Tascam TH-MX2 Studio Headphones Review for 2022

The TH-MX2 is a closed-back studio mixing headphones, a great addition to TASCAM’s acclaimed line of TASCAM TH-MX2 Headphones Review in 2020headphones. Unlike other headphones such as TH-02 and TH-03, this one comes with a plethora of improvements. In the previous versions, customers complained of sub-standard quality and the small size of the ear cups. The ear cups fail to isolate the sound, and you can hear the background noises. But, with TH-MX2, the company has made marked improvements.

Furthermore, the TASCAM TH series is renowned for functionality and is a part of the celebrated TH series, which helps in improving the listening experience. Apart from robust build quality to superior sound, you’re going to fall in love with all the features. In no time, the headphone will become your go-to headphone for the casual and immersive listening experience. Due to the features, the TASCAM TH-MX2 can become a part of your everyday accessory in no time, and you will never repent the decision of buying the innovative product from TASCAM.

Design and Size

Unlike consumer headphones, studio headphones are not meant for listening to your favorite music. Instead, it helps you produce your album. The studio headphones from TH-MX2 feature an industry-standard black design. The closed-back design is completely closed from the back, which helps in isolating the noise.

Another noteworthy feature of the studio earphones is the clean, sleek, and modern design. The ear cups are oversized, which helps in completely covering the ear, thereby providing a snug fit. Interestingly, you can rotate both the right and left ear cups at full 90-degrees allowing flexibility in listening and wearing the gear. Most studio headphones come with a round ear cup, but TASCAM features an oval-shaped ear cup. It also boasts of a folding design that allows you to store the device in any possible place.

The TH-MX2 is a wired device and comes with a cable length of 9.8 ft, which helps you listening to music from a distance. The long length of the cable is a boon for sound engineers and musicians who utilize the room’s complete area when mixing and recording the music.

However, the cable is not replaceable, and you will have to carefully use the device because once the cable breaks or snaps, the gear becomes useless.

On unboxing, apart from the headphones, you will find a cool leatherette (vinyl) carrying bag, which helps you securely transport the headphones from one place to another. You will also get a 1/8″ to ¼” screw-on adapter for connecting to numerous audio playback devices. A screw-on-adapter is always better than a snap-type adapter TASCAM TH-MX2 Headphones Review in 2020because it provides an excellent connection, and the adapter cannot be removed accidentally. Usually, you can 1/8″ jack to monitor the camera, and ¼” jack for controlling the mixer.

Overall, the design is excellent, and you will look great wearing these closed-back headphones from TASCAM.

The gear measures 8.5″ x 3.5″ x 7″, which is a standard size for most studio devices. Due to the large size of the ear cups, the headset is super comfortable for those with big ears.

In short, when it comes to design and the size, TASCAM TH-MX2 impresses in every aspect. You will not repent the decision to choose the headphone from the company.

Material and Comfort

The TASCAM TH-MX2 is one of the most comfortable, snug fit, and professional-looking studio headphones. TASCAM uses a high-quality stainless steel framework, which is surprisingly lightweight. Due to this, you can wear the headphones for prolonged hours. It boasts of tightly-stitched and extra padded headband and ear bands. On top of the black headband, you will find the word TASCAM written in white. These headphones speak of style while providing adequate comfort. Furthermore, it features an adjustable arm and has measurements on the headband slider, which is a feature you will rarely find in studio headphones. You no longer have to adjust the headband because you can remember the measurement on the slider and set it when you use the gear. Due to the large size of the ear cups, the device is perfect for anyone with large ears. It comes with an audio jack of 3.5mm, making it ideal for most audio-producing devices.

A plethora of earphones in the market compromise on the comfort level for looks, but this one from TASCAM offers the correct amalgamation of quality and comfort. The ear cups provide a snug fit over the ears, and you don’t have to clamp the device directly on the earlobes. You can wear the device for hours without facing any ear fatigue due to the plush cushioned ear cuffs and extremely padded headband.

Overall, the TASCAM TH-MX02 is a perfect blend of comfort, softness, and stiffness required by a studio headphone.

Sound performance

TH-MX is designed for professionals who want to listen to the intricate details of the music they produce and mix. And, TASCAM doesn’t fail to impress because it offers excellent sound performance. Most of the music or sound recorded or mixed sound different in different kinds of headphones, making it difficult for the sound engineer. But, TH-MX helps in providing a clean and accurate sound.TASCAM TH-MX2 Headphones Review in 2020

It has the new 40 mm neodynamic magnet driver that lies in the closed-back oval ear cups to deliver a balanced audio output. Though most audiophiles will not recommend the drivers as they are standard to most headphones, the absence of the neodynamic drivers reduces the audio quality. Furthermore, the driver results in low distortion of sound, resulting in perfect sound quality.

When it comes to bass, the result is not overpowering, which is an added advantage for music producers. The bass is to the point. Though it offers a flat neutral sound, the headphone provides extra warmth due to lower mids. Interestingly, though the trebles are present, they are not overly accentuated, which improves the overall listening experience. Even the highs are not too aggressive, making the headphone sound tremendous and excellent.

The headset delivers a flat sound that isn’t colored by the headphones. TASCAM produces a very smooth, neutral, and crystal clear sound with no exaggeration of bass, highs, or even treble. Interestingly, the highs are to the point, which results in a pleasant and neutral tone. Even the sub-bass is delightful, and you are likely to enjoy every beat of the music. Every audio, including classical and hip-hop, sounds great while you wear the headphones. Though the company doesn’t boast of noise isolation, the closed-back design provides a proper seal that blocks away from the potential background noises. It helps you to enjoy the music you listen without getting disturbed by any disturbances and distortions.


Due to good quality material and padded ear cups, the headphone is likely to stand the test of time. And, you can wear them for long hours without the fear of spoiling the device. Though the headphones are prone to scratches, with extra precautions, you can minimize these. Like other TASCAM headphones, the company offers a 1-year warranty from the date of original purchase. Interestingly, the company pays for the labor and material expenses for all items covered by the warranty. You only have to pay for the shipping charges, if you plan to ship the headsets to the company.

Overall, the design is durable, and you can use the headset for hours without worrying about wear and tear.

Compatibility and Connectivity

TH-MX is a wired headphone device, which features an audio jack of 3.5mm. You just have to plug the TASCAM TH-MX2 Headphones Review in 2020headphones into any audio-listening device like a Smartphone (both Android and iOS). You can even pair them with TASCAM portastudios interfaces or any other home recording set up. With all types of devices, there is no compromise on the audio quality, and the music will sound the same on each.

Additional features

TASCAM TH-MX2 is designed to allow you to hear everything within your mix. Due to this reason, they offer a high level of accuracy. It provides a frequency response of 15Hz – 22 kHz, which helps in noticing things that most headphones overlook. Also, it doesn’t result in a colored sound and provides accurate judgment on music quality. It offers an impedance of 32 ohms, which is standard with studio headphones, and it allows you to power the gear with a Smartphone. Usually, high impedance translates to better performance, but headsets with impedance higher than 32 ohms renders useless with a mobile device. So, if you plan to use the headset with your Smartphone, the TH-MX from TASCAM is ideal. Furthermore, it offers a sensitivity of 95dB, which is excellent for a studio-quality headgear. One disadvantage of the headphone is the absence of coiled cable, which can create problems for a few professionals.

Who are these headphones for?

The simple yet elegant black design and lightweight nature makes the headphone perfect for sound engineers, sound musicians, and even for music lovers. When recording music, the closed-back headphones allow you to listen to your voice when recording music. And, you don’t have to worry about your mic-picking up unwanted noises. Furthermore, due to their build, a person who likes casual listening and loves commuting will find the earphones a blessing as it improves their listening experience.


  • Excellent soundstage
  • Superior comfort and fit
  • Unique measurement on the headband slider
  • Large-sized ear cups
  • Good sub-bass, balanced sound, and wide soundstage
  • Premium industrial standard drivers
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Great value for money

About the Company

TASCAM (TEAC Audio Systems America Corp) is the professional audio division brand of TEAC Corporation, a TASCAM TH-MX2 Headphones Review in 2020$1.2 billion manufacturing company with its headquarters in Japan. It was founded in 1971 and in 1974 the headquarters were shifted to California.  For the past 30 years, the company has successfully developed a different musical product for the sound industry. Due to the extensive R&D and product innovation, the company has achieved many accolades and professional rewards. The company was the first to manufacture ½” multi-track recorder, 4-track cassette recorder, and minidisc digital multi-tracker. TASCAM aims to provide breakthrough solutions that use sound in a way it’s exciting and helps translate people’s dream into reality.

The products from TASCAM are a class and surpass the industry standards. The audio equipment speaks volumes about the company’s rich history and expertise in manufacturing headphones and other audio gear.


When it comes to sound engineers and musicians, the TH-MX is a perfect addition because it promises superior audio performance tailored for recording and mixing. Even for everyday use, the device doesn’t disappoint as you can listen to music for hours. Other noteworthy features that set the headphone apart from the rest are the low price, sleek & professional design, and comfort level. Without breaking the bank, you can reproduce quality music.

Overall, it’s a powerful headphone offering superior sound performance at an unbelievably low price. It’s a great addition to the audiophiles and engineers as it offers excellent value for the money.

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