The most stylish headphones with the best sound performance In 2019

Looks are the first noticeable aspect of any product, and headphones are no different. For most people, looks is an important aspect because they want to feel nice using that product, and they also want others to appreciate the beauty of their product. Hence, users tend to buy headphones that have a more aesthetic appeal.

While looks is just one side of the coin, good design alone is not enough. It has to be matched by good functionality, which in this case, is excellent sound quality. In short, the most stylish headphones with good sound quality are likely to be a big hit among users.

Below are some models of the most stylish headphones:

1. Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

Sennheiser is a popular company that is known for producing a wide range of headphones to suit the needs and preferences of different users. One of its unique and popular models is the Momentum lie of headphones because they combine attractive style with excellent sound quality.

Sennheiser Momentum headphones come in two colors, namely brown and black, and both colors look elegant. The ear cups are directly connected to the head bands without any intermediary plates or rods. The ends of the head band has slots that can be fixed to the metallic button present on the outer side of each ear cup. The idea behind this design is to give users the option to slide the head band up and down through the metal button. This flexibility ensures that users get the best fit for their skull based on their head size and shape. The only downside with this design is that there are no hinges, so the headphones will not fold down flat.

These headphones are full-size headphones that have a closed back design. As a result, they offer good noise isolation, and the thick padding on ear cups further ensure that very little of external noise interferes with music. The material used for building them is of the highest quality, so these most stylish headphones are sturdy and durable.

Along with these headphones, users get a 52-inch long cable that has a three-button remote and microphone. These headphones are compatible with Apple products, and works well with some Android and Windows devices. The cable ends in a metal plug while the remote is also made of metal to give a luxurious look to the cable. Another cable is a plain one that also ends in a metal 3.5 mm plug. Other accessories that come with these headphones include a hard carrying case and a 6.3 mm gold-plated adapter jack. These headphones also come with a two-year warranty for these parts.

The sound quality of Sennheiser Momentum headphones are also top-class. They sound exceptionally clear and crisp in both vocal and instrumental tracks. The bass is deep, but not overpowering when compared to other models in the same price range. The treble is also excellent, and does not sound harsh even at the highest levels.

In short, Sennheiser Momentum headphones are the right choice for audiophiles and others who are looking to get both style and sound quality combined into a single headphone. Though it is a little pricey at around $350, it definitely is worth its cost.

2. Skullcandy Aviator

Another sleek-looking headphone that scores well on sound quality as well is Skullcandy’s Aviator headphones. This pair of headphones is endorsed by Jay Z to keep in tune with the latest fad,which is to have a headphone backed by some top celebrity in the audio industry. In fact, this trend was started by Skullcandy with Snoop Dog being one of the first such endorsers. Though other audio companies have followed suit, Skullcandy seems to have an edge in its marketing strategy with such endorsements,

These headphones are stylish in every sense. They have a black and metallic combination that gives it a classy look. The entire headphone has a metal frame on the head band and the same metal connects to the ear cups as well. The head band is padded with good quality leather to give a comfortable feeling, and this leather adding is held in place by the metal frame. So, the frame is visible on top, though the headphone sits comfortably on the head. This is a unique design aspect because in most stylish headphones, the metal structure is never visible on the head band. This unique aspect also makes Skullcandy Aviator different from that of its competitors.

The ear cups are also different in a way. The outer side of the ear cups are translucent to give users a peek into the inner working mechanism of the headphones. Such a design has left many users intrigued and excited as they can now see what is going on behind that top quality audio that comes out of it.

These headphones fold down flat, and this makes for easy storage. A good-looking hard case comes along with these headphones that protects the headphones from scratches, falls, water and fire. Along with the case, Skullcandy Aviator also comes with a cable with a microphone and inline remote controls. These controls are placed higher up on the cable to make it easy for users to use the remote. The cables are also braided to ensure that users do not have to worry about tangles and knots.

In terms of sound quality too, these headphones are good. The low-end notes have a nice kick to amp up some liveliness while the mid-range notes are warm and pleasing. Bass and treble are also at the right levels, so that no note is overpowering. The high-end notes are crisp, though it could have been a little more detailed. Other than this minor drawback, all the other notes are well-balanced.

Overall, these headphones combine style and sound quality to give a wonderful wearing and listening experience.

3. Philips L1/28 Fidelio Over Ear

Philips L1/28 Fidelio Over Ear Headphones are impressive, both in design and sound quality. It looks distinct and rich, and at the same time it is super durable. Its excellent sound quality complements its stylish looks in a big way.

One of the most noticeable aspects of these headphones is their strong build and durability. Philips has used aluminum parts that are durable, and at the same feel lightweight enough to be carried. The ear cups and head band are made of thick aluminum to give durability while the soft padding with real leather wrapping makes it comfortable to wear. When users put on these headphones, they never feel the hard aluminum that has gone into construction, thanks to the heavy top-quality padding all over. The good part about the padding is they adjust according to each person’s ear, and do not apply excess pressure on the ears. Also, these pads do not heat up that quickly.

These headphones have a 4-inch cable that is permanently attached to the left ear cup, and to this cable, users can connect one of the two 43-inch long cables that come with these headphones. One of them is a plain cable that ends in a 3.5 mm adapter while the one other has an inline remote and microphone that makes it compatible with Apple products, though it could work with some Android and Windows products too. Other than the cable, users also get a drawstring pouch as an accessory. This pouch is one of the downsides of these headphones because they offer no protection whatsoever for the headphones.

The sound quality is also amazing, as users get to enjoy a perfect sonic signature. There is a bit of sweetness to the overall sound balance, and each note sounds rich and lively. The bass is deep without the slightest trace of domination while the treble is well-balanced. The soft to low sound dynamics is soothing as well. Due to such high sound quality, these most stylish headphones can be used with a wide range of devices such as iPods, music systems, computers and even TVs while watching a movie.

Overall, these headphones are reasonably priced too at around $300 considering what it offers, and this is yet reason to own this magnificent audio piece.

4. Klipsch Status White headphones

Klipsch is a company known for its attention to detail, and this aspect is best seen in Klipsch Status White headphones. In fact, this feature-rich headphones give the company a head start in the world of high-performing headphones.

To start with, these headphones come in a two-piece compact box that is glossy and rich-looking. Besides the headphones, this box contained two cables made of soft nylon, one with an iOS control microphone. Both the cables are tangle-free to make it users to carry. Also, they are encased in silver metal to keep it in tune with the overall design of the headphones. These cables connect on the left ear cup. An airline adapter and a small carrying pouch are other things included with these headphones.

The design is interesting with its silver accents and a glossy finish that tend to look a little flamboyant for some users. These headphones are big and heavy too as they weigh about 300 grams. However, these headphones have been designed for stationary use, so there is not much complaint about its weight. The ear cups and head band come with luscious padding, and the pads on the ear cup rotate as well to give the best possible fit for users.

The sound signature of these headphones is clear with the highest levels of clarity. The company’s motto for detail is evident in every note in every genre, and this attention to detail adds a fine sonic touch to the headphones. All the notes are balanced and evenly spread out to offer an airy feel.

The fine bass coupled with the soft and soothing mid-range notes make these headphones truly magical. No single aspect stands out, and even the treble is well-balanced and relatively mild. As a result, listening to the music that comes out of these headphones is an absolute pleasure.

These headphones are amazing in every sense, making it one of the best choices for those who love both style and top-quality sonic.

5. KEF M500 Hi-Fi On-ear headphones Aluminum Black

KEF is probably a brand that not many people have heard of because they specialize in audio products. They are not big into the headphones as they have only a few models in the market today. However, this British company has decided to take on its competitors in the headphones market with its KEF M500 Hi-Fi On-ear headphones Aluminum Black headphones.

One of the most salient aspects of these headphones is their level of comfort. The ear pads are breathable and they rest nicely on the ears without adding any uncomfortable pressure. These thick padding as well as the overall design help to keep ambient noise away, thereby giving users a good degree of noise isolation.

The design is also attractive with its aluminum and black combination. The frame is aluminum while the leather pads on the head band and the ear cups are black. It looks simple, and is yet aesthetically appealing to users of all ages. Due to this use of aluminum, these headphones have a sturdy build, and at the same time, is lightweight.

Along with the headphones, users get two tangle-free cables. One of them has an inline remote and microphone that works well with Apple, though it could work on some Android devices too. These cables connect on the back of the aluminum frame instead of the ear cups so that it does not get in the way for users.

The best part about these most stylish headphones is their sound quality that is warm and soothing. They have a cohesive sound stage, and the balance between notes is amazing. As a result, users get a wonderful listening experience.

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