Top 10 Best Audio-Technica Earbuds in 2019

Best Audio-Technica EarbudsAudio-Technica, arguably one of the best audio products companies and headphones brands in the world, which always feature in our best headphones and earbuds lists, has a wide range of earbuds which provide impressive sound and offer great value for money. This guide covers the top audio technica earbuds in the market, their key pros and cons.

What makes Audio-Technica earbuds to stand out

• A-T has something for everyone. Whether you are the snobby corporate or a chilled out athlete or just a university student looking for peace in the library. They offer premium audio solutions tailored to your needs of smartphone compatibility, comfortable fit, isolation, you name it.

• The best Audio-Technica earbuds look ramp-ready in every price range. Even in simple black, they carry the tasteful A-T logo engraved in metallic sheen that is hard to overlook.

• They cover a vast price dimension.

• A-T truly shines in its responsibility towards their customers. All products, and I mean even the COR150, are covered by 1-5 year warranty. Customer service is impeccable.

• Audio-Technica’s audio quality is unparalleled. What makes them special is that the same quality is reflected in all earphones across the price coordinate. The beautiful sound is one thing that never suffers on the cost of design in an A-T earphone. They will always deliver more than what you paid for.

• Their design engineers must be lauded for coming up with quirky details that make the best Audio-Technica earbuds the most comfortable amongst their contemporaries. The have tested the waters with earhooks, memory wire and Comply Foam tips.

With A-T, there are a whopping 56 types of in-ear earphones alone, to choose from. And that can be quite the exercise for you. So we have chalked up our own list of the best Audio-Technica earphones based on expert reviews and chatter amongst the audiophiles.

Top 10 Best Audio-Technica Earbuds in 2019 – Chart

 1. Audio-Technica ATH-CKR10 SonicPro In-Ear Headphones$$$ 4.6
 2. Audio-Technica In-Ear Headphones ATH-CKR7$$4.6 
 3. Audio-Technica Sonic Fuel ATH-CKX9 In-Ear Headphones$$4.5 
 4. Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones$$4.4 
 5. Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100 In-Ear Headphones$$4.4 
 6. Audio-Technica ATH-COR150 Core Bass In-Ear Headphone$$ 4.4
 7. Audio-Technica ATH-IM50 Dual symphonic-driver In-ear Monitor headphones$$4.4 
 8. Audio-Technica ATH-IM03 SonicPro Balanced In-Ear Monitor Headphones$$$ 4.4
 9. Audio-Technica ATH-CHX5iS SonicFuel Hybrid Earbud Headphones for Smartphones$$ 4.3
 10. Audio-Technica ATH-E40 Professional In-Ear Monitor Headphone$$4.1

1. Audio-Technica ATH-CKR10 SonicPro In-Ear Headphones

Best Audio-Technica EarbudsA hi-resolution in-ear earphone with exceptional sound detailing over 5Hz-40,000 Hz frequency spectrum, CKR10 deserves a spot amongst the top. CKR10 rubs shoulders with the pricier Sennheiser ie800.CKR9 and10 launched the dual phase push-pull dynamic drivers that offer more accuracy without being aggressive. The facing, opposite phased drivers in the Audio-Technica earphones correct each other’s distortion resulting in a more forgiving but precise reproduction of the original sound. Bass doesn’t sound like it is on steroids. Rather, the midrange is clean and effortless improving vocal tonality of CKR10 over its predecessor CKR9. Highs are crisp and do not cause listening fatigue. Individuality of left and right channel is easy to discern. Built in robust Titanium housing, this earphone comes with silicon tips in 4 sizes. The rubbery four feet cylindrical cable ends in an L-shaped 3.5mm jack. An accompanying leather case helps CKR10’s portability. It can be easily paired with a Fiio X5 or Yulong DA8 should you need to boost the music. These would color the CKR10 tones warmer.

A caveat though, CKR10 cable does not have mic and volume control buttons. Although it is built tough, CKR10 is not a sports earphone. The cable rubbing from intense movement will dumb down the clarity of sound. It is the top Audio-Technica earphone for bass presence.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Audio-Technica ATH-CKR10 SonicPro In-Ear Headphones

2. Audio-Technica In-Ear Headphones ATH-CKR7

Best Audio-Technica EarbudsWhy should you buy CKR7 when CKR10 is out? Well, because CKR7 costs 100 bucks less. You can buy the best Audio-Technica earbuds without burning a crater through your pocket. Moreover, this is without compromising on the Hi-Res sound quality. CKR7 earphones look sturdy with the angled ergonomic earguide design that most A-T earphones use. Extended frequency range means that these headphones can get down and dirty in the sub bass region. Sound dynamics are close to the M50x headphones. CKR7’s bass has a certain zest but it doesn’t dominate the synths and vocals. Vocals are Audio-Technica’s trademark superb. Treble is spot-on, neither recessed nor bold. The transition from mids to treble is flawless. Rap and electronic genres play best on CKR7 earphones. Classic rock and metal sound pretty nice too. Sound is driven by proprietary 14mm drivers contained in stainless steel and aluminum hybrid housing that works on reducing unnecessary resonance. Stainless steel stabilizers fused with the housings avert audio distortion by absorbing stray vibration. Dual acoustic resistors provide a frequency response of 5 Hz-28kHz. CKR7 comes with the traditional single cable rather than the short cable-plus extension that previous Audio-Technica earphones owned. Again, CKR7 earphones do not have volume control/mic buttons. But they win hands down amongst their peers in the same price range.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Audio-Technica In-Ear Headphones ATH-CKR7

3. Audio-Technica Sonic Fuel ATH-CKX9 In-Ear Headphones

Best Audio-Technica EarbudsThe prodigious CKX9 comes in two variants, ATH-CKX9 and ATH-CKX9iS. Audio-Technica CKX9iS earphone has in-line mic and volume control, whereas the regular CKX9 doesn’t. For starters CKX9 is bigger than your usual earphones. The bold design is accentuated by C-shaped in-ear hooks that grip the ear and keep the earbud firmly in place. You can work out wearing these best Audio-Technica earbuds and they will latch on to your ear for dear life. The earphone box provides three sizes of these in-ear hooks and fours sizes of silicone ear tips. It also includes Comply foam tips that shape inside your ear canal for maximum isolation. CKX9 earphone has a mic with single play/pause/call button and a volume slider. An extremely stylish hardy carry case with A-T’s logo emblazoned on the top forms part of the box. Cable is tangle-free flat design. All connection points are sealed tight with rubber. The tough design belies the subtlety of music played on CKX9. Bass powered by 13.5 mm drivers is apparent but not overpowering. All instruments find a fair representation in the sound output. Audio-Technica achieves the same clarity in CKX9 as balanced armature drivers with traditional dynamic drivers. Mids and high are crisp and undistorted. Treble is smooth and the general tone of CKX9 is warm and bass heavy.

Few buyers have taken issue with the material of CKX9iS mic. The volume slider is imprecise compared to low/high buttons. But its overall quality and audio make CKX9 highly popular. Audio-Technica’s best earphone CKX9 is clearly big bang for bucks.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Audio-Technica Sonic Fuel ATH-CKX9 In-Ear Headphones

4. Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones

Best Audio-Technica EarbudsEngine noise from an airplane ride driving you crazy? Need to block a grating A/C or an annoying roommate from your universe? ANC23 fulfils this need in a mere budget. QuietPoint earns its name by collecting ambient noise through a mic and running an inverse wave on the sound output. Not only does it work but ANC23 sports the signature Audio-Technica earphone sound quality as well. The QuietPoint unit uses one AAA battery which can literally last forever. It also has a volume wheel and a button to switch noise cancellation on or off. So if you run out of battery, you can still use ANC23 as a regular earbud. The control unit of the best Audio-Technica earbuds has a clip to attach it to your clothes. The ANC23 earphone box carries a leather pouch, airplane adapter, multiple-sized eartips and Comply foam eartips which work to hold the earphone firmly in the ear. The lightweight earphone has the asymmetrical design that goes in the ear canal. Noise cancellation-wise ANC23 has done remarkably well in airplanes, public transport, university study halls etc. It destroys all competition in reproducing natural tones. The QuietPoint noise cancellation results in bright, rich lows and mids. The highs are a little tame but an improvement over shrill earphones. Given the impressive noise cancelling, the accessories, the cost, the features and what not, you cannot go wrong with Audio-Technica ANC23.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones

5. Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100 In-Ear Headphones

Best Audio-Technica EarbudsAudio-Technica never disappoints, not even at paltry. Available in extremely lightweight, all-plastic bodies in eight snappy colors, CLR100 gets serious with a 2 year warranty. You read right! CLR100 has a brother in CLR100iS that comes with an in-line mic and volume control at the same price. The simple design has ear-fit angular earbuds. The supple cable terminates in a 3.5mm L-connector. The earphones come in a durable collapsible cord wrap. Sound is produced by 8.5 mm drivers in 20Hz-20kHz range. Drivers need to be burned-in to get quality sound. Tones get brighter and lose the muddy quality once the drivers are burned in for a few hours. CLR100 earphone does an admirable job across the whole music genre range. Sound clarity trumps other earphones in the price range.

Crisp separation in vocals and instruments in a surround sound stage make it a great buy. Distortion is well managed to an extent in high volumes. Bass is not powered as well as CKR7 or CKR10. But for a budget oriented earbud, CLR100 delivers an extra punch in its bass. That being said, the price tag forces Audio-Technica to get creative. The result is flimsy cable and mic/volume control unit.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100 In-Ear Headphones

6. Audio-Technica ATH-COR150 Core Bass In-Ear Headphones

Best Audio-Technica EarbudsAnother budget earphone from Audio-Technica, the COR150 is CLR100’s boisterous cousin. It owns CLR100’s bass. The packaging encloses a circular plastic case which allows you to carry the earphone around sans tangles. It also contains snap-on over-ear hooks that can mold the cable to loop around the ear. This flexible design ensures extra stability while working out. The angled best Audio-Technica earbuds co-operate with the ear-hooks in their architecture. Cable is almost 4 feet long with an angled connector. COR150 also has a COR150iS version that sports the in-line mic and volume control.

Both variants are available in eight exciting colors. This headphone is A-T’s rise to the challenge of enabling powerful bass into a tiny earphone. After a legit burn-in period, the bass emphasis comes alive with an 8.5mm driver. As usual, the tone is clear across the range, be it mid or high. Nothing is overdone. The audio clarity makes these babies worth your while. Downside is that the investment seems to have entirely gone into the sound output of the earphone rather than its physical design. Wires and earhooks of CLR100 are fragile and look the part. Audio-Technica is a maverick at cost effective sound detailing, but this design could have been better.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Audio-Technica ATH-COR150 Core Bass In-Ear Headphones

7. Audio-Technica ATH-IM50 Dual symphonic-driver In-ear Monitor headphones

Best Audio-Technica EarbudsIM50 has garnered several best in the class accolades and is indispensable to this list. A-T has outdone itself with the audio quality on this one. The mids are smooth and bring out the true quality of vocals. Highs are crisp without being harsh, perfectly balanced for long periods of listening. Treble extension is average. Soundstage is comfortably intimate. Bass is a surprise, mids being vigorous and sub-bass clear. IM50 is a great choice if you enjoy all genres.

Vocal region and acoustic guitar have excellent texture and detail. This IEM is mid-forward and basks in the serenity of male/female vocals and guitar music. Instrument separation is good for the price. Treble and sub-bass are the only areas that need improvement. IM50 is an intimidating looking earphone which is in fact very gentle on your ears. A major portion of the angled earbud sits outside your ear canal and balances the weight by looping the cable around your ears. They fit snug because of their layout. It is also detachable and locks firmly into the best Audio-Technica earbuds with a two pin design. 8.8 mm Dual Symphonic drivers work to reduce distortion in the sound output.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Audio-Technica ATH-IM50 Dual symphonic-driver In-ear Monitor headphones

8. Audio-Technica ATH-IM03 SonicPro Balanced In-Ear Monitor Headphones

Best Audio-Technica EarbudsIMxy line was debuted by Audio-Technica for the serious music-mongers. If you want to catch every nuance of every instrument in a piece of music, IM series headphones will give you the superhuman ability. IM03 sports a triple balanced armature with A-T’s finesse that makes them sound transcendental. Right from the packaging IM03 starts wowing you. These earphones come with 3 different sized pairs of eartips, Comply foam tips and robust carry case. The cable with chin-slider is detachable with a two-pin connector that forms a secure snap. It’s a huge relief that cable can be replaced. A portion of cable after the earbud is memory wire which shapes according to the earloop providing firm fitment to the wearer and relieves pressure in-ear.

Sound quality of IM03 is truly an out-of-world experience. The best Audio-Technica earbuds produces a naturally balanced response over the entire frequency range with crystal clear details. IM03 has found the right handle on treble and eliminates sibilance. The smooth bass, a definite improvement over IM02 , does not overpower any other instrument. Appropriate punch of bass means this IEM can perform with any genre of music. Even vocals are supported with crisp upper mids. Soundstage could not be any better. Overall Audio-Technica has created a masterpiece in IM03.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Audio-Technica ATH-IM03 SonicPro Balanced In-Ear Monitor Headphones

9. Audio-Technica ATH-CHX5iS SonicFuel Hybrid Earbud Headphones for Smartphones

Best Audio-Technica EarbudsWhen the rising tide turned against earphones that tunnel into the ear canal, Audio-Technica rode that tide high with CHX5. These hybrid earphones combine the salient characteristics of hanging earbud and in-ear earbud designs. They are custom created to rest in the ear without entering the ear canal. This helps the music junkies who have a serious aversion to actual in-ear headphones that squirrel into their ears. Making the design robust is the accompanying tangle free flat wire which means you can abuse your earbud with daily use. CHX5 has a continuous cable whereas CHX5is has universal mic/volume control buttons that can function with compatible earphones and other listening devices in play/pause/call capacity. Cable flows into a 3.5mm gold plated L-shaped jack. At 12 grams, it is not the lightest of Audio-Technica’s best. Frequency response is spread over 20-20,000Hz. With 13.5 mm drivers, CHX5 advertise a powerful bass response with a very realistic ‘open air’ delivery.

Unfortunately, noise cancelling is not CHX5’s strong point. The earbud needs some breaking into. Due to the trial architecture of the best Audio-Technica earbuds, it may hurt the user for a while. Once you get used to them, you can revel in the good audio quality that A-T brings to the table.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Audio-Technica ATH-CHX5iS SonicFuel Hybrid Earbud Headphones for Smartphones

10. Audio-Technica ATH-E40 Professional In-Ear Monitor Headphone

Best Audio-Technica EarbudsAudio-Technica went all out with professional IEM when they brought out ATH-Exy series. E40 features the proprietary dual phase push-pull drivers that combat harmonic distortion most effectively. Their minimal weight, the isolation provided by driver housing and the enormous soundstage provide a unique experience. The best Audio-Technica earbuds can make you feel like the music is being played right next to you in isolation. The powerful 12 Ohm drivers are louder than your average IEM and perform the same way at 30-40% less listening volume. E40 has a flat frequency response. The lows are subtle but the bass at mids and highs sound like a live show. The soundstage is a miracle in width and depth. The highs are crisp and clear. These earphones go from better to best after a burn-in period. The box carries a 6.3mm plug-on adapter. Cable is detachable and replaceable, a much needed trait in an IEM. A portion of the cable near the ear is memory wire and molds into an earloop for secure fit and extra comfort. E40 is Audio-Technica’s best effort to redefine their earbud sound signature to a studio-conducive neutrality.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Audio-Technica ATH-E40 Professional In-Ear Monitor Headphone

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