The Top Purple Headphones in 2022

Nowadays, headphones are more versatile and more compact. There are a variety of designs, shapes, and audio preferences all made to cater to the taste and preferences of all headphone users throughout the world. From a simple student who just loves listening to music when she studies, to a music DJ who has always been particular to bass distortion, sound quality and equalisers when it comes to playing and listening to his music, there is always the top purple headphones that each person would prefer listening from.

Aside from the variety of headphones qualities and options you can choose from, headphones have now become very chic and stylish. The industry has long abandoned sticking to the typical and plain black, white and grey headphones and have diversified their colours to fully cater to your needs and wants. A good example of this is the endearing yet trendy purple headphones.

Top purple headphones: the colour of versatility and complexity

Why should you choose a purple headphone out of all the colours available out in the market? Well in truth, in nature, purple is the rarest colour. It is so rare and difficult to replicate in the past that it has been considered to have a supernatural aura for centuries and has been identified as a symbolism of royalty and sophistication.

Nowadays, while purple is so much easier to create, the colour is still signifies power, elegance and luxury. Aside from this, because the colour purple is created by mixing blue and red, it gives off a very stable yet energetic colour that people have come to love.

Like red, and all other colours, purple also has a lot of different hues and shades that could cater to both sexes. It’s fit for boys and girls, and is actually a colour most preferred by pre-adolescent children based on various studies and surveys. Women all over the wold see the light shades of purple as a colour of femininity while the darker shades are neutral colours enjoyed by both sexes.

So, are you considering buying the top purple headphones? If you are, look over our personal review of some of the best purple headphones out there with full consideration to sound, comfort, style and value for money.

Review of the Top Purple headphones in 2020

Beats Studio over-ear

Beats Studio over-ear is one of the best Beats by Dre headphones so far. It’s so much lighter, stronger, more comfortable and durable than most headphones out in the market. It lets you feel your music thanks to Beats by Dre’s powerful and iconic DSP software. Every song’s tune, emotion and harmony is surely enjoyed and felt which is exactly what you should experience every time you put your headphones between your ears.

Adaptive noise cancelling technology

Another important thing you have to note about Beats Studio over-ear is the fact that it is engineered to adapt to the environment. Because Beats Studio over-ear has an adaptive noise cancelling technology, every noise around you, no matter how loud will be cancelled out leaving you to enjoy the pure bliss of music that the top purple headphones brings you.

20-hour batteries

The batteries in your Beats Studio over-ear are made to support your needs. With these batteries, it assures you 20 hours of continuous, enjoyable music without making a single charge. Each Beats Studio over-ear even has with it an On/Off feature as well as a battery fuel gauge, so you’ll always be able to conserve your headphones’ energy and also know when it’s time to charge them.

Comfort and Style

With the Beats Studio over-ear everyone, including the avid users of Beats by Dre headphones are given a more convenient way of enjoying their music. With their top purple headphones having 13 percent less weight than the average Beats headphones you are sure that with every trip, commute or getaway, you can easily bring it with you everywhere you want. For comfort, these Beats Studio over-ear also has softer ear cups and ergonomic bellow so it can easily be a perfect fit for every user.

Another great thing to note about the Beats Studio is that when it comes to style it is quite seamless; there are no screws in plain sight, just very colourful, shiny and smooth surfaces making Beats by Dre headphones remain to have one of the most palatable, chic and noteworthy headphone designs.

Value for Money

The price of these amazing Beats by Dre Beats Studio over-ear is pegged at £269.95. A bit pricey, but based on all the features, the price is surely worth it! With these Beats by Dre Beats Studio over-ear you are sure to get:

  • Comfort and style
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Noise cancellation
  • Amazing sound quality 

Panasonic Rp-hx350-v Purple

The Panasonic Rp-hx350-v may have an eccentric and very retro design but you are sure to get the ease of use and convenience with this device.

Ergonomic and lightweight design

One great thing about the Panasonic Rp-hx350-v is that it has a design that’s built for convenience. Because it has a single wire in only one side of the earphones, you won’t really experience any hassle in detangling wires or accidental disconnection while you’re moving.

For the Panasonic Rp-hx350-v’s very chic and modern design, it is very pleasing to find that the over-all design for their top purple headphones made very light.

Adjustable headband

Customisability to every user’s needs is essential and Panasonic Rp-hx350-v understands this matter. The Panasonic Rp-hx350-v sticks well with the very typical and general design of an adjustable headphone headband which makes it very pleasing to use and adjust which enables every user to really find their ideal comfort zone whenever they use it.

Reduces ambient noise

The Panasonic Rp-hx350-v has a great ear cup design, it is very soft, yet provides sufficient protection from any background noise that could interrupt you from appreciating good quality music. However, at the same time, it doesn’t really block the ambient noise altogether, allowing you the availability to still be aware of your surroundings and communicate with others even while your songs are playing.

Comfort and style

The top purple headphone’s trendy and retro design is really something you can never find in any other headphone. It’s different, playful and very pleasing to the eyes – qualities that you simply can’t ignore in a well-designed headphone piece.

Value for Money

The Panasonic Rp-hx350-v is pegged at around £30.00, something reasonable enough for quality design and comfort that is very different from all the other headphones out in the market.

Take note of its following features:

  • Ergonomic
  • Stylish design
  • Single-wire design
  • Ambient noise reduction

TREBLAB XR100 Bluetooth Sport Headphones

TheTREBLAB headphones are very popular and commonly known for their unique and unparalleled designs, and the TREBLAB XR100 with Mic is no exception.

Amazing Bass

The TREBLAB headphones are always known for its crisp and clear bass, but with the TREBLAB XR100, users are able to enjoy clearer and quality aspects of each song because these top purple headphones are able to emphasize the quality of natural vocals and precision highs so that with every use, you can very well appreciate each aspect of every song.

Detachable cable

The TREBLAB XR100 with Mic sticks with its roots by continuing to have a detachable cable that allows you to lengthen or shorten the cable between your mp3 player, or phone and your headphones. With it, you can adjust the length of your cables without a sweat giving you the easy and customization you need whenever you listen to quality music.

Easy to Carry

The Skullcandy TREBLAB XR100 with Mic comes with it its very own travel bag which means you can stash and store it in the house or in your bag for easy storage and carry on.

Comfort and style

The comfort that each Skullcandy TREBLAB XR100 with Mic brings is impeccable. As always, TREBLAB maintains their soft leather touch ear pillow designs to provide extra comfort to each user. As for the style, TREBLAB maintains a very minimalistic design that separates it from the other designs they usually have, despite that, however, there’s a certain distinct design to it such as the perfectly shaped earphone body that makes it quite different from all the earphone designs out there.

Value for Money

The price of  TREBLAB XR100 with Mic is pegged at around £40.00; an excellent price for the brand that shows top notch bass quality, and unparalleled design.

With Skullcandy TREBLAB XR100, you are sure to get the following features:

  • Astounding bass quality
  • Easy to carry
  • Comfort and style

Aduro Amplify SB10 Bluetooth Wireless

The Aduro Amplify SB10 Bluetooth Wireless is an excellent headphones for people who are on the go, and constantly active. Its Bluetooth compatibility assures that each user is given the ease and support needed for long and busy days.

Bluetooth Wireless

The Aduro Amplify SB10 Bluetooth Wireless relieves you from the stress of tangled cable wires and accidental disconnection. You don’t need to stress about the wires because it is Bluetooth wireless. By simply connecting your phone through Bluetooth, you can listen while moving or walking around without fear of getting tangled in all the wires or getting disconnected from your jam!

Receives calls

Each Aduro Amplify SB10 Bluetooth Wireless has its own built in microphone for you to seamlessly pause what you’re listening to, so that you can easily go to hands-free calling. No need to remove any cables or the headset itself! Another great thing about it is after every call; you don’t have to worry about missing parts of the song and going through your phone to look for the song again. When each phone call ends, it automatically plays the song you were listening to at the time, giving you the opportunity to easily get back to what you were doing and listening to.

11-hour battery life

The Aduro Amplify SB10 Bluetooth Wireless allows you to enjoy your music or chat with a friend throughout the day. With its embedded microphone, you can talk to friends and family nonstop for as long as 11 hours! For music you even have a standard of 10 hours of continuous play.

Comfort and style

Because the Aduro Amplify SB10 Bluetooth Wireless works with Bluetooth and is multi-functional, the headphones are very easy and comfortable to use. You can use it continuously for hours without your ears and head feeling too heavy.

As to style, Aduro Amplify SB10 Bluetooth Wireless sticks to the very typical top purple headphones design. However, due to the Bluetooth function, it makes it very eye-catching and great to use during a busy day of errands or a calming commute to and from work or school.

Value for Money

The Aduro Amplify SB10 Bluetooth Wireless is valued at around £50.00 which is actually excellent for a Bluetooth compatible device.

Noteworthy features of the Aduro Amplify SB10 Bluetooth Wireless:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comfort
  • Pause/Play function for calls

Philips SHL3000PP headphones

Do you enjoy travelling? Well, the Philips SHL3000PP headphones give you the ease to travel and bring the music with you anywhere you go. These headphones are sure to always deliver sweet sounds that allow you to enjoy your travels, keep a positive attitude, and move the pace up with every skip or switch of the song.

Dynamic Earphones

The Philips SHL3000PP headphones are made to customise and fit any user’s head and comfort preferences. This is because the earphones are not really fixed to the headband, which allows the earphones to move according to the use and preference of any user. Hence, they fit over the head better and it doesn’t really strains you from constant use.

Closed type acoustic

Closed type acoustic is the technology that makes the Philips SHL3000PP headphones quite unique. Not only is it capable of bringing a powerful bass, but it also sound isolation technology to really let you enjoy the music and sound quality of each song you listen to.

Comfort and Style

For comfort, the Philips SHL3000PP headphones always seek to provide you extra support and comfort whenever you head out to your commute. The top purple headphones have with them soft leather-like material that is used as ear cushions for extra comfort. The earphones are made to fit perfectly on the ears to provide a systematic noise cancellation mechanism.

As to style, the Philips SHL3000PP headphones are very stylish and very modern. The design is just very simplistic, very minimalistic but the shiny surface of the headphones really gives them that typical yet elegant design.

Value for Money

The Philips SHL3000PP headphones cost around £15.00 not bad if you use them constantly during your commute and travels.

With the Philips SHL3000PP headphones you are sure to get the following features:

  • Affordability
  • Sound isolation technology
  • Ergonomic earphones
  • Style

Granvela A809 Foldable Headphone Headset

When it comes to the Granvela A809 Foldable Headphone Headset, you can never really go wrong. This product exudes affordability, product quality and advanced technology, and here’s why:

Easy charge

Need headphones that charges quickly? One important thing to note about the Granvela A809 Foldable Headphone Headset is that it allows you to use it anytime. Whether you are rushing to go to school, office or on a trip with your friends and family, these headphones will always be ready for you to use anytime anywhere. With its easy 3-minute fast charging technology, you are sure that even in that small amount of time, you will still be able to enjoy up to 1 hour of music in your device.

Micro SD support and wire support

You don’t really need any other music player when you have a Granvela A809 Foldable Headphone Headset. When you have these headphones the music is just right at your fingertips. This is because these headphones has a built in Micro SD Support as well as a TF Card reader function as well as wire support which allows any user to directly connect from the headphones to the computer so any playlist, or song can easily be transferred without ever waiting or breaking a sweat!

FM Radio

Another amazing feature of these headphones is that when you decide that you don’t want to listen to the music you currently have on, you can simply go to the radio and browse the various channels that are available for you to listen to.

18-hour battery

The Granvela A809 Foldable Headphone Headset is very convenient to use and bring anywhere. Because it has an 18-hour long lasting battery you are always sure that wherever you bring it, it will have enough juice to last you almost a day of non-stop music anywhere, and anytime.

Comfort and Style

Because the Granvela A809 Foldable Headphone Headset is foldable, it is very easy to carry around with you anywhere you go. It can easily fit small spaces in your bag regardless if you carry a big or small bag.

One thing good to mention about the over-all style of these top purple headphones is that it has one single colour for every design. The colours always pop and you can easily identify them in the crowd. It is very easy to use and you don’t really need any other device to listen to music other than the headphones alone. It’s very retro, very chic and very easy to carry with you!

Value for Money

The Granvela A809 Foldable Headphone Headset is priced at around £28.99, for all its features, it’s definitely something to consider saving and spending your money for!

The Granvela A809 Foldable Headphone Headset is great in terms of:

  • Affordability
  • Quick charging
  • Built-in Radio Function
  • Micro SD Support

Currently, these are the top purple headphones you can buy out there. Headphones like these are unique on their own, and any one of them may just be the perfect purple headphones you need that will surely meet your needs and preferences.

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