The Best Grado Headphones

The best Grado Headphones

In the race of brands that have been making place in the lives of music-lovers since ages, another name we frequently hear is Grado. If you had a couple of more names on your list before short listing the final brand for buying the next set of headphones, the information that we have put forth might be useful for you. In the coming sections we have brought for you some feedbacks, analyses and general information about some of the best Grado headphones, which you may compare with your personal list and come up with the one final name.

If you already know about Grado as a brand, you might love to get some more information about what Grado as a brand is, and what unique mix makes it a loved brand throughout. Also, if you are new to Grado as a name and wonder why your friends or peer praised it enough to compel your one look at it, you will find some precisely collected details here. Take a quick look at the final 3 Grado headphones we believe stand apart from most of the other headphones of its genre.

Grado as a Brand

Originally known for making high-end headphones and cartridges, Grado released its latest range of headphones in the current year of 2014, with some amazing added features. In terms of complete experience given by the new range of products by Grado, it got itself listed among the Top Eight Most Social Small Companies in America. The company is considered an expert in making stand-apart designs, high-end headphones, and new technology products. It received numerous awards for bringing such brilliant products to the music market.

Before we jump off to the performance of Grado in the headphones’ market, you might also like to know that it launched a series of Phono cartridges for a long period of time. The advertising of Grado remained low-profile for a very long time, and only depended upon word-of-mouth spread. Despite that, the brand managed to make great number of fans.

Another interesting fact about Grado is that almost all the pieces are handmade, and for that matter Grado produces limited number of pieces.

The final 3 best Grado headphones

Grado in the Headphones’ Market

Grado has launched a lot of headphones in the market, which we could classify in 4 major categories: the prestige series, reference series, statement series, and professional series. In all, there were 11 brilliant pieces of headphones for the customers to pick from.

1. Grado Prestige Series SR80e

The design is one unique feature that separates every Grado from rest of the other similar devices. But, one demerit related to this is that almost all the Grado look similar from a design perspective. So, if as a buyer you are planning to buy a Grado, it is important to see that you keep the design part off the list, and decide on the basis of other aspects. The earpiece is covered with a leather-like material with plastic earcups. The entire structure is held together with the help of metal clings.

The difference in a feature that this series has as compared to most of the others is that the foam ear pads would now cover the drivers here.

This series brings an improved sound quality as compared to the previous releases. Talking slightly around the earplugs, they might look aesthetically classy and beautiful, but they have a tendency to fall off at times.

If you worry about the price, the best Grado headphones of this series fall somewhere in the medium range of headphones hence should not really bother you on the cost front. In terms of performance, the sound quality is soft, creamy and warm. The sound quality is unparalleling superb.


  • Quality unmatched
  • Design unique
  • Filtered sound and good bass


  • At times, the cable falls off the earphones
  • Durability and long-life remain a question
  • Compared to the life of the headphones, cost looks high

2. Grado Prestige Series SR60e

High on quality, bass, midrange and highs are the major highlights while one talks about the SR60e Prestige series by Grado. They are one good example of great durability, and value for money. On the looks side, they might look like an old-school ones, but they surely look sleek as well. These ones don’t have any fancy remotes inside, and also have removable cable missing. But sound quality takes them at par. In short, they would fall perfectly under the category of mid-price ranged, traditional designed, amazing sound quality best Grado headphones with several latest upgrades missing (if they don’t really make a huge difference), these should be the ones you would love.


  • Sound makes a good difference
  • Great balance on highs
  • Instrument separation
  • Better than previous versions


  • Comfort level isn’t good enough
  • Slightly heavy on budget
  • Rough ear pads
  • No circumaural support

3. Grado Prestige Series SR325e

Detailed sound is the first thing that pops up in mind while talking about the SR325e series. Musically marvelous, professionally and perfectly designed, and strongly built are the following terms. One thing to remember in case of these headphones, they don’t really block the entire surrounding noise, so for some it might be a bad news, but to the rest it might look quite safe and secure.


  • Clear and filtered sound
  • Spacious designing giving enough room to avoid heating while long listening


  • The open back doesn’t make the portability quite suitable
  • These might not impress the bass lovers
  • Lack the firm foam pad
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