The top Technics headphones In 2019

Panasonic Corporation, a Japanese multinational electronic company, uses a brand name called Technics to market some of its audio products such as CD players and headphones. The name Technics was chosen way back in 1965 by the founder of Panasonic Corporation, Konosuke Matsushita. He used this name to market premium loudspeakers in Japan. Since then, the company has been using Technics to market many of its audio products such as SP-10 and SL-1100 – both premium sound systems. Though this brand was started to show-off Panasonic’s high-end electronic items, it ended up promoting an etire range of products from entry-level to high-end.

Today, Panasonic sells a range of equipment under its brand name Technics, and headphones are one of its most popular product. These headphones are well-known for their sturdy build and use of advanced technology to enhance the audio output in a big way. Above everything, these top Technics headphones are backed by the trust and reliability of Panasonic, a leader in the world of audio electronics.

Below are some of the top Technics headphones In 2019:

Technics RP-DJ1200E-K Black Professional Headphones

Technics RP-DJ1200E-K Black Professio7nal headphones is a high-end product sold by Panasonic under the brand name of Technics. This product has a solid design backed by excellent sound quality.

To start with, the deign is attractive. Though it is all-black, the matte finish and sturdy build make it a eye-catching accessory. The black head band has the name Technics imprinted in bold letters and in blue color. The back of the ear cups have a shiny finish to it, and the words Technics is printed in blue on it as well. The materials used for making these products is high quality plastic, as a result, it is highly durable and can withstand rough use by DJs. Since the material used is plastic and not metal, these headphones are lightweight enough to be portable. All headphones made for DJs is on the heavy side as it comes with powerful drivers, and this one too is heavy when compared to those headphones used by music lovers who wear it on their way to work or school. However, when compared to other DJ models, this product is relatively lightweight.

A special feature of these headphones is its thick padding. This padding provides an extra layer of comfort for users, especially for DJs, as they have to use it for long periods of time. This heavy paddingalso provide a good degee of noise isolation – something that the DJs need as they will be working only in crowded pubs or discotheques that are noisy. Another advantage is that there is only a single cable that runs from the left ear cup, and this makes it easy for DJs to use. The cable is thick and flat to prevent it from getting tangled. Similar to most DJ headphones, this model works only in wired mode.

Another salient feature of these headphones is the flexibility of the ear cups. These ear cups swivel and fold to give DJs the option to use only their right ear cup when needed. Also, these headphones fold down flat, thereby making it easy to carry.

In terms of sound quality too, these top Technics headphones are superb. The sound output is crystal clear, even at the highest volumes, and this makes it a convenient feature for DJs who need to hear the sound well to do the right mixing. Highs are sharp while the mid range notes are warm. Bass is also intense, but not loud enough to dominate other sounds. The intensity of bass is most evident in tracks played in jazz and hip-hop genre where the bass effect is stunning. Despite this intensity, other genres also sound good due to the excellent sonic balance present in these headphones. All in all, a good buy for DJs.


• Stylish looks
• Excellent sound quality


• Poor bass distribution
• Low accessories

Technics / Panasonic RP DH1250-S PRO DJ

Technics became a household name after the release of its SL-1200 turntable almost 40 years ago. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of this product, Technics came up with two new headphones – RP DH1205 and RP DH 1250 Pro. Out of the two, the RP DH1250 is larger and more expensive than the other one.

These headphones meet the expectations of consumers in both looks and sound quality. At $27, this headphone is a steal for all that it offers.

One of the first things that users will notice is the sleek packing. Unlike in the past, most headphone manufacturers prefer to avoid the heavy clam shell covering that make it rather difficult to open. Instead there is a soft to touch black box that contains these beautiful headphones. Besides the top Technics headphones, the box contains a cable that comes with an inline microphone, three button remote control and pinpoint mic. This cable helps users to use these headphones to take audio calls as well. There is also a DJ cable that is long and coiled and ends with a quarter inch jack plated in 24K gold. It sues a simple twist mechanism to keep them in place. Lastly, a small and nice-looking bag is also included for easy travel.

The design of these headphones is artistic to say the least. Its combination of black and glitzy silver metal makes anyone to stop and admire it for a few moments. The head band is black in color with the word Technics writte on it in silver. The end of the head band and the area where is meets the ear cups is a bright silver and there is a small turntable in the area that connects the head band to the ear cups. This turntable is designed to replicate the SL-1200 turntable in whose memory this product was released. The outer side of the ear cups also have the bright silver metal with the words Techics written in black. Overall, this color combination and design is artistic and attractive to any user.

The ear pads also look rich and they make it comfortable for users to wear these headphones for long periods of time. The only drawback with the design is that these ear pads are not good at noise isolation. They do not have active noise canceling technology and the ear pads are not thick enough to passively keep external noise away. This lack of noise cancellation can be a bit of a problem for DJs who work in crowded environments and for those users who tend to use the public transport a lot. Despite this flaw, these headphones fold down nicely, and the ear cups swivel and rotate well to give DJs the option to use a single ear cup instead of both

In terms of sound quality, these headphones are top class as the sounds are well-balanced and pleasant on different formats. Tere was a good balance between different notes and the stereo was expansive and open from back to front as well as from left to right. The depth is equally amazing to give users a clear idea of every note that was being played.

When it comes to DJ headphones, many people tend to assume that it is heavy on bass because DJs focus on genres such as hip-hop and electronica. Contrary to this popular opinion, these headphones are not that bass -intense at all, though it managed to reproduce any bass-intense tone well. As a result, all genres sound neat and clean on these headphones as there is no emphasis or preference for any single aspect. One mild aspect that could have been better is the mid rage that is a little too mild for some genres. As a result, these notes tend to sound a bit flat and dull when compared to other headphones in this category. However, the good news is that this mild defect is almost impossible to detect as all the notes blend well together.

Overall, a great piece of headphone to own. Though it is on the higher end at $270, its design, comfort and sound quality more than justifies its hefty price tag.


• Excellent depth in sound
• Attractive looks


• No noise isolation
• Heavy and bulky for travel

Panasonic Technics Pro DJ 1205-S

One of the two models that came out during the 40th anniversary of Technics popular turntable product SL-1200 is Panasonic Technics Pro DJ 1205 S. This headphone combines good looks with great sound quality to give a neat product for both DJs and other music lovers.

To start with, RP DH1205 comes in a glitzy package with the photo of the headphone displayed on its outer side. The boxes are black in color and this contrasts well with the silver colored headphones. In fact, it is this silver color that adds a touch of class to these headphones. The head band is black in color with the name Technics written on top in silver. The outer side of the ear cups are a combination of silver and black with matte finish. The name Technics is written on the outer side and the same is reflected upside down as well. There are two bumpy knobs on the two sides where the head band connects to the ear cups. These knobs replicate the turntable model as a way to commemorate its 40th anniversary.

The accessories that come with these top Technics headphones include a DJ cable that is fixed to the left ear cup and is not removable. This inability to remove can be a drawback for some users. Also, this cable is not compatible with iOS devices, and this also acts as a turn-off for some users who plan to use these headphones to take audio calls as well. Moreover, the single DJ cable is very long for normal use. While it could help DJs, it is a major inconvenience for normal users as it gets looped over their shoes or knees while walking on the streets. Other than the cable, users also get a quarter inch jack made of 24K gold and a super-looking leatherette bag for easy travel.

The ear cups are flexible as they rotate in for easy storage and rotate out for DJ use. This makes it convenient for DJs to switch to listening with single ear cups. It also comes with a hold switch that helps to keep the ear cup in place by locking it in the chosen position. This feature is particularly useful for DJs and for others who tend to use these headphones while traveling.

The padding on the ear cups is smooth and looks excellent. It looks rich and is made of a combination of leather and faux leather. They are also relatively lighter than other models, and at the same time scores high on comfort. Users can wear it for extended periods of time without feeling the slightest discomfort at any time.

Audio performance is also top class as the sounds are clean and well-balanced. There is little distortion, even at the highest volumes and this feature makes it a great pair of headphones to listen to any genre. Also, the sound depth is good as it spread out well in the stereo. High notes were crisp and the bass was clean throughout. One drawback to the sound quality is the lack of energy in the output. There is a sense of dullness in all the instrumental tracks, and this can be a dampener in some bold drums tracks.


• Good sound clarity in both vocal and instrument tracks.
• Low distortion even at the highest volume levels.


• Lengthy and poorly designed cable.
• Lack of energy in output.

The above reviews give a glimpse into the quality and build of Panasonic’s Technics brand of headphones. From a users’ perspective, these top Technics headphones offer a good value for money and this is why they are a popular choice among music lovers.

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