get all tied up and are very easy to unravel.
    • The leatherette ear cups are comfortable to wear, and your ears won’t get all sweaty even if you wear it for an extended period of time.
    • Its lightweight design and foldable cans make it easy to pack and carry around with you. The package comes with a smooth, suede pouch where you can easily fit in both the cans and the pair of cables.

Sound Quality

  • The 40mm titanium precision drivers provide a deep, rich bass sound that is not overpowering and overwhelming for the user. The bass sound is just right, that it does not distort and bleed over the other frequencies.
  • The highs and the mids are clear and crisp.
  • The noise isolation quality of the Status HD One Classic Headphones is just on the average. So if you’re looking for something to drown out babies’ cries during a public commute, or get rid of ambient noise while studying on your dorm, you better look into a different line.

Conclusion for Status HD One Classic Headphones

Status Audio does not sell in retail stores. You can only buy the Status HD One Classic online. The company saves money by not having any brick-and-mortar location – and wants to pass on the savings to their customers by offering affordable headphones. And by not spending on a lot of marketing campaigns, they can afford to drop the price further. As a result, you get a pair of cheap headphones at a fraction of the price when compared to the more expensive ones.

Unpretentious in looks but uncompromising in sound quality, the Status HD One Classic is an affordable, great buy if you are the practical sort who does not buy in to the hype. If you don’t want to become a walking billboard while wearing headphones, this is the perfect fit for you.


An affordable pair of headphones that reproduces high-quality sound, the Status HD One Classic will be great for a beginner who is just starting to experiment in audio technology. Its nondescript, minimalist design is perfect for those who like the simple things in life.  


The noise isolation feature is just the average, which might turn off some people who dislike ambient noise while listening to music.

<<Click here to see the price, specs and reviews of Status HD One Classic Headphones>>
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