The coolest headphone & earphone accessories in 2020

Headphones have become popular because of their versatility. They can be paired with almost any device to listen to music or take audio calls. Moreover, advancements in audio technology have enhanced the usability of headphones, and this has made it possible for users to listen to great music anytime and anywhere they want. To make the most out of every headphone, accessories are important. These accessories increase ease of use and make it possible for users to multitask as they their hands are free. They can also be used to store headphones safely, especially while traveling or they can help to enhance the sound and quality of music that comes out of these headphones. There are a range of accessories to choose from, and the choice depends on what the headphone already offers and what is needed to make them better. Below are two accessories that are sure to improve the listening experience of every user.

Brainwavz AP001 Portable Headphone Amplifier

Brainwavz AP001 Portable Headphones AmplifierBrainwavz AP001 Portable Headphone Amplifier is the first headphone amp from this company, and it has done a good job on it with simple design and great functionality. The package containing Brainwavz AP001 Portable Headphone Amplifier is a simple and transparent plastic box. The front side has a picture of the amplifier while the back side has instructions on its usage. Along with the amplifier, users can find a micro USB cable and a stereo in-line cable. The design of the amplifier is simple and elegant with an all-black color. It has white symbols that stand out in the black background, so it is easy for users to operate it. It is also lightweight and highly portable with a dimension of just 38 mm X 38 mm. These amps are made of aluminum on the front and solid plastic on the sides, and this contributes to its light weight. It does not come with a carrying case, though it fits well in the side pockets of any headphone case. There are four ports present on these amps, two output ports, one input port and one USB charging port. There are no buttons on these amps as all of it is automated. This inability to control volumes can be a turn off for some users, but its popularity shows that it does not matter for most users as they score exceptionally high on functionality. Brainwavz AP001 turns on and off automatically. It turns itself on when it detects an input signal, and turns off when there is no signal for a few minutes. A blue orange light is present when the amp is in use, and this is one way to determine if the amp is working on it. While charging, it displays a blue light and this is the light that is displayed even when the amp is in use while charging. The blue light will automatically change to orange light hen the amp gets full charge. So, users need not panic if they use blue light as it simply denotes that the unit is charging. In terms of sound quality, this is just what bassheads want. The bass is boosted in the output, and this bass is evident right when the device is powered on. This bass aspect makes these amps the perfect device for listening to any jazz, hip-hop or electronica track. At the same time, other no-bass tracks also sound good, though this amp is exclusively for bass lovers. Sound quality from the amplifier is first class, as every note and its nuances are heard clearly, Every detail is captured with the highest clarity, and this makes it a great addition to music lovers in general. Since it can be paired with most headphones, this works well for any user. Overall, a great piece of amp that is sure to take listening experience to new levels. [amazon asin=B00P901EBK&text=AMAZON DISCOUNT LINK]

Digital Innovations The Nest Earbud Case

Digital innovations 4100500Digital Innovations The Nest Earbud Case is the perfect product for those who are constantly struggling with tangled cords on their earphones. To avoid wasting time and energy to untangle these cords, Digital Innovations came up with a truly innovative product that would wrap ear bud cords to prevent it from getting tangled. Nest has a flip-out wheel around which users should wrap their ear bud cord before storing it. The buds should be pressed inside the center of the Nest before wrapping the cord. The flexible flaps present on the outside prevent the ear bud from falling out, and at the same time, makes it easy for users to put and take the ear buds easily. This simple mechanism makes for a great storage of ear buds, and more importantly, users do not have to untangle them every time they want to use their ear phones. The best part about this product is that it fits easily into users’ handbag and occupies little space as it is flat. It comes in three colors, namely, blue, green and pink to give users the option to choose the color that matches their dress and taste. Due to the above-mentioned convenience and comfort, Nest Earbud Case has become a popular accessory, and many users who wear a ear bud like to use it. It costs very little, so this makes it affordable to everyone, and they do not mind spending this small money instead of untangling cords every time. Overall, Nest Earbud is a great option to keep cords free of tangles. It looks nice and stores well too. All these features are only for a few dollars, thereby making it a popular accessory. It is also a great gift item especially for music lovers who are always getting frustrated with cords. The above two examples go to show the importance that right accessories make to headphones in terms of storage and sound quality. Hence, those who are looking to enhance their listening experience or improve comfort and convenience should opt for the right accessories that will go well with their headphone or earphone.

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