The Best cheap headphones

Headphones are a compulsory gadget these days. They are trendy, and a lot of color. Every company tries to better its technology to retain its primary ability of crisp sound delivery. Although, not every pair of the best cheap headphones in the market available suits your pocket, does it? Here we discuss some of the most pocket friendly headphones that are available, without having to compromise on the style or the technology that come with it.

Three of the best cheap headphones

1. Bluedio H Turbine Bluetooth

The Bluedio H Turbine is the outcome of comprehensive research; and it has everything. The headphones are available in white. The supra aural or the on-ear headphones have large ear cups, with custom fit comfortable and artificial protein ear pads that are simulated with the human texture. The headband is also comfortably padded to fit the head snugly. In terms of technology, there are 57mm ultra dynamic large drivers that direct sound into the ear canal. The sound is impeccable and bass heavy. The treble and the mid range are clear and crisp; with turbine style housing and a low surging shock that is synonymous with Bluedio. If you are looking for noise cancellation, you will find it with the Bluedio. If you are looking for Bluetooth services, you will find it with the Bluedio H Turbine. The Bluedio uses a Bluetooth 4.1 technology for long durations, promising 40 hours of music, 45 hours of talkback, and a massive 67 hours of standby time. The figures are really impressive from where H turbine was 3 years back. The Bluedio H Turbine also has the added feature of audio sharing, wherein more than one user can plug in on the same music. All you have to do is plug in using another cable into one of the ear cups. The users have the options to use detachable cables, instead of the hands-free option. However, the cables must be purchased separately. The best cheap headphones do fairly well in the bass front, being ideally bass heavy. However, you cannot complain much on the other ranges since there has been sufficient detailing of the mid and higher ranges as well.

2. Sony MDR ZX 300

The Sony MDR ZX 300 is a product of the perfect amalgamation of style and technology. They are available in four combinations of colors: black and silver, black and blue, dark and light red, and white and silver. The Sony MDR ZX 300 is made mostly out of plastic; however one is not likely to feel the plastic in its make. The stylized finish is impeccable. They are ultra light weighing in at only 120 g, and extremely comfortable. They are pair of on-ear headphones and sit comfortably on the ears without causing over heating from long wear. This feature, although, does not guarantee any natural sound isolation or prevention of noise to bleed out, but the padding on the ear cups helps towards achieving both- isolation and sound from bleeding out- fairly a little. The 30 mm neodymium drivers, embedded into the ear cups channelize sound directly into the ear canals without the slightest hesitation or hiss. The cables separately terminate into two 3.5mm jacks in both ear cups and join into a single cable to be inserted into the audio source. It can be a tad bit cumbersome, but that is how Sony likes its products and as users, one gets accustomed to it. Sony is ideally bass heavy, which is reflected in the Sony MDR ZX 300 as well. The thumping of the bass, though, is never too overpowering or overwhelming. However, it does manage to strike a balance between the bass and the mid and higher ranges to produce a holistic experience. They are tough and durable and can surely take a few hard falls, not that we advice you do it though. It is reasonably priced and brings to the table every feature required in a music experience.

3. Philips Fidelo M1

The Philips Fidelo M1 is probably one of the best cheap headphones available in this category. Albeit, the Fidelo M1, too, are a pair of on-ear headphones; but, they are more suited to use along with mobile phones. They are particularly big and very light; perfect for long wear. The ear cups sit on the ear; comfortably and also have memory foam for padding adding to the comfort. The headband has a leatherette covering. The ear cups also can swivel along a single axis and adds to adjustments according to the user. The Fidelo M1 has a detachable cord; except the cord does not detach directly from the ear cup. For convenience’s sake, the cord is detached from a lower level which leaves a little part of the cord still attached to the ear cup. The cable is inlaid with a microphone and a remote. The remote, however, does not contain volume controls. The cables are also cloth covered and the kind that does not cause friction on brushing against your clothing. In terms of sound, the Fidelo M1 does exceeding well for itself. Be it playback or talk back, the Fidelo M1 produces great clarity. It is not bass heavy, as most headphones are. But it creates a beautiful balance among the bass, the middle and the high range. It is a little contained, in terms on sound, which actually accentuates its performance.

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