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The best Grado earphones – all you need to know

Music lovers absolutely know Grado, and also know how royal it feels to possess a Grado. If you are also a music-lover but don’t know about Grado, you might need to have some details on your fingertips which would help you add one great brand to your collection. If your next earphone is in line, but the huge chunk of earphones looking same from all angles leave you confused, here are some important details about two amazingly distinguished products by Grado, which we believe are worth giving a look.

We have put together some interesting information about the company, which would help you connect to it if you are going to be its prospective buyer, along with some unique things about the product line offered by it. We could directly jump to the final earphones we have reviewed for you, but we believe that putting some additional information is going to help you trust the brand more, which is important because of the long term relationship shared by an earphone and the listener.

About Grado earphones

Grado has been an award winning company for giving away innovative, appealing and magnificently different products. With around 11 types of headphones launched under 4 series, Grado brought a dedicated range of earphones with latest technological upgrade. There are precisely 3 type of latest earphones launched, which has a consistent plastic construction and tipped ear pads. Grado got rated as one among the best earphones company by consumer reports. Also, it won the What HiFi? Sound and Vision award for bringing the best on-ear product.

Grado Product-Range

They claim making exquisite type of earphones that offer a great combination of the basic facilities one needs, spiced up with latest updates. There have been numerous products that were launched and carried on successfully, but later got discontinued due to upgrades being necessary. This enabled the release of various new ones. Apart from earphones and headphones, Grado also launched prestige and reference series in Phono cartridges category.

From plastic make, variable drivers, bowl-shaped to comfortable ear pads, Grado earphones have elevated self from good to better and finally one among the best brands.

Best Grado Earphones

Before we put a word forth regarding the best earphones as per our choice and analysis of the mass feedback, one thing to keep in mind is that Grado designs are quite close to each other; hence we have put prime focus on the functionality and other benefits. The new range of earphones has high end material, and has been smartly optimized. The brand brings some highly affordable earphones for the buyers that would make music portable. Brilliant designs, wonderful sound quality, easy and convenient packaging, and lasting impression are what define Grado earphones. Designs have been under rigorous updates, and therefore some considerable changes might be seen in near future.

Let’s now jump off to the 2 best earphones we find among the 3 earphones launched by Grado. Take a look at the generic details, advantages and lags, which we believe would help you make up your mind about which one turns up to be your personal preference.

Grado IGI in-ear

This earphone is known for exceptionally balanced sound, and soothing overall listening session. It gives a detailed sound, and highly balanced and refined music to the ears. This piece doesn’t have mic, so one can understand the list of demerits it might add in case someone wanted to use it for multiple functions as well. The tone of the sound is counted to be highly appealing, and dynamics are powerful as well.

IGI in-ear earphones come with no carry case, but a few others as accessory. It doesn’t block the entire noise coming around, but that’s sort of good news for those listeners who found the 90% sound blockage as a bad thing. An added benefit here is that it doesn’t really affect the final output, and hence no compromises on the sound front due to this feature lagging. These ones are efficient enough to require any outside amplification. The sound is leak-free and doesn’t disturb the person next side.

Grado earphones don’t have any replaceable cable, but that’s not much of a use unless you wanted to really replace it or make it more flexible. These offer 4 different ear tip sizes for the buyers, and also fit in a regular diversified 3.5mm jack-based device.

The dynamic drivers given in this provide realistic sounds with a highly varying frequency response. Also, the left earpiece has a raised dot that provides smooth channel indication. Finally, it comes with a gold-plated 3.5mm plug, which makes this earphone compatible with most of the mp3 devices, computers and CD players.


  • Sound is highly refined
  • Easy to carry
  • No sound leakage


  • No replaceable cable
  • Old school design
  • No bass
  • Doesn’t block entire sound around

Grado GR10 in-ear

The listeners seeking an outstanding design, and classy presentation combined with great sound would surely love to pick this earphone. This earphone has got stunning and highly expressive design, and bright colored presentation. Coming in metallic green color, these earphones would impress not just the user but the viewer. These earphones would smartly separate the instruments, provide huge sound stage, and won’t give a sharp sneaky sound on high pitches as well.

These Grado earphones are lightweight, qualifying them for portability. They isolate noise, and come along with multiple tip-sizes. The ear tips are made up of 2 silicon rubber material, and fit conveniently inside the ear without making it painful after prolonged use as well. It comes with OFC cable, and a gold-plated 3.5mm plug.


  • Refined sound
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Isolates unwanted noise
  • Due to 3.5mm plug, its compatible with a wide variety of music devices


  • Size of the tip might be small in some cases
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