The Most Recommended Maxell Headphones In 2019

Hitachi Maxell, more popularly known as Maxell, is a Japanese consumer electronics company that is headquartered in Tokyo. It was founded in 1960by Osaka Prefecture. This company started with the manufacturing of “maximum capacity, dry cell” batteries, and its name is also a shortened version of its first product.

The success of these dry cell batteries led the company to enter into other consumer electronics products as well. Keeping in tune with technological trends and demand, this company began to make a range of consumer electronic products such as audio cassettes, mass storage devices such as floppy disks, , RFID systems, LED lighting products and headphones.

Out of these different products, Maxell headphones are a big hit among consumers as it combines elegance and power together. Each headphone has a unique design that is unlike any other model available in the market. This design is matched with excellent audio performance that includes a big emphasis on bass. The best part is these headphones sell at a very low price for all the features it offers, thereby making it affordable for anyone who is looking to buy a reliable and lasting pair of headphones.

Below are reviews of three Maxell headphones:

Maxell AMP-B Amplified Heavy Bass Headphones

Maxell AMP-B Amplified Heavy Bass headphones look good, feel comfortable and sound great for a very sensible – below average – price tag.

The design is exquisite with its combination of black and blue. The entire headphone is black in color with neon blue design on top of the head band and on the outer sides of each ear cup. The underside of the head band as well as the ear cups have thick padding to give an extra layer of comfort to users. In fact, these headphones are s comfortable that users can wear it for hours on end. The design of the ear cups is chunky and big to cover the entire ear. This design coupled with thick padding provide excellent levels of passive noise isolation, so outside noise does not interfere with users as they listen to their favorite tracks. Along with noise isolation, this design does not leak sound either, so users can use it even when they are traveling on crowded buses or trains.

Another advantage with these Maxell headphones is that they fold well, thereby making it easy to carry. In terms of accessories, there is not much except for a cable. This lack of accessories is understandable given the low price of these headphones.

Sound performance of these headphones is excellent as well because they come with 40 mm drivers. These drivers deliver high volume output that does not distort at any time. Maxell company as a whole is known for its large bass output, and this headphone is in tune with it as well. It is heavy on bass, thereby making it ideal for bass lovers. Its highs are clear while the mid range notes are warm, making it suitable for other genre too. All the notes have high levels of clarity, so it is useful not just for music, but also for movies. It is also the right choice for listening to audio books as this clarity helps users to follow what is being read by the narrator.

Overall, a great pair of headphones to own as it versatile and can be used on almost any device. Its low price tag of $30 gives great value for money as users get to enjoy clear sounds and wear a cool-designed product that does not break their bank.

Maxell HP/NC-V Noise Redux Headphones

The Maxell HP/NC-V Noise Redux Headphones is another pair of headphones that is steeped in style and performance. A lot industry expert claim that they are a perfect cheaper alternative to Bose’s Comfort 15, and we agree with them.

The design is fairly straight-forward and neat. It comes in a dark gray color with glossy finish. The outer side of the ear cups have a blue and black combination with the words Maxell written prominently in white. This idea of using gray is unique and looks stunning. It appeals to people of all ages, so it tends to be popular with everyone.

Along with good looks, these Maxell headphones are also super comfortable to wear. The thick padding on the head band and ear cups ensure that users can wear it as long as they want without feeling any fatigue. Moreover, this thick padding also gives a good degree of noise isolation, so users can take it with them when they travel on crowded trains or walk on busy streets. Along with noise isolation, these headphones also make travel easy as the ear cups fold down nicely. It swivels at an angle of 90 degrees as well to give a comfortable fit for any person.

As for accessories, these headphones have a detachable cord which comes handy while traveling. Moreover, when there is a problem with the cord, users can just change the cord instead of replacing the headphone itself. Other than this ability to detach, there is no extra feature such as extra thickness to prevent tangles. This can be disappointing to some users, but at the price at which this headphone sells, it is hard to ask for more. Besides the cord, users also get a hard case that makes it easy to carry these headphones while traveling.

The quality of sound of these headphones is excellent. Notes are pleasing and well-balanced, which means they are perfect for any genre of music. It appeals well to both bass enthusiasts and classicists alike, and this versatility is one of the hallmarks of this headphone. The quality of sound is superb too, and this is a big improvement from some of the previous versions of this same line. All the notes are crisp and clear, so both vocal and instrumental tracks sound good on it. Other than music, these headphones can also be used to watch movies or listen to audio books because of the high clarity output.

The final verdict – cool looking Maxell headphones that comes with a stylish design. This design appeals to users of all ages and walks of life. It is comfortable to wear and sound quality is top class. In short, a good buy as it gives users just about everything they want to enjoy their music in peace.

Maxell 190635 DJ Style headphones

Maxell 190635 DJ Style headphones is another good quality headphone that comes at an affordable price of $18. Many users tend to turn away from cheaper headphones because they tend to assume that these headphones will have poor sound quality or a smaller feature set. Unfortunately, this is not true especially when it comes to Maxell products because this company specializes in making affordable Maxell headphones without compromising on the latest technological advancements. This is why Maxwell 190635 DJ Style headphones scores higher than many of the more expensive headphone models.

This model is designed mostly for DJ use, though it can also be used by music lovers anywhere. To start with, the design is bold and impressive. It has a bright red theme with silver casing on the outer side of the ear cups. Though on first thought, the use of red may seem strange, once users see the product, they are sure to love it. This headphone makes a statement with such a bright color, and this will make everyone to turn and have a look at it when someone is wearing it.

The head band and ear cups come with thick padding that make it comfortable for users to wear even for long periods of time. This padding is also red in color to match with the overall theme of the headphone. This thick padding provides excellent levels of noise isolation – a feature that is must for every DJ-style headphone. However, these ear cups do not swivel or fold down flat and this could be a slight problem for those DJs who are used to wearing only one ear cup. At the same time, this headphone retails for under $20, so it is not fair to expect too much out of it.

For the same reason, there are not much accessories included with these headphones. There is a cable that comes out of both the ear cups and joins with a single line that is shaped like the letter Y. This cable is also red in color to match with the Maxell headphones. There is nothing unique about the cable like tangle-free feature, but again, this is expected when the headphone retails at such a low cost.

The good aspect is Maxell has not compromised on the sound quality in any way. It delivers powerful sound that is also well-balanced to make it ideal for all music lovers. Highs are nice and crisp while the mid rage notes are soothing to the ears. The transition from one note to another is also smooth to give an overall good sonic signature.

All in all, Maxell headphones are strong and well-balanced in sound and style, and offer exceptional value for money.

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