Top 10 Best Retractable Earbuds in 2019

SONY MDRE828LP - SLV1 earbudsAre your earphones and their long cable making your life a bit difficult? Disappearing into an endless abyss in your bag just when you need them? Don’t break a sweat because the top retractable headphones have finally caught up with you. Retractable earbuds are those where the cable winds into a case collapsing your earphones into a couple of eartips, a bobbin and the plug. The boxy bobbin builds the solid presence making these earbuds easy to spot among the clutter. Organizing the cable of these retractable earphones will allow you to live tangle free.

The main advantages of the top retractable headphones

• Retractable earbuds rescue from a lifetime of servitude to earphone cable. With these headphones, you will never have to lead another hunting expedition into your bag that holds all the supplies for Armageddon.
• The spool casing makes the retractable earphones easy to find. Instead of wires that could be anything, you would be searching for a small box that your grasp will recognize easily.
• Most retractable earbuds come with Bluetooth wireless headsets. Instead of dangling out of these wireless headphones, a simple retraction mechanism can swoop the earbuds in after use. Your Bluetooth headset will last longer if it’s retractable.
• Managing your cable via the retraction means unwanted cable length will not tug at bells and whistles of your gym equipment.
• You can regulate the cable length of your earphones if they are retractable. If you just want them to reach your breast pocket, retract only a certain amount and you have a neat way to handle the residual cable length.
There are many takers for the idea of the top retractable headphones. But it is still in the process of gaining traction with serious manufacturers. That’s why we have done extensive research to compile a list of the best retractable earbuds available.

There are two main types of the top retractable, and our guide covers off both

  1. Bluetooth neckbands with retractable earbuds
  2. Stand-alone retractable earbud

The top 5 best Bluetooth neckbands with retractable earbuds In 2019 – Chart

 1. LBell Bluetooth Wireless headphones Wireless V4.1 : Foldable and retractable neckband$$4.0 
 2. LG Tone Infinim HBS-900 Wireless Stereo retractable Headset$$ 4.0
 3. LG Electronics Tone Ultra HBS-810 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset$$ 4.0
 4. NOA Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Stereo Headphones$$3.8 
 5. Dylan Bluetooth Headphone Wireless Neckband Design$$3.7 

1. LBell Bluetooth Wireless headphones Wireless V4.1 : Foldable and retractable neckband

Retractable EarbudsAvailable online, these wireless Bluetooth headphones caught our attention for their great value on price. Two arms of the LBell wireless headphones collapse inwards into a compact arch for enhanced portability. They are convenient and the Bluetooth functionality shines through a smooth service.

These, being headphones with retractable cord, have a button on one arm that swiftly retracts the cord. Cords terminate at in-ear type earphones. Sufficient length is provided to retractable cable on both arms for any size of head. Pairing with phones, game consoles and other devices is a breeze. It connects easily with any phone that has Bluetooth capability. User manual of these top retractable headphones lists the simple steps to hook it up. An LED lights up when it finds compatible digital equipment. Bluetooth signal remains strong till 10m distance from phones.Calls from phone will be promptly received on these wireless headphones. You will be alerted by vibration when you get a call or text. For calls, it reads out the calling number. Call clarity on LBell retracting headphones is amazing. Mic also works flawlessly. Caller will hear you clear as a whistle.Noise reduction technology brings out the details of audio clearly even in a crowded place like gym. Battery life is much applauded. It lasts through 18 hours of calls or 16 hours of music play on one 3-hour charge. The retractable earbuds are water-resistant, though not waterproof. Build is reliable for regular use. They come with USB cable for charging and spare earbuds.These wireless headphones rest agreeable on your head or neck, whichever way you prefer to wear it.

At $36, LBell Bluetooth wireless foldable retracting headphones pack good value for money. They make real headway into our top retractable earbuds list.

Latest customer reviews and prices of LBell Bluetooth Wireless headphones Wireless V4.1: Foldable and retractable neckband

2. LG Tone Infinim HBS-900 Wireless Stereo retractable Headset

Retractable EarbudsLG Infinim HBS-900 is one slick candidate with hi-end metallic finish and ergonomic design. Retractable earbuds complete the package of these wireless headphones. Coupled with the Harman Kardon Signature Sound enhancement Infinim HBS-900 retracting headphones are invincible. They make up for the price shoot from Tone Ultra and Pro with excellent audio quality.

The neckband design of Infinim is lightweight and can stay hidden within a shirt collar with only retractable buds popping out. Earbuds also stay together magnetically. Infinim retracting headphones use AptX compatibility to stream exceptional audio quality through Bluetooth. Audio, both incoming and outgoing, is crystal clear which clears Infinim for light gym use. The headset has buttons for playing music, taking calls, controlling volume, for retracting the cord and skipping tracks forward or backward. Play/pause button also allows you to switch between Normal, Bass Boost and Treble Boost modes. In all modes, bass has a punch without disturbing the balance of the tone. Bass boost mode sees some rumbling tones but mids and highs are clear. Treble Boost mode is rich, warm and considerably differentfrom other two modes.Normal mode in Infinim top retractable headphones are mid-forward and vocals and guitars dominate. Bass boost will work for all your classical music needs. Vibration feature alerts you, not just for calls, but also for battery down or if the Bluetooth is about to disconnect. This is an important alert because sometimes you may stray too far from your phone, sabotaging your Bluetooth leash without realizing it. Standby battery life is 23 days whereas it has 14-17 hours talk time or music play per charge. Texts can be read out via these headphones from your Android phones.

Retractable earbuds earn Infinim brownie points over already famed Tone Ultra and Pro Bluetooth headsets. That’s why it takes a spot in the best retractable headphones list.

Latest customer reviews and prices of LG Tone Infinim HBS-900 Wireless Stereo retractable Headset

3. LG Electronics Tone Ultra HBS-810 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset

Retractable EarbudsTone ultra HBS-801 wireless headsets chased down on the heels of Tone Ultra 800 with customer feedback and market opinion. Whatever Ultra 800 lacked was immediately remedied through the Ultra 810 retracting headphones.

Audio experience is subtly managed via collaboration with JBL. Bass is boosted with prominence to mids for a warm sound signature. Treble does not sparkle but isn’t crass either. For best bass performance, wear the eartips size that would give you maximum isolation. JBL delivers a crisper sound output than Harman Kardon although made by the same firm. So the choice between Infinim 900 and Ultra 810 retractable earphones is up to your taste. Three equalizer modes are also available in the Ultra 810. These headphones have a lighter, more flexible design as compared to Infinim 900. They are curved for an ergonomic experience. Button placement has been thoughtfully done to avoid accidental presses. Appearance of Tone Ultra 810 wireless headphones is low profile compared to its cousins like Ultra800. There is no gaudy LED to attract attention which makes it perfect for professional use. Retractable earbuds are operated by a button and come with 3 sizes of eartips. Pairing with devices is effortless. Battery lasts through 15 hours of rigorous use.

Infinim Bluetooth retractable headsets and Tone Ultra 810 retracting headphones compete on close quarters. Only personal preferences distinguish one from the other. Given the same premium quality rendition as Infinim, Ultra 810 also calls for a position in the top retractable headphones list.

Latest customer reviews and prices of LG Electronics Tone Ultra HBS-810 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset

4. NOA Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Stereo Headphones with foldable neckband and Retractable Earbuds

Retractable EarbudsNOA Bluetooth headphones with retracting earbuds are marketed by Mosche online in three attractive colors, white, black and pink. These headphones offer the obvious advantage of tangle free cables with earbuds that reel back into the headsets. Priced at $36 they rival some big names like LG and Sony.

NOA retracting cans connect instantly to Bluetooth enabled devices and without much human intervention. Calls can be received, answered, ended, rejected and forwarded with these headphones. Call dialing is subject to some processes which are clearly explained in the manual. A dexterous button handles all these actions. The Bluetooth headsets are not cluttered by unnecessary controls. Voice dialing and texting are enabled on an unlocked phone. Volume buttons allow you to equalize the audio output. Battery indication is received upon switching on these top retractable headphones. Battery works non-stop for over 15 hours on single charge. Bluetooth connection is undemanding up t0 20m. Upon crossing this threshold, you receive a voice prompt to alert you of the travesty.

These wireless headphones can be connected to two devices simultaneously. Foldable and durable structure means you can stuff them into your pocket for a little while. Sound quality is a revelation in these Bluetooth headsets. Bass has the veritable punch over a clean and clear frequency response. Sound is louder than its peers in the same cost coordinate. Noise reduction technology provides isolation from ambient noise. NOA retracting headsets are cool for use in crowded places like truck cabins and streets.

NOA headsets fight the odds against Big Daddy players for a shot at the best retracting headphones list.

Latest customer reviews and prices of NOA Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Stereo Headphones with foldable neckband and Retractable Earbuds

5. Dylan Bluetooth Headphone Wireless Neckband Design with Retractable Earbud for iPhone, Android, Other Bluetooth Enabled Devices

Retractable EarbudsDylan Bluetooth headphones are all over the best retractable headphones lists on the internet. So how could we give it a miss? Convenience of foldable headphones with retractable earbuds has been a welcome approach in headphone market lately. With a classy design, these cans are Dylan’s labor of love in Bluetooth arena.

Neckband of Dylan wireless headphones is lined by a black or white rubber finish for easy handling. Both arms of this neckband collapse inward and reduce the headset footprint by 50 percent. They can be tucked away in small laptop pocket without inviting damage. Cords to the earbuds are sturdy. They can be pulled out in one quick motion and retracted via a button on the neckband. Together these features cut out a durable and portable design for everyday use. Syncing to other devices is child’s play. As soon it switches on, it is connection-ready. You simply need to spot these top retractable headphones on your phone and connect. Buttons are located on either arm for calls, music, volume control, skipping tracks and powering on. You are alerted of incoming calls by vibration. Bluetooth facility is strong with solid presence in the specified range. Standby time extends to 300 hours, music play to 16 hours and talk time to 18 hours on a 3.5 charge. Bass has a great kick in the sound quality of Dylan Bluetooth wireless headphones. It is bassy enough for bassheads. Sound is clear and articulate over calls. Person on the other end can hear the conversation clearly. Audio-wise it defies its price.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Dylan Bluetooth Headphone Wireless Neckband Design with Retractable Earbud

The top 5 best Stand-alone retractable earbuds

 1. Sony MDR-Q68LW Clip-on Stereo Headphones with Double Retractable Cord $29.804.8 
 2. Sony MDR-Q38LW Clip-on Stereo Headphones with Retractable cable $22.104.5 
 3. ReTrak Retractable Earbuds $14.334.0 
 4. ZZDeals In-Ear Headphone with retractable earbud casing $4.993.9 
5. Avantree Beetle Retractable Earbuds Clip-On Stereo Headphone with Microphone $69.99 3.8

1 . Sony MDR-Q68LWClip-on Stereo Headphones with Double Retractable Cord

Retractable EarbudsBelieve it or not, Sony has tested the retractable earbuds waters. They chose to add retraction mechanism to their clip-on headphones Q68LW. Clip-ons are gentler and less taxing to our ears than in-ear earbuds or bulky headphones. Plus they stay firmly on the ear. Add retraction to that equation and we have the maverick Q68LW retracting headphones.

Retraction mechanism works on the main cable that connects to the plug and on the cord between the two earcups. Hence the double retractable cord. Cable reels into the spring loaded casing of earpads. Consequently, the earpads may seem a little bulky to you but they do not weigh much. They sit comfortably without oppressing your ears. Swiveling earclips move outwards from earpads to make them easier to slide on to ears. Earclips distribute the overall weight of these Q38LW clip-on retracting headphones. Earcups are durably built. When earclips are swiveled out and fixed over ears, the retracting arrangement is disabled so that the cords do not accidentally get spooled while you are wearing these headphones. Cable ends in a straight 3.5mm jack. This plug is coated well and ready for some mishaps. The unusual design of these top retractable headphones is conducive to comfort. There’s no poking or pinching to gnaw away at your listening experience. Sound quality is high and clear. Mids are crisp and treble is emphasized. Sound reproduction leans towards accurate than warm.

For Sony’s pains, Q68LW retracting headphones deserve an entry in the best retracting earphones list. It is a meticulously administered design and maintains Sony’s sterling reputation.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Sony MDR-Q68LW Clip-on Stereo Headphones with Double Retractable Cord

2. Sony MDR-Q38LW Clip-on Stereo Headphones with Retractable cable

Retractable EarbudsQ38LW retracting headphones were released along with Q68LW by Sony. The difference lies in the amount of retraction possible. Q38LW retracting headphones only retract the main cable but not the cord between the two earcups. Advantage is that Q38LW is much lighter, both in terms of weight and cost.

Clocking a sub $25 price-tag online Q38LW clip-on headphones are available in 6 colors. 30mm Neodymium drivers produce high quality sound reproduction. Sony is known for working a rich and distinctly warm sound signature into their products. But they have strayed from this benchmark in Q68LW retracting headphones. These headphones see a flatter response leading to an exact reproduction of sound. Accuracy is supported by sheer clarity across the spectrum. They have a tight bass that extends to the lower regions very well. Mids are crisp. Highs spike in response but without causing any distortion or harshness. Treble is highly emphasized and there may be mild sibilance owing to that. But some folks enjoy the forward treble. Q38LW top retractable headphones can be equalized for a more full-sounding output. Clip-on architecture is maintained in these headphones as well. Earcups are efficiently padded for good support. Earclips rotate out for better fit. These clip-ons will be retained on your ear during moderate physical activity.

Q38LW has its own perks over Q68LW. Coming from Sony’s mettle indicates the great audio quality. That is the reason Q38LW accompanies Q68LW in our best retracting headphones list.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Sony MDR-Q38LW Clip-on Stereo Headphones with Retractable cable

3. ReTrak Retractable Earbuds

Retractable EarbudsReTrak retractable earbuds make quite the fashion choice. Available in 17 color combinations over 3 variants, these earphones offers the most color variety in the best retractable earbuds category. And we are talking some dashing color combos like Neon Blue/Yellow, Neon Pink/Purple, Hot red etc. At $7 a pop, you can buy as many of these as you want!

ReTrak retractable earbuds are resourceful in their three designs. First design with in-line mic sports a microphone along with the retracting mechanism with regular in-ear eartips. Second, Sports retractable earbud design has in-ear earbuds mounted with earhooks for better fitment. Earhooks go behind your ears and help the earbuds stay fixed during workout and running or jogging. Third are the Stereo retracting earbuds that have hi fidelity stereo sound output. These are available in both normal earbud and sport earbud with earhook design. ReTrak is nothing if not versatile. Build quality of these retracting earbuds is very sturdy. They respond better to daily use than some more expensive earphones. They are fit to be carried around in backpack, purse etc. That being said, daily exploitation will eventually get to these top retractable headphones in 6 months to 1 year. A spring loaded reel controls the retracting mechanism reducing the earphones to just a pair of earbuds, reel and plug. Cable is 36 inches long when extended.

Audio quality of ReTrak lives up to the expectations from this piece. It’s not great but affordable enough to make you forget the negatives.

Latest customer reviews and prices of ReTrak Retractable Earbuds

4. ZZDeals In-Ear Headphone with retractable earbud casing

Retractable EarbudsA retractable earbud in sub $5 price range! Now that’s hard to come by even on your best days. But ZZDeals offers these budget-oriented retractable earbuds that you can put to regular use. At their price, these retractable earbuds can be your spare set.

These earbuds come in pure white color. They sport in-ear design of eartips. Such earbuds are useful for people who prefer lightweight earphones that stay put with mild physical activity. Earbud designs that don’t have an ear guide tend to slip out often. The cable goes into a spool at the center. People who are tired of upturning their bags and fishing out tangled earphones from them will find solace in the retractable design. The whole cable, except the earbuds and jack, disappear into the circular spool leaving very little hardware around to deal with.Retraction happens at the touch of a button and not manually. Cable terminates in a straight 3.5mm jack that can connect with your usual devices like Android and Iphone, Ipads et al. The retractable cable is 38 inches long in its full length. Sound quality is much better than what you would expect in $15 earphone. ZZDeals retractable earphones play music clearly. For an audiophile subtle problems might be discernible. But for students just looking to listen to their favorite band or catch up on an audiobook, these top retractable headphones do their job commendably.

Not much information is available on the manufacturer of ZZdeals retractable earbuds except that they are made in China. Even with the uncertain origins, these earphones have impressed us enough to get into our best retractable earbud list.

Latest customer reviews and prices of ZZDeals In-Ear Headphone with retractable earbud casing

5. Avantree Beetle Retractable Earbuds Clip-On Stereo Headphone with Microphone

Avantree takes a step further than anybody else in the sparsely held retractable earbud market. Which is why, it Avantree Beetle Retractable Earbuds Clip-On Stereo Headphone with Microphonemakes to the top retractable headphones list. Fitting a good in-line mic hasn’t happened, as of yet, with any of the models we studied. Avantree has accomplished this in a handy but swanky pair of earphones. Durability is not its strong suit but it’s worth a look.

Avantree retractable earbuds are high fidelity stereo headphones that exhibit above average sound quality. An active noise isolation feature blocks out the ambient noise from reaching your ears. Retracted cable goes into a boxy spool that has a clip. You can position the clip to attach to your clothes and it will bear the weight of the spool case. This way the spool box will not tug your earphones down. This is a nifty detail that has been overlooked in other retractable earbuds. Cable is 46 inches long when fully extended. It terminates in a straight jack that ends in 3.5mm plug that can accommodate iPhones, Android phones and other smartphones. There is a mic control unit on the cable of these retractable earphones. Volume control is only possible through the connected device. Eartips of these earbuds are the in-ear kind. Box comes with spare silicone eartips. These are gamer earphones with lightweight casing of the earbuds. Avantree retractable earbuds offer bass with a punch. Treble is clear and sparkly. Even at low volumes audio output is loud. A light carry pouch accompanies these earphones. Avantree also offers a 12 month warranty for them.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Avantree Beetle Retractable Earbuds Clip-On Stereo Headphone with Microphone

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