Top 10 Best PS4 Headsets In 2019

best ps4 headsets

PlayStation demands time and loyalty. The best PS4 headsets can make your time with your game buddies insanely more enjoyable. PlayStation games are billboards for Sony’s stunning media capabilities. And they know their sound well. Their audio is made to capture and extrapolate your imagination.Persevering brands have PlayStation headsets over a wide price range and feature coordinate. But few have dared to create true canvasses that can hold Sony’s bold audio effects. We have compiled a list of the best PS4 headsets that achieve this feat at a price that is music to your ears.

The key advantages and characteristics of the best PS4 headsets

  • Glam looks: Gamers look for crazy curves both inside and outside the game. Most of these PS4 headsets cater to their fancies with razor sharp designs and tastefully placed LEDs. Even in the dark they will evoke the dangerous aura of your virtual personality from the game.
  • Compatibility: Thanks to the common 3.5mm jack, most of the PS4 headsets are also compatible with cellphones, mp3 players, laptops, PCs, tablets et al. Some of them are shipped with converter adapters that can be used to extend their services to all these devices.
  • Heavy duty build: The best PS4 headsets are built beautifully. Their sturdy bones will see you through many a late night in front of your PS4. Headbands that can bend backwards and earcups that work even after super-gluing prove this fact.
  • Sound boost: Being PS4 headsets these cans are customized with rich sound and booming bass. The same signature quality is carried on to devices other than PS4. So if you are the person for sonic drama then these headsets will bring the necessary punch to your playlist.


 1. Sony PlayStation Stereo Gold Wireless Headset$$ 4.3
 2. Sentey GS-4730 Virtual 7.1 USB DAC Gaming Headset Arches with Vibration$$4.3 
 3. Turtle Beach – Ear Force Recon 50P Stereo Gaming Playstation Headset$$ 4.3
 4. SADES 810S Gaming PS4 Headset$$4.3 
 5. SADES SA921 Lightweight Over-Ear Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4 and Xbox$$4.3 
 6. Sades SA710 Professional USB 7.1 Surround Encoding Audio Noise Cancelling Pc Gaming Headset
$$ 4.3
 7. KingTop Computer Gaming Headset for PS4$$4.3 
 8. TRITTON Kunai Stereo Headset for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and Mobile Devices
 9. KOTION EACH G9000 3.5mm LED Light Gaming Headset for PlayStation 4$$4.0 
 10. Blackzone Audio – X7 Pro Gaming Headset$$ 4.0

1. Sony PlayStation Stereo Gold Wireless Headset

Best PS4 HeadsetsSony PlayStation Gold wireless headset is a home product that hit home runs with many gamers. Pounding Virtual Surround Sound into a sub headset, these cans are also wireless in the true sense. Sony compromised a little on build to add winning points to audio quality and comfort with this PlayStation headset.

With Gold wireless headset Sony has capitalized on a plastic finish to make it very lightweight. Many users reported that they almost forget they have it on. Circum-aural earpads are plumped with rubbery cushions that are angled to adapt to your ears. The headband is padded all across its arch. Arms of the headset collapse to form a more portable structure when not in use. Sony has aimed for simplicity with the looks of this PlayStation headset. It works wirelessly via an accompanying USB dongle that can be plugged into PS4, PS3. But to keep things interesting, it also comes with a male/male cable with 3.5mm jack. It also works wirelessly on Mac if you plug in the dongle. Note that this is not a Bluetooth connection. Gold wireless headset can survive through 7 hours on single charge. Mic is built into an earcup rather than jutting out of it. This is a noise reduction mic that is highly sensitive to your voice. Mic muting is indicated by an LED on the earcup. Virtual Surround Sound simulates the spatial separation and Vulcan hearing that every PlayStation game demands. But its true beauty is elicited by the bass boost setting that rests on the left earcup with volume and mute controls. This rumbling bass adds character to the surround sound bringing life to whispered commands and rash explosions. Highs are crisp and treble is enhanced.

Sony PlayStation Gold wireless best PS4 headsets partners seamlessly with PS4 and has the valuable trifecta of surround sound, low price and wireless connectivity. Sony’s thoughtfulness puts this headset in our PS4 headsets list.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Sony PlayStation Stereo Gold Wireless Headset

2. Sentey GS-4730 Virtual 7.1 USB DAC Gaming Headset Arches with Vibration

Best PS4 HeadsetsSentey is something of a pioneer in creating affordable gaming headsets. GS-4730 is one of its PlayStation headset line-up. This headset is a veritable haul of little features that make a great product. GS-4730 is big bang for bucks .

Virtual 7.1 surround sound pops out at you from the specs of GS-4730 PlayStation headset. This digitally simulated sounds were pronounced loud and clear by this headset. Bass has a tight influence without being too strong. But if you like a kick, you can switch on the Vibration function, it will send shivers down your body and make you re-evaluate your mortality. Design-wise Sentey chose suspending headband for a stable build. Two spring loaded cables run across the top of this PS4 headset. It rests on your head with a pliable headband. Over-ear noise isolating earcups have LED lighted graphics on the back for a gamer-alert. Memory foam padding on the earcups ensures prolonged comfort over hours of GTA or Resident Evil. Mic is suspended from a rotating boom. Its mute status is conveyed by a bright red LED glowing at the end near your mouth. This is very helpful in case you want to look down and check the mic status. This PlayStation headset’s weapon-grade braided cable with in-line controls ends at a gold-plated USB connector. Inline panel has volume wheel, mute and vibration buttons. It is compatible with Windows and Mac PCs as well.

Sentey GS-4730 gaming headset declares its arrival in the PlayStation world with racy looks and powerful audio. With all the knacks for being one of the best PS4 headsets, we wonder how Sentey managed it at such a low cost.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Sentey GS-4730 Virtual 7.1 USB DAC Gaming Headset Arches with Vibration

3. Turtle Beach – Ear Force Recon 50P Stereo Gaming Playstation Headset

Best PS4 HeadsetsTurtle Beach plays the PlayStation field well with some cool ammo for gaming. Adding to the cost-effective group is their Ear Force Recon 50P which supports both Xbox and PS4. Keeping this in mind, Recon 50P can be judged to have good quality sound, comfortable architecture and enough convenience features to earn its fame.

Recon 50P PlayStation headset is modeled out of light plastic and black/blue color combination. The slight frame can be extended 1 inch on each side. Plush leather padding lines the earcups lifting the stress away from clamping. Earcups can be folded flat to be worn around the neck when not in use. Left earcup supports the flexible boom to which mic is attached. Mic captures clear audio which translates to enunciated commands over your player network.  It can be detached when you need the headset only for audio like for use with PC, tablet, smartphones etc.  Cables extend from both earcups and merge below the neck into an inline control. This panel has a volume wheel and mic mute slider. Chat and game volumes are controlled via this single wheel. This PlayStation headset’s cable ends in a 3.5 mm jack. Sonic quality meets the level that we expect at this price. It plays decently with devices other than PS4 as well. Bass is not overwhelming and highs behave well. Noise isolation is handled passively by the over-ear earcups.

Turtle Beach Recon 50P PS4 headset delivers decent features and lightweight comfort of wearing.It will make it through the repeated abuse of Star Wars Battlefront marathon. For just being cool like that we accord Recon 50P a place in our best PS4 headsets list.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Turtle Beach – Ear Force Recon 50P Stereo Gaming Playstation Headset

4. SADES 810S Gaming PS4 Headset

Best PS4 HeadsetsSades believes in aggressive curves to match its bad-boy logo. 801S starts impressing you with its ferocious stance long before you stare uncomprehendingly at its price. This PlayStation headset is a bargain that you should not miss. This black beauty with a hint of blue accents covers all essential parameters expected of the best PS4 headsets.

The cable of 801S PlayStation headset has two 3.5mm jacks for audio/mic that are compatible with PCs and laptops. To pair it with PS4 it is sold with a 2-to-1 converting cable ending in single 3.5mm jack for the PS4 controller. With this, it can also connect to smartphones, mp3 players, the whole shebang. Wide headband rests atop your head with protein padding to shield against pressure. Earcups are also lined with this pro-skin material in generous amounts. These earcups swivel a little on their pivot to adjust to your head shape. This PS4 headset mounts a rotatable mic boom. The omnidirectional microphone records clear audio that is legible over YouTube videos. It runs DSP to reduce noise and elevate voice. No muffling mars its quality. Cable extends from the left earcup to run into an inline control with volume jog and mic muting slider button.  810S is not partial to any particular sound. It balances bass, treble and vocals equally well.

Sades 801S gaming PS4 headset will exhaust a treasure vault of value for the money you pay. Built for the sins of long hours of Haloand what not,this stereo headset will serve you with both PS4 and Xbox One.

Latest customer reviews and prices of SADES 810S Gaming PS4 Headset

5. SADES SA921 Lightweight Over-Ear Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4 and Xbox

Best PS4 HeadsetsSades goes headset-next-door with SA921 PlayStation headset. Done up in Black/Orange, even the logo is toned to go with this image. Apart from the make-under, Sades SA921 loses none of its charm, be it the price or stellar specs. It devotes itself to gaming use with adapter for Xbox 360 connection. At the same time it, also accommodates PC, tablets, smartphones etc. Given the consistently admirable performance, can you fault us for Sades’ repeat entry in the best PS4 headsets list?

Sades retains the suspension headband design from its other headphones. This allows the headgear to adapt to your head and perch without dealing a dull throb to it. Ear pieces are huge circum-aural type that covers the ears and provides premium isolation from noise. Audio remains roomy despite closed back. Sades 921 does not sound like someone locked the battle in a distant warehouse. Rather, the stereo sound is loud and clear with spatial separation. You will almost forget surround sound with these cans. Audio signature of this PlayStation headset carries prominent bass. Treble and mids are enhanced to match. Chat is captured by a Silicon microphone in that will school you in using a normal voice over shouting.  The boom it mounts on is flexible but stays out of the way of incoming food.Inline panel of the cable has volume and mic mute options. Cable ends in a 3.5mm jack. This PS4 headset comes with a 3.5mm 1-to-2 converter for PCs.

Latest customer reviews and prices of SADES SA921 Lightweight Over-Ear Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4 and Xbox

6. Sades SA710 Professional USB 7.1 Surround Encoding Audio Noise Cancelling Pc Gaming Headset

Best PS4 HeadsetsSades again. There’s no keeping this name from dominating the gaming peripheral market. Sades delivers an awesome headset, yet again, with SA710. It packs some flash for people who want to show off their World of Warcraft skills. Blue LEDs light up the arrival of this PlayStation headset in value for money market.

SA710 is fashioned out of springy but durable plastic. The same suspension design of headband incorporates two spring loaded wires on top with a pliable cranial headrest with padding. Earcups are diamond shaped and are lavishly lined with soft earpads. These earpieces have carvings to house brilliant blue LED lights that make this PlayStation headset look like an outer space gadget. Audio quality is substantiated by 7.1 surround sound. We were incredulous, but even at this price, it is genuine. We gathered this from the crashes and booms the set off all around as we played COD. Sound quality is further augmented by an anti-interference magnetic ring on the cable. Cable is a braided variety knit in black and white and extends into a USB jack. Both inline control for volume/mute and this jack are built large for tactile advantage. Mic is standard and sounds clear in its output.

With SA710 PlayStation headset, Sades lands a firm footing in our priority list of best PS4 headsets list. To top the cake with a cherry, they have debuted a pink version of this.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Sades SA710 Professional USB 7.1 Surround Encoding Audio Noise Cancelling Pc Gaming Headset

7. KingTop Computer Gaming Headset for PS4

Best PS4 HeadsetsKingTop K11 PS4 headset gains an entry into our best PS4 headsets list with some connection to Sades. It has a similar design as the SA921. This headset masters looks and sound quality good enough to lure out the gamers to buy it. Durability beats the price tag.

The sound detailing of the KingTop headset does justice to its claim of stereo sound. Boosted bass add body to its high clarity sound through the thunderous explosions of games. It features large earcups with leathery goodness of padding. The headband is also soft and leathered and supported by two spring loaded cables. It is flexible for user’s maximum comfort.This PlayStation headset is comfortable and lightweight. It features a rotating mic that picks up your voice clear as a sunny day. It can be brought closer to your mouth if you wish. A braided cable descends from the left earcup and encounters an inline control for volume and mic mute. Volume dial has 12 levels numbered for the ease of deciding the volume setting. Cable has a 3.5mm jack, You would need an adapter to connect it to Xbox which has to be bought separately. The headset will connect directly to PS4, phones, Ipads etc.A 3.5mm splitter cable is included to connect it to PC and laptops.KingTop PlayStation gaming headset has invested a lot of efforts into the overall architecture and quality.

Latest customer reviews and prices of KingTop Computer Gaming Headset for PS4

8. TRITTON Kunai Stereo Headset for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and Mobile Devices

Best PS4 HeadsetsTritton seems to have focused on the finer points of PlayStation experience to develop the Kunai. This headset wraps affordability and versatility into a package that can work with PS4, PS3, PS Vita, cellphones tablets etc. It is available in black, white and red colors with removable speaker plates that can be swapped or customized.

Compared to other best PS4 headsets, Kunai is positively petite. Earpieces are slightly smaller but no less padded. A headband declaring the brand name is cushioned with plush leather. It can be extended 1.25 inches on either side for a larger size noggin. Earcups are rectangular and over-ear type.  This headset sports a mic with bendy boom which is lodged into the left earcup. It can be detached when not in use. 14 feet cable terminates into a 3.5 mm jack. The inline control is quite interesting with separate wheels for game and chat volumes. This is especially useful when you want to block out voices and concentrate on the game audio at your momentous milestones. The inline panel has a breakaway cable which suits connectivity to PS Vita. Kunai PlayStation headset is a plug-and-play peripheral with no fussy setup process.  Audio quality is not the best in the league. But if you don’t want strong bass, this PS4 headset will work well for you.

Tritton Kunai Stereo headset has the build and facilities to make it to our PS4 headsets list. Sound quality can do better to match these two traits.

Latest customer reviews and prices of TRITTON Kunai Stereo Headset for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and Mobile Devices

9. KOTION EACH G9000 3.5mm LED Light Gaming Headset for PlayStation 4

Best PS4 HeadsetsThe brand came out of the blue with a kicker stereo PlayStation headset. They are thorough with their design of G9000. At a meagre price they have done all they can to create a stereo gaming headset that gives you neo-surround sound experience. Like kids, we are drawn to this headset’s flashing LEDs and fancy looks.

G9000 PS4 headset is a lightweight structure mostly done up in plastic. Earcups use pleather material to gently cradle your head in comfort. The circum-aural design isolates you against ambient noises. Earpieces are meaty and flaunt LED lights to bring out the gaming aspect. The headband is all cushioned opulence in colored highlights. A chrome band adorns both arms of the headset for purely ornamental purposes. The retractable mic is attached to the left earcup. This PlayStation headset has a braided cable that approaches an inline panel with rotary volume control and mic mute button. The cable terminates in dual jacks: one a 3.5 mm jack and another, a USB jack. The box of G9000 also contains a 1-to-2 3.5mm adapter cable to connect to PC. It lives up to its gaming headset status with some serious bass. Both incoming and outgoing audio are not tinny. Soundstage is deep with spatial separation of sounds that allows you to quickly spot enemy footsteps.

Many users were surprised as to how good Each G9000 headset for PS4 was. They found the sound quality to add to this serendipity. Which is why, it makes it to our best PS4 headsets list.

Latest customer reviews and prices of KOTION EACH G9000 3.5mm LED Light Gaming Headset for PlayStation 4

10. Blackzone Audio – X7 Pro Gaming Headset

Best PS4 HeadsetsBlackzone won many hearts not just for X7 Pro PS4 headset but also for their stellar customer service. They have scoured the customer feedbacks for complaints and resolved them quicker that it takes Turtle Beach to notice a complaint mail. Not that X7 Pro had any issues. This splendid headset carries its style and sound with oomph.

X7 Pro headset sports a very athletic look with black/green and black/red models. The matte black finish does not allow fingerprints to spatter across the build. These over-ear cans have roomy earcups that are covered in faux leather squishy padding. Cranial padding is also quite thick and comfy. The headband can be extended over highlighted wires that run behind the earcups. A noise cancelling microphone is mounted on a springy boom that travels up parallel to the headband when not needed. It is tensile and will not break when you stuff your mouth with Cheetos during the game. These best PS4 headsets come with a long audio cable with inline control for volume and mic mute button. The cable is braided for heavy duty use and ends in dual 3.5mm jacks for laptops and PC. Fortunately,X7 is shipped with a 2-to-1 3.5mm adapter cable for to be used with PS4.Bass is solid in this headset with pronounced mids. This makes the perfect combo for listening to game sounds and vocals clearly.

Blackzone has made a strategic splash in the gaming market with X7 Pro and its customer service. For now, X7 makes it to our PS4 headsets list. But given their quality, we might be able to find more Blackzone headsets to join it in the future.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Blackzone Audio – X7 Pro Gaming Headset

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