The Coolest and Latest Accessories for Beats Headphones

Beats Solo is one the most popular headphones today, and its next version, Solo 2.0 is an improvement on it. These two products alone reflect the quality of headphones released by Beats. This brand is well-known for its top class audio quality and the sheer listening experience that it gives its users. To match these headphones, Beats as well as other audio companies, have come up with many accessories for Beats headphones.

Some of these accessories help to enhance the looks and performance of Beats headphones while others act as a protective layer to prevent Beats headphones from damages.

Below are some useful accessories for Beats headphones:

WraptorSkinz Lightning Skin – Headphone Protection & style

WraptorSkinz Lightning Skin for Beats Solo HD Headphones, White WraptorSkinz Lightning Skin for Beats Solo HD Headphones, White is a product that is designed exclusively to protect the Beats headphones from possible damage. It is an outer case for the entire headphone, and comes in many colors. Its material is also made specifically to protect the headphones from dust, water and fire.

The WraptorSkinz Lightning Skin for Beats Solo HD Headphones is made of vinyl skins that look amazing on the headphones. These accessories for Beats headphones resembles lightning, as is evident from the name, and its exteriors come with high levels of clarity. The color also blends so well with the headphones, that it looks neat anc chic when worn. It is a sure head turner because of its material and design.

The difference between WraptorSkinz Lightning Skin for Beats Solo HD Headphones and other coverings is the material. While many other external covers use materials such as silicon, plastic or metal, the choice of vinyl for this skin makes it thin and lightweight. The bulkiness that comes with other skins are not present in WraptorSkinz Lightning Skin, and this makes it more portable than other models in the same category. Another advantage with WraptorSkinz Lightning Skin is that it is layered. The bottom layer is made of soft vinyl that is flexible and it is fixed with special adhesives. As a result, there are no air bubbles in this skin, and it makes it easy to position it wherever needed. Furthermore, there is no sticky residue when the skin is moved from one position to another. The outer layers are made of a water resistant vinyl that act as a protective shield for the headphones. It is painted with UV protection ink that prevents fading even three years after purchase. Lastly, the entire product is showcased in a glossy finish to make it look appealing to users.

Portable Bluetooth Mountain Bike Speaker

Portable speakers can make an outing a truly refreshing experience for users, and this experience is doubled when the user can take his or her music even while doing favorite things.

Due to this advantage of portable speakers, the MakeTheOne Bike Mount for Pill Portable Speaker is a popular choice among cyclists. These users can mount this portable speaker on their bikes and go for a ride anywhere they want. The advantage with these speakers is that they eliminate the need for earphones while riding a bike.

Most people ride their bikes to enjoy nature and to get a real view of the world, and the music coming from earphones can impede that experience. To prevent this distraction, the MakeTheOne Bike Mount for Pill Portable Speakers comes with accessories for headphones that fit well on the rear side of the bike. As a result, users can enjoy music, and at the same time, enjoy their riding experience on trails. Moreover, the latch is so tight that users never have to worry about the speakers falling off even when they are on mountain trails. The best part about these speakers is that they are easy to put on the bikes, without the need for any sophisticated engineering mechanism. As a result, it is the perfect choice for all kinds of users. The downside is that it only pairs with Beats Pill, and it is a little on the expensive side. However, the snug fit makes it a must-have product for any users who likes his or her Beats Pill and bike riding.

Beats Dude Stand for Pill Portable Speaker

Beats Pill speakers are well-known for their simple design and amazing sound quality. This is why they are clearly a favorite among music lovers. Beats has also come up with an accessory that will enhance the beauty of these speakers, and at the same time will protect them from possible damages. The Beats Dude stand has an innovative design that is sure to put a smile on every users.

These stands are based on a character, and the speakers fit right into its mouth. These charcaters are lively and come with movable arms and legs. Users can even customize their character by painting or drawing on the matt finish to relfect their personality. Along with the looks, it is also super useful. The audio and charging ports are not affected in any way, and users can continue to use the speakers as before. These ports are present at the back of the character, just behind where the speakers would fit in. These characters are made of durable material that offers an exta layer of protection to the Beats Pill speakers.

Its silicon cover prevents damages when the speaker falls off accidentally on its back or sides. Even when the audio is off, the magnetic coves potects the speakers. The best part is that this cover can be detached when users do not need it. The above accessories for Beats headphones go to show how accessories can not only be useful, but can also be innovative and creative. In fact, it is these small things that make a difference betwen a great product and average one. In this sense, Beats has got it right in not only in its audio speakers and headphones, but also in the protective covers, stands and other accessories that have become an essential part of its product line.

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