Top 10 Best IR Headphones in 2019 – Complete Guide

xo vision IR620 Universal IR Wireless v1Wireless technology is taking over and headphones have jumped onto this bandwagon. While Bluetooth is making waves, infrared headphones are the higher quality cousins. An LED transmission system, same as that used by remote controls, is at the heart of infrared communication. You point the receiver at transmitter and an undisturbed alliance is set up. Since infrared rays do not interfere with other radio frequencies or each other, IR output sounds pristine without any static tainting it. What are the advantages of the best IR headphones over Bluetooth, radio frequency or wired headphones? To name a few:

  • Untether your audio affair: Ditch the wires. It is unfair that any quality time you want to spend with your TV or PS4 is done with a noose around your neck. You want to refill your pack of crisps and other junk without losing the sound? Infrared headphones to the rescue. You can move around in your room still plugged on to the dialogues of Miss Congeniality streaming on HBO.
  • Quality, Quality, Quality: And not location, location, location. Infrared headphones produce audio of the same quality as wired headphones. And this is, perhaps, their biggest win over Bluetooth headphones which go dumb at low frequency and get distorted if you increase volume. There is no delay mechanism like Bluetooth’s built into the transmission process.
  • Surround Sound: With wireless best IR headphones, you can bring home your home-theatre. They will allow you to listen directly from these. No need to hook up to your laptop or mp3 player for privacy anymore. Watching surround sound can be personal too.
  • Wire-free existence:Live without wire tangles. Live vicariously through infrared headphones that connect wirelessly to any device and discard the dreaded cords threatening to take over your time and patience.
  • Marginal interference: unlike radio frequency (RF) headphones, infrared cans are prone to almost nil interference. They do not overlap with other IR, RF frequencies or sensitive equipments. This is what enhances the quality of these headphones. Bid adieu to distortion with infrared.

Do note that infrared headphones will pair only with those devices that have an infrared transmitter.

Top 10 Best IR Headphones in 2019 – Chart

 1. XO Vision IR620 Universal IR Infrared Wireless Foldable Headphones$$ 4.3
 2. Melodeez Two Channel Folding Universal Rear Entertainment System Infrared Headphones$$4.3 
 3. Autotain2 Channel kid size foldable Universal IR Infrared$$4.3 
 4. BOSS Audio HP12 Infrared Foldable Cordless Headphones$$ 4.0
 5. Koramzi IR900 IR Infrared Wireless foldable Headphones$$3.8 
 6. Bravo View IH-04A Kid Friendly Automotive IR Wireless Headphones$$ 3.8
 7. Power Acoustik HP12S 2 channel Infrared Wireless Headphones$$ 3.8
 8. Farenheit HP-11S Single Channel Infrared Wireless Headphones$$ 3.8
 9. XO Vision IR630R Universal IR Wireless Foldable Headphones$$3.7 
 10. LightInTheBox Two Channel Folding Wireless Infrared Headphones$$ 3.7

Choose infrared for interference-free (both human and technological) entertainment. And choose wisely with our list of the best IR headphones below.

1. XO Vision IR620 Universal IR Infrared Wireless Foldable Headphones

Best IR HeadphonesXO Vision IR620 came as a boon to many car owners. You have to spend copious amount of cash to get a pair of OEM headphones. XO Vision’s budget-oriented pricing with infrared IR620 will allow you to buy 6 of them at the same price. No, we are not high! They can also sync well with the aftermarket in-car DVD systems which are generally not well-supported in headphone arena.

Setting-up the IR620 infrared headphones is fairly easy. An on/off button on the earpad will kick off the action right away. Volume control is located on the same earpad to tune for individual use. IR620 is marketed in a single size that can be adjusted to fit everyone: from kids to adults. And sizes run comfortable with both parties and everyone in-between. Earcups have a flat foam cushioning that allows pain-free usage of these infrared headphones for long hours during a car journey. Sides and underside of crown of the headband is lined with a soft material to make the skin contact points pressure free. IR620 infrared headphones are collapsible. The earcups fold inwards to provide a more compact resting architecture that is easy to store and carry. They also feature automatic shut-off. These headphones power off automatically if nothing is being transmitted to them for a few minutes, to conserve power. XO Vision IR620 is single channel best IR headphones. Their low price does not indicate that they are unreliable. On the contrary, these headphones will last for a couple of years of use/misuse easily enough.

XO Vision IR620 infrared headphones pack the optimum punch for a low price. Sound quality has been applauded by most users of these headphones. With that in their repertoire, why wouldn’t IR620 be in our best infrared headphones list

2. Melodeez Two Channel Folding Universal Rear Entertainment System Infrared Headphones

Best IR HeadphonesDouble the fun and quadruple the availability. These two-channel universal infrared headphones, marketed by Melodeez Headphones, are sold in packs of 4 at a very competitive price. Bargain bells are ringing! For a better buyer experience, sellers even provides you with a facility to check whether these headphones are compatible with your car DVD. Enter the make, model and year and you can find the compatibility before you make a buy.

These are foldable infrared headphones that draw inwards for a reduced footprint. This makes them portable especially for use in cars. Switching it on will instantly connect it to the rear entertainment system of your vehicle. Dual channels of these headphones will let you divide your time between two audio options, like two backseat-screens that are playing different programs. Battery sports an auto power down provision after, roughly, 3 minutes of inactivity. Melodeez two channel infrared headphones are more resourceful in terms of battery use. They also have a 3.5mm auxiliary port. This will allow you to connect the headphones via wires to devices like smartphones, mp3 player etc which have a 3.5mm port. Since wired function does not use battery, you can utilize this function when these best IR headphones run out of charge. Cord has to be bought separately. Their fitment is adaptable to head sizes of all ages. Audio quality is clear, owing to infrared, across the first to third row in your SUV. Volume dial is provided to control the volume.

Melodeez folding universal best IR headphones offer flexibility with their wired and wireless use. This kind of forethought lands them in the best infrared headphones list.

3. Autotain2 Channel kid size foldable Universal IR Infrared

Best IR HeadphonesAutotain caters to a hugely overlooked class in the audio industry, with their infrared headphones: kids!Kids, with their noisy shows which we don’t enjoy anymore except Tom and Jerry.  These kid-sized Universal infrared headphones can keep the little wolves off each other and you with an unobstructed access to their favorite shows, games and music. You can buy a pair under $50 and say goodbye to tearful and wrath-invoking car journeys with wily kids.

These infrared headphones are tested and worn by kids and fit better than other adjustable headphones in the market. They are of robust build anticipating usage by children. The earcups hold plush padding for gentle clamping over ears. Autotain universal best IR headphones are dual channel. This eliminates any strife emerging from different TV preferences in the backseat. Each kid can dial into one of the two audio sources which could be headrest or flip-down car DVD players or TVs at home. These headphones also come with a matching cord than can connect to devices with 3.5mm jack. Using wires they can be connected to phones, laptops and other sound devices. Owing to the flippant nature of children, they are most likely to leave the device ON after use.  So an auto power-cut feature shuts the headset off after 5 minutes of idle connection.  Infra-red connection makes for great sound output, not that 5 year olds would be discerning connoisseurs of music. The folding design lends more suppleness to the structure and makes it easy to store these headphones.

Autotain dual channel kid size infrared headphones operate the niche market of cute kid customers and harried parents. Avoiding sibling apocalypse is the kind of superpower we appreciate in the best IR headphones.

4. BOSS Audio HP12 Infrared Foldable Cordless Headphones

Best IR HeadphonesBoss Audio HP12 infrared foldable wireless headphones are one of those moderately priced products that we selected because they satisfactorily perform their basic functions.  They are perfect for a person just looking for straight and narrow connection to the audio source and no other fuss. Apart from black, these Boss headphones are also available in a multicolor package that has earcup accessories of different colors. Multicolor option is useful if you have more than one kid.

Boss Audio HP12 infrared headphones, originally single channel, come in a dual channel variant named HP32. Working in a 30Hz-20kHz frequency range, they provide a fine sound output for their price. Sound to noise ratio exceeds 60dB and produces a clear reproduction of the recording. They can be easily paired with your TV, DVD player, car DVD and audio players etc. Boss HP12 infrared headphones can also be used as a wired version with the standard cord that can bought from any audio store. They are 2-D foldable which means their earpads can be swiveled 90 degrees making the headphones flat which are easy to stow away. These headphones look elegant over your ears compared to some rather huge cans we have seen. They are durable and built for comfortable use over long hours.

Boss Audio HP12 infrared headphones will work with any audio/video device that has IR transmitter. It has no spectacular takeaways. But it gets its job done without hissy audio and tangling parts. For this reason alone, it gets a spot on our best infrared headphones list.

5. Koramzi IR900 IR Infrared Wireless foldable Headphones

Best IR HeadphonesKoramzi IR900 Infrared foldable headphones are built around wearer’s comfort.  Unlike other headphones that focus on a lot of bells and whistles, Koramzi has invested in a lightweight blueprint that rests easy over your ears. They are best suited for IR transmitting car DVD player, TV and audio units.

IR900 infrared headphones are single channel cans with a power switch, volume wheel and power indicator LED. IR sensors allow them to find and connect to pairing driver right away. High frequency IR ray is used for excellent audio quality. Active noise reduction technology removes any distortion from the sound. Music clarity makes it good enough for studio use. Bass and other elements are beautifully integrated. Delightful sound quality is maintained up to 30 feet range. Multiple such headphones can connect to one IR transmitter. They connect promptly without any setup processes. These infrared headphones have a 3.5mm auxiliary port that can connect to devices like smartphones without IR. Earcups are lined with foam for prolonged comfort. Headband can be resized to fit kids. Weighing 5.6 ounces, they are suitable for long car rides with children. Earpads can be rotated at right angle to fold these headphones flat. It also figures auto mute and auto shut-off after 10 minutes of no signal detection into the design

Koramzi has somehow wrapped enviable sound output in an infrared package. Being studio-grade and flawless lands IR900 in our best IR headphones list.

6. Bravo View IH-04A Kid Friendly Automotive IR Wireless Headphones

Best IR HeadphonesBravo View IH-04A infrared headphones are real crafty in that they can pass off as relatively small headphones that are only for kids. But they are just as funky and just as sophisticated for adults. Expanding their domain in wireless headphones, they also have a Bluetooth variant BTS-04 and a dual channel version IH-09AB. At a low price they don’t weight down your pockets. Attractive colors combinations like pink/purple, blue/yellow and red/yellow make these headphones more intriguing.

IH-04A infrared headphones are single channel type that sync with infrared transmitting audio and video systems. Earcups are colored for your tiny tots. They are adequately padded with soft material to protect their ears. Instead of going for cumbersome whole headband, they have two cables that run over the crown of your head and hold the earcups in place. This makes using them less of a sweaty affair. These headphones retract inwards with the earcups angling in and it reduces to half the original size.  You can stow them away in seat pockets along the ride. It is best used with OEM and aftermarket car audio systems. Switch the Bravo View infrared headphones on and you will have them connected to the driver in no time. Volume control dial is on one of the earcups. It automatically powers off when not in use.

Apart from being kid-friendly, Bravo view IH-04A automotive infrared headphones are also kid-proof. They will take a good many tantrums before throwing one of their own. Besides how can we not allow such an adorable thing on our best IR headphones list?

7. Power Acoustik HP12S 2 channel Infrared Wireless Headphones

Best IR HeadphonesPower Acoustik HP12S 2-channel infrared headphones really do pack a lot of power since these cans claim a 100ft. range. They earn their place in our best infrared headphones list for the acoustics though. They show that wonderful oomph in bass coupled with clear mids and highs. This combination, that many wired, studio headphones fail to achieve, is evident in an affordable wireless headset.

HP12S infrared headphones mount foamy earcups that stay light on your ears. Headband, though adjustable, is not for young children as the arch is way too big for them. Earcups are properly sized. Power switch and channel selection are handled by the same button. Both channel work without any static. It has volume control and automatic power shut-off to conserve battery life. It also has a port for 3.5mm jack. So it doubles as a wired headphone. Earcups can be folded for a 2-D design. As an additional perk, Power Acoutiks supplies a separate hard case for the HP-12S best IR headphones. This case can hold more than just the headphones. A mute button on these headphones allows you to have decent conversation with your kids. The sound itself trumps most other characteristics. These headphones issue a full-bodied rich audio with a deeply perceptible bass. Bass kicks in but does not subjugate the mids.

Power Acoustik HP12S infrared headphones can take their fair share of rough handling and last for a couple of years. A teenager will not be able to destroy it right out of the cover. And it compliments Chrysler like a charm.

8. Farenheit HP-11S Single Channel Infrared Wireless Headphones

Best IR HeadphonesAnother Power Acoustik product, Farenheit HP-11S infrared headphones have garnered rave ratings on their functionality. Single channel means you can only connect to one audio device at a time. What they don’t win in versatility, they win in sound quality. These headphones will sound better than your expensive OEM cans at one fourth the cost.

HP-11S infrared headphone has a convenient architecture where the earpads fold flat. The flat headphones can easily fit the accompanying hard case and seat pockets. Earpads are cushioned with soft foam that cradles your ears mildly. There’s no fatigue from long use. Headband can be elongated to go around your head. One size fits adult and children, alike. Setting up and battery changing are both easy for children. They connect upon power on without any drama. Auto mute and automatic shut-off feature powers these best IR headphones off after idling for a few minutes. A cable can be connected to the port on them to wire them to portable devices like smartphones and IPods. It offers the classic Power Acoustik sonic experience that is emboldened by deep bass and clear mids. They can connect to TV, car DVDs and such devices, provided these have an IR transmitter.

Farenheit HP-11S infrared headphones are a complete package with the case, brilliant audio and what not. As they define how infrared is done correct, they deserve a position in our best infrared headphones list.

9. XO Vision IR630R Universal IR Wireless Foldable Headphones

Best IR HeadphonesXO Vision has branched out through the variety it offers in the infrared headphone market. IR630R foldable best IR headphones are another sub pair that comes in 7 swanky colors including green and orange.  They don’t go overboard with the colors. Instead a splash of blue or pink across the earcups will be complimented by a corresponding headband color. If you have multiple kids, different colors will keep them from tearing each other’s hair out.

IR630 universal infrared headphones convert the infrared audio to reality with a pair of swiveling earcups that go 90 degree into a 2-D flat mode. The flat structure can be struck unceremoniously into any seat back pocket. Only power button and volume control adorn the earcups. They are padded nicely with foam to avoid unnecessary pressure from the inner drivers. Headband can be adjusted efficiently for length to match a toddler’s head to a grown-up’s head. Auto power off is available to restrict battery draining. These infrared headphones connect well with aftermarket and OEM car audio transmitters.  They may remain indestructible for 8-9 months if the earcups don’t fall off. There’s no quirky quality of these headphones that could be a big highlight after the previous ones.

XO Vision IR630R infrared Headphones are an affordable replacement for your car headphones. You can buy IR630 for a satisfactory audio output without feeling like the chequepunched you in the guts. This and the ease of use put them in the best infrared headphones map.

10. LightInTheBox Two Channel Folding Wireless Infrared Headphones

Best IR HeadphonesLightInTheBox dual channel infrared headphones are sold as pack of two for those of you who have two kids or three very cooperating kids. They are collapsing headphones that connect easily to your factory and aftermarket audio systems without kicking up a storm of technical jargon and thingamajigs. Switch them on and they will be ready to work with your Town and Country.

The design of these dual channel infrared headphones is nominal. Slightly massive earpads are silver lined for a better look. Left earcup carries the power and volume controls and power indicator LED. Earcups are padded with soft material that is bound to fall out with atrocious use. Headband is a double cable with solid strip across the crown. Some kids will find these headphones fit them better than others because of its make-up. Earcups wrap inwards to reduce the carrying size of LightInTheBox best IR headphones by half. They are dual channel, so the user can switch between two different audio/video sources. It also has a 3.5mm auxiliary port that can hold a male-male cable. This cable can be used to connect the headphones to any audio device like smartphones, Ipods etc. that does not have IR transmitter. Sound quality is admittedly not great. But it will do for kids on a trip to the sunshine state.

LightInTheBox infrared headphones offer the option of wireless connection and wired one, if needed. That, a pack of two of these dual channel headphones cost only a few dollars, makes it appropriate for our best infrared headphones list.

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