The world’s most eccentric and weird-looking headphones in 2019

There are many headphone models available in the global marketplace, and they come in a range of shapes and designs. While most models tend to be standard, some are really eccentric and weird-looking headphones. These models with a distinct design are attractive because they obviously look different from others, and makes the user look chic and cool. However, these headphones appeal only to a certain section of users.

Below the list of eccentric and weird-looking headphones:

Koss PortaPro Headphones with Case

The Koss PortaPro headphone model can take users back in time with its retro design. In fact, the first thing that is noticeable about these headphones is their 1980s design. These headphones sport this retro design because they were in fact first released in 1984, and they are so popular that Koss decided to leave it unchanged even after two decades.

The Koss Porta Pro headphone comes with two ear cups that are connected by a thin frame to the head band. These frames come with convenient sliders that make it easy for users to tighten and loosen their fit when needed.

Along with these adjustments, there are also three mechanical adjustments that help to adjust the tension of earphones for a better fit. This design feels very comfortable and lightweight when worn, and this is probably why Koss has not changed anything about it. Another advantage with these headphones is that they fold down nicely and fit well inside any pouch or headphone case.

The only major downside in terms of design is that there is no lock on the headband, so the sliders tend to get caught in the hair. This problem persists even when the headphones are worn around one’s neck, as it tightens and almost strangulates users.

Along with their design, the sound quality of Koss Porta Pro headphones are also classy and top class. While reviewing these eccentric and weird-looking headphones or even buying them, it is important for users to understand that these headphones came at a time when sound technology was not this developed. In fact, these headphones do not keep surrounding noise out because sound-isolating technology was not available in 1984. Despite this drawback, all genres of music sound good on these headphones.

In a nutshell, these headphones have an eccentric design that people will either love or hate. For the lovers, it is a great choice because its design and quality is excellent, but for the haters, there are more options available out there.

Monster Diesel VEKTR On-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk

Looks can be deceiving – this adage is most appropriate for Monster Diesel VEKTR headphones. On first look, these headphones look flashy and too vibrant, but when worn, it is super comfortable. These featherweight headphones have been designed by two giants in the Italian fashion industry, Diesel and Monster.

Monster Diesel VEKTR comes with a flat design and sharp angles made of rigid plastic that keep the headphones in place for a long time. Furthermore, the plush cushions on ear cups give an extra layer of comfort for the ears, so that users can use it for many hours without feeling any pain. Moreover, these plush cushions keep out external noise, so users can completely enjoy their music. Another salient aspect of the design is the cables. Monster is well-known for its premium cables, so it is no surprise that the cables are of high quality. Also, they are triangular in shape to prevent it from getting tangled, so users never have to worry about untangling their chord. The cable comes with ControlTalk Universal hands-free control that makes it convenient for users to use these headphones with a mobile device too, as they can use the same control to take calls or control their music.

Other accessories that come with these headphones are a cleaning cloth and a touring bag that is made of cloth and leather. While these are not great additions, they nevertheless come handy.

The performance of these eccentric and weird-looking headphones is as explosive as the design. The music is detailed as users can listen to every tone and intonation clearly. Its titanium coated driver technology gives these headphones excellent high, mid and low notes, and there is good balance between them without over-powering any of them. The transition from one range to another is also smooth for the ears.

Overall, the Monster Diesel VEKTR headphones are steeped in style and performance that justify its hefty price tag.

SOL REPUBLIC 1211-03 Tracks On-Ear Interchangeable Headphones with 3-Button Mic and Music Control

Colors define many aspects of an individual’s personality. In general, bright colors are associated with a vibrant personality while subdued colors go well with sober individuals. This choice of color reflects in clothes and accesories, and headphones are not an exception. Unfortunately, most headphones come in black or silver, and individuals with all personalities have to opt for one of these two colors only.

To give a refreshing change from this monotony, SOL Republic came up with a new pair of headphones that are red in color. In these headphones, it is the head band that is red while the ear cups are round-shaped and are black in color. The material used on the head bands is also unique, and the company claims that its prorietary polymer Flex Tech is indestructible. The ear phones are designed to sit on the ears instead of covering it, so extended use can make it uncomfortable for users. Otherwise, the design is fairly staid.

In terms of performance, these eccentric and weird-looking headphones tend to be a little aggressive as it accentuates bass and treble way more than it should. Such an overpowering bass tends to spoil the overall music in genres such as hip-hop and techno. Moreover, there is a lack of refinement in tones, and the warmth and detail that is expected from such high-end phones are completely missing.

The verdict – it looks cool and hip, but the audio lacks the same effort!

Harman Kardon CL Precision On-Ear Headphones with Extended Bass

Another headphone with a unique design is Harman Kardon CL. A differentiating aspect is the presence of rectangle-shaped ear cups that even gives a retro look to it. The use of black leather on the ear cups and the metallic silver head frame gives it a classy look. The headbands are removable, so users do not have to replace the entire headphone in case of any damages. Also, these headphones can be folded down flat and come with a removable cable that can be replaced when needed.

The Harman Kardon CL phones is ideal for bass lovers, as it gives a rich, deep bass without sounding aggressive. When combined with crispy highs, the audio effects are a treat to the ears. The mid range also has a lot of detail, and does not provide distortion at any volume level.

Overall, the Harman Kardon CL headphones are a good value for money, both in terms of design and performance.

In short, the eccentric and weird-looking headphones are a sure head turner, but users have to be careful while making a choice because not all cool-looking headphones sound great.

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