The Best Bluetooth Headsets In 2020 – Complete Guide


If you are a working professional, then you know that electric wires can turn into the noose for your career on a busy day. Rushing to conference rooms from floor to floor with a bunch of cables in your wake is not the picture of a happy and efficient corporate honcho. Bluetooth headsets get the wires out of the picture and enable you to swagger down the office hallways dictating agenda points. And they pack a bunch of features that cannot be replaced by any amount of cords. Bluetooth headset is a small structure that sits around your ear and drives clearer sound in conference with every generation jump of Bluetooth.

There are plenty of reasons why you should get one from our best Bluetooth headset list:

• Tangle-free Mobility: the best Bluetooth headsets free you from coils of cable and give you a circle of mobility around you communication device like smartphones and laptop. This helps you manage your work better if you are the kind that’s constantly on the move, at work or at home.

• Smart features: Today’s Bluetooth headsets are instinctive gadgets that can long hand your speech, remember your appointments, transfer calls effortlessly between phone and themselves and so on. There is no dearth to the talent in each one’s repertoire.

• Audio quality: With usual headphones, the focus is on incoming sound and not mic. Bluetooth headsets are specialized to obliterate noise from the audio flow from either side. They provide the environment for unobtrusive contact during important discussions.

• Convenience: Over typical headphones? This is a no-brainer. Bluetooth headsets are better for office communication than wired earphones in all respects. The issue of battery is solved by many brands of Bluetooth headsets by providing a carry case that moonlights as a charging port.


 1. Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset$$4.5 
 2. ERA by Jawbone Bluetooth Headset$$ 4.2
 3. Plantronics M55 Wireless and Hands-Free Bluetooth Headset$$ 4.0
 4. Plantronics Voyager Pro HD Wireless Bluetooth Headset$$4.0 
 5. Mpow FreeGo Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headset Headphones$$ 4.0
 6. Plantronics Explorer 50 Bluetooth Headset$$4.0 
 7. Motorola ELITE SLIVER Bluetooth Headset$$ 3.5
 8. JETech H0781 Universal Bluetooth Headset$$ 3.5
 9. Jabra Motion Bluetooth Mono Headset$$ 3.4
 10. Sennheiser Presence UC Bluetooth Headset for Universal Devices$$3.4 

1. Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Best Bluetooth HeadsetsPlantronics Voyager Legend is the boss of all that is holy and wireless. With intuitive hands-free features, this peripheral takes the cake of wireless Bluetooth headset domain. They took the already terrific DNA of Voyager Pro Plus and added to its bling spec. Legend packs some hunky features which increase its size but also its credibility.
Call quality is the ace feature of Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset. It utilizes a larger driver to produce ultra-clean audio quality that has been scrapped of noises. Triple mic technology is used to separate wind and ambient noise from vocals. It accepts vocal commands to answer or reject calls, dictate text etc. A smart sensor transfers calls to the headset when you put it on in a hurry and transfers audio back to phone when you take it off, a useful characteristic for people who drive. It works seamlessly with Siri or Google Now. Multipoint pairing allows you to connect it to more than one device at a time. The minimalistic architecture of Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset consists of an in-ear earpiece, an over-the-ear hook and a protruding mic boom. The build walks a precarious line balancing lightweight and sturdy. The thick earhook has buttons to control the operations of this headset. Surface coating renders it water resistant. Battery charge lasts for 7 hours of talk time or 11 days on standby which are relatively great figures. The dapper feature is a handy case which also doubles as a charger offering 14 more hours of talk-time.

Plantronics Voyager Legend wireless best Bluetooth headset takes all competition to the wall with regards to sonic output and comfort. Where do we put it, if not in our best Bluetooth headset list?

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2. ERA by Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

Best Bluetooth HeadsetsJawbone Era Bluetooth headset wins the glam award in our best Bluetooth headset list. It is a well-rounded choice with primo looks, audio and spec and this reflects in the price. If you can shell out the greens then you don’t have to look beyond this headset. Adding to the appeal, it comes in metallic, black, bronze, red and dazzling silver.

Era Bluetooth headset is a dainty one with a winged eartip and a rectangular body. The whole thing weighs 6 grams and looks the part. The downside is that you get only 4 hours of talk time out of one charge. However, Era too has a pint sized charging case that adds 6 hours of reserve battery time. The body of this headset has a power button, a multifunctional control and a standard micro USB port for charging. There’s no volume control. NoiseAssasin 4.0 noise cancellation technology employs two mics and a Voice activity sensor to kill the buzz. Music has a punchy bass which you would not expect out of a miniscule device. Mic quality also outperforms many of its peers. Voice dialing options and commands to Siri and Google can be pulled off smoothly on this Bluetooth headset. Since Era is so tiny, you might be scared of losing it. But Jawbone already figured it into their integral app that makes the headset ‘chirp’ if you want to locate it. Wish our keys could do that! Era offers custom voice profiles, appointment alerts and automatic dialing into conference calls. In short, Jawbone Era wireless headset can double as your mini assistant.

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3. Plantronics M55 Wireless and Hands-Free Bluetooth Headset

Best Bluetooth HeadsetsPlantronics has been championing the Bluetooth headset front for some time now and M55 is a shining exhibit. It fits Plantronics’ expertise into a reasonable budget. M55 reins in the looks that Voyager legend slacked on and adds some stellar audio and fitment. Clocking 8 grams of weight, it runs neck-to-neck with Era Jawbone in the category of Bluetooth headsets you will not be judged for wearing in the public.

Call quality of Plantronics M55 Bluetooth headset shows a rich and lively spectrum. The bass is a more subtle presence in it than we would like but it still works well. Noise reduction is effectively executed indoors but outside the caller on the other end will catch some of the din. It still beats the pricier Marque M155 in terms of sound output. The headset’s main unit has a shiny texture with silver accents and holds the power, multifunctional and volume controls and a standard micro USB port. There’s a transparent eartip on the in-earguide and a plastic ear hook if you prefer to use it for added security. Call answer and reject can be handled through spoken commands. A voice informs you of the remaining battery power when you switch M55 wireless Bluetooth headset on. With multipoint functioning, it can connect to multiple devices at a time. Battery can work 11 hours of talk time per charge. A DeepSleep mode conserves battery power if it has been idling more than 90 minutes. M55 lets you use Vocalyst service free for a time period via which it offers voice email, weather, news, alert etc.

Plantronics M55 Bluetooth wireless headset gives you a bit of both worlds: business and pleasure. That’s why it is placed on this position on our best Bluetooth headset list.

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4. Plantronics Voyager Pro HD Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Best Bluetooth HeadsetsIf you thought you had seen the end of Plantronics Voyager series, well, here’s a cheaper headset with killer capabilities. Voyager Pro is hefty but also time tested to be a headset that delivers. With its stocky build, it brings in an audio quality to die for. It keeps the traditional technology that worked great and lets the new facets seep in to create a headset that is worthy of our best Bluetooth headset list.

Like Voyager Legend, Pro HD also has in-ear architecture. It is mounted with a thick over-the-ear ear hanger and a boom mic. Even though it’s less elegant than Jawbone Era, it’s no less comfortable. You can wear it continuously through the 6 hours of battery life that it provides on one charge and not feel burdened by its weight. The ear guide invades the ear canal to a moderate extent. Call quality is spectacular. The WindSmart technology removes all traces of noise without any buzzing of the circuitry resulting in a clear and crisp hi definition voice. Music, GPS directions and voice alerts follow the same sound levels. Multipoint connection is supported by Voyager Pro Bluetooth headset. Voice prompts read out the battery life and connection status, Battery life is also indicated on your Android or Apple device. Smart sensor handles the call transfer between phone audio and this headset. It will pause the audio when you take the Pro off. Plantronics Voyager Pro HD Bluetooth headset also offers the perk of free Vocalyst subscription for one year to up its ante.

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5. Mpow FreeGo Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headset Headphones

Best Bluetooth HeadsetsMpow FreeGo Bluetooth headset literally brings you freedom from tangles and poverty. At half the price of Plantronics Voyager Legend, this headset battles noise and echo to set up clear audio and wide volume spectrum. It will fit on either ear comfortably and add value to the money you pay for it.

Mpow FreeGo is very lightweight in spite of its size. It has a sturdy blueprint with rubber coating that is gentle on the ears. The ear guide does not penetrate far enough for you to feel uncomfortable but with the right size of tips you can feel the full force of quality audio. It sits inconspicuously on your ear and you can almost forget you have it on.One very handy feature of this headset is that it can be put on both left and right ears because of the rotating earhook. This hook holds three buttons, volume up/down and a multifunctional one. Both incoming and outgoing sound perform admirably under the purview of noise suppression technology. By charging the headset through a USB, you can use it for 10 hours or 150 hours stand by. Life indication is shown on the connected device. Pairing and operating the headset is a no-hassle process. It can connect to two devices at a time so you don’t miss important calls or alerts.

Mpow FreeGo wireless Bluetooth headset does its job pretty well and takes away a modest price for it. For such integrity,we couldn’t help but put it on our best Bluetooth headset list.

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6. Plantronics Explorer 50 Bluetooth Headset

Best Bluetooth HeadsetsPlantronics debuted a worthy successor to its M50 Bluetooth headset when it coughed up Explorer 50. At 10 grams, it joins the fitness hall of fame of headsets. It can be worn in public without being branded as a corporate snob. All elements of the Plantronics experience come into play here to lead to another encore performance.

Design-wise Explorer 50 Bluetooth headset goes for a strong fit and slight build. There’s a rectangular main unit. An in-ear guide and a transparent over-the-ear ear hanger are mounted on this unit. The hook swivels in two dimensions giving you more space to adjust its fit around the ear.This headset operates on Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP and multipoint connection facility. You can enjoy a movie and be alerted when your phones rings with multipoint. Status updates are given vocally by the device when you connect or have low battery. A micro-USB port under the headset is used for charging. Per charge, you can up to 11 hours talk time which is more than double of that on Jawbone Era. Plantronics also provides the DeepSleep mode on this Bluetooth headset which hibernates to conserve battery when not in use. Setup and connection happens in a flash. Call muting and redial options can be activated via buttons on the device. Reading out contacts can initiate your calls for you. At the price, the audio has a great range and sounds balanced.

Plantronics M50 Bluetooth headset left some pretty big shoes to fill. But Explorer 50 proves its mettle by meeting that challenge head on. Such a daring product is encouraged to be part of our best Bluetooth headset list.

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7. Motorola ELITE SLIVER Bluetooth Headset

Best Bluetooth HeadsetsMotorola Elite Silver is a gleaming contestant for our best Bluetooth headset list. Hitting the fitness streak at 9 grams, this Bluetooth headset has some pretty charming features. The ear hanger design with controls on the wrap-around are generally heavy but Motorola has done some out-of-the-box thinking to throw that problem out.

Elite Silver Bluetooth Headset demonstrates a 300 ft. range with Bluetooth 3.0. Two mics work on reducing noise from the environment of this pygmy headset. It makes your work hands-free with voice commands to answer or ignore calls. Motorola has My Motospeak Android app, with which you can dictate messages or pull up a contact to call. Switching on the headset does not require buttons as it can be done by rotating its arm by 90 degrees. There’s a dedicated call button for call management and a smart button for everything else including volume control. Charger is both the bane and boon of this Motorola wireless Bluetooth headset. There’s no way to connect a micro-USB charger to the device but it comes with a pretty charging case to both store and charge the device. This hard case also adds 15 hours of reserve talk time to its 11 hours standing talk time. Battery indication LEDs are present both on the device and the case.They are done up in black contours and look aesthetically pleasing. Audio is a clean, colorful affair with Elite. Noise is never an issue even outdoors. Mic picks up your voice without the cackle of traffic. Elite is NFC capable but only works with certain phones in the tag mode.

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8. JETech H0781 Universal Bluetooth Headset

Best Bluetooth HeadsetsJETech H0781 Universal Bluetooth headset can almost pass for Plantronics Explorer 50 in appearance. It has the same slick design and a honeycomb pattern on the back but costs less than half of M50. We daresay that Plantronics might have the better audio. That being said, JETech H0781 is no novice and exceeds expectations for its price.
H0781 Bluetooth headset has a main unit with the ear tip and a simple hanger to wrap around the ear. It weighs almost the same as Explorer 50. Pairing this device with smartphones, laptop and other Bluetooth-enabled device is a quick process. Battery survives a talk time of 6 hours or 14 hours standby on a single charge. It also has the DeepSleep mode used to save battery power when the headset is not in use.Battery meter can be displayed on the phone home screen using an app. It charges via a micro-USB which can be connected to any wall charger.. Audio quality is revelation at the price and size of this JETech wireless Bluetooth headset. Come sun or sleet, it sounds clear on both sides of the call. Music sounds delightful through its lean frame. This headset has active noise cancellation DSP to create the atmosphere conducive for a good conversation. The fitment is firm and comfortable for users’ ears.

JETech H0781 Universal Bluetooth headset sits light on both pockets and ears. It has an all-round spec and an exciting price which is the perfect combination for our best Bluetooth headset list.

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9. Jabra Motion Bluetooth Mono Headset

Best Bluetooth HeadsetsJabra Motion Bluetooth headset is an excellent accessory to have except that its beefy size is surprising in this age of technology. You would not want to flaunt your flourishing career with one of these. But if you do, we are sure that people on the other end will hear clearly. Jabra has managed to execute NFC right which is something Motorola failed at.

Motion Bluetooth headset has an over-the-ear hooked design with a retracting boom mic. The size is a compromise for the sound clarity and we can bear with it because it perches conspicuously, but comfortably on the ears. Eartips of this headset seal the ear canal more completely than its contemporaries like the JETech H0781 we discussed before. The ear hanger has an innovative volume band, a call button and a mute button. It can be used to make calls and play music. Jabra motion wireless Bluetooth headset has few tricks up its sleeves. It is loaded with an accelerometer which makes it intuitive based on motion. For instance, it will answer the call if you pick it up or adjust volume and noise cancellation levels based on your movement and periphery. Sonic output is a big win for this headset. There is no mistaking the admirable quality of calls, no matter what mayhem is going on around you. Both parties on the call will hear the vocals clearly. Same goes for music with its warm frequency response. It also comes with a smartphone app suite which bundles many operations that can make your life easier.

Jabra Motion Bluetooth headset is outstanding in some respects, which is why its pitfalls hit us hard. Still, none of those issues are big enough to keep it out of the best Bluetooth headset list.

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10. Sennheiser Presence UC Bluetooth Headset for Universal Devices

Best Bluetooth HeadsetsSennheiser is always there on the edges of best audio equipment choices and our best Bluetooth headset list is not about to leave it out; the reason being its Presence UC Bluetooth headset. This is a fairly fine-looking device but with a boxy build. It is heavier than its competition and that shows. But the headset redeems itself with some great audio and noise cancellation gigs.

The highlight of Presence best Bluetooth headsets is it 200m range against the average 10m of many headsets. It employs Bluetooth 4.0 which does not drain the battery life as much as the older versions. So we get 10 hours talk time and 14 days standby on one charge. A micro-USB port makes charging it possible. Its voice clarity and Speak Focus technology allow it to pick up vocals amongst the hullaballoo around you. Wind noise is engaged in a valiant battle by Sennheiser whenever you step outside your building. All this figures in the quality of call you make from this Bluetooth headset. People on the other end will not hear random noises around you. This headset allows you to remove and replug the ear hanger in the opposite direction so that you can switch it between the left and right ear. It has a special inclination towards Microsoft Lync which makes it an ideal work-accessory for professionals. All these features cost you dear, way more than other headsets on this list. Question is whether you will make an exception for the trusted brand name and sound output.

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