Top-rated Koss Headphones In 2019

KOSS Corporation is a well-known audio electronics company headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was founded in 1953 by John Koss. He started with a television rental company, but soon began to look for other ideas. He partnered with Lange to create the company’s first headphone in 1958. Since then, the company had produced a range of headphone models that combine practicality with excellent sound quality. What makes Koss stand out from other brands is the design of all its headphone models, which is quite distinctive and most times impressive.

Below are the best Koss headphones:

Koss Pro-4AA Studio Quality Headphones

Koss Pro-4AA Studio Quality Headphones is one of the few headphones that have a retro look because they were introduced way back in 1970. This model was one of the first few headphones released by Koss, and it continues to exist even today, after almost forty years due to its popular fan following.

As with the trend back then, these headphones are rugged and last forever. Though they are not lightweight like some of the more modern models, they nevertheless will give the newer models a run for their money in terms of sturdiness and build. Due to this strong build, it weighs at 19 pounds, almost double that of the headphones made today.

The design is retro with black padding and tanned exteriors. The original ear padding ere filled with liquid that were prone to leaks, so Koss replaced it with thick and comfortable ear pads. This change was the only one made through its 40-year history. Due to this new addition, these headphones provide a greater degree of noise isolation passively. There is obviously no active noise cancellation technology because it did not exist back then.

These Koss headphones come with a ten-foot long cable that is coiled and is not detachable from headphones. The heavy weight of these headphones coupled with this coil design make it more suited for home use, and is not practical for outdoor use.

Koss Pro-4AA Studio Quality Headphones have good resolution and sound dynamics. Bass is powerful and treble is also reasonably good. The different notes have a good balance, and all of it have high levels of detail and clarity. Both vocals and instrumentals sound great on these headphones.

In short, Koss Pro-4AA Studio Quality Headphones allow users to be a part of history and gives them a piece of ruggedness and ingenuity that brought the headphone market to its current state.

Koss ProDJ200 Studio Headphones

DJ headphones are making a comeback due to growing party culture and the availability of good quality software for creating and mixing music on mobile devices. To get a share of this pie, Koss also entered the DJ headphone market with its Koss ProDJ200 Studio Headphones.

These headphones have a neat finish with its metallic ear cups and heavy padding. Though these headphones are made of regular plastic, the thick padding gives it a stylish look. The inner side of the ear cups are lined with a leatherette material, and the outer side ha thick foam to make it comfortable for users to wear for sometime. The padding on head band is also comfortable, and does not poke the skull after a few hours of listening.

Along with the headphones, users get an 8-foot coiled cord that come with no inline remote or microphone. This lack of inline remote is understandable because these Koss headphones are meant for DJs, though it is present in the next model of the same series.

In terms of sonic performance, Koss ProDJ200 Studio Headphones have the low-end detail and vibrancy that will pump up the spirit of any DJ. The deep and intense bass coupled with the balanced treble make it ideal for mixing or creating music in hip-hop, electronica and jazz genre. The vocals and instruments also get a boost with these headphones. Sounds are airy though it has a closed-back design and the overall balance between different notes is excellent.

In short, these DJ headphones are one of the lowest-priced ones as they retail for around $60. Despite this local cost, sound quality and build are excellent, making it one of the few DJ headphones that are a great value for money.

Koss ProDJ100 Studio Headphones

Koss ProDJ100 Studio Headphones are another well-built and good sounding headphones that are priced at around $80 to make it affordable for many people who wish to own a DJ style headphone.

The underlying material used for making these headphones is metal, so they are strong and sturdy. The inner headband and the ear cups also feel sturdy as all these areas are made of metal too, which is relatively rare at a time when most headphone manufacturers turn to plastic for flexibility and less weight. Despite this use of metal, these headphones do not feel heavy as Koss designed it to be portable. The bet part is the company is willing to back the sturdiness of these headphones with lifetime warranty, and they offer to replace it if something goes wrong.

In terms of comfort too, these headphones are good as the heavy padding on the head band and ear cups make it comfortable for users. A salient aspect is that the clamping force of these headphones is low, so users do not feel much pressure while wearing them. The downside of this low clamping force is it tends to be a little unstable when users are on the move.

Noise isolation is decent, due to the use of metal and heavy padding. These headphones do leak some amount of noise, and this could be bothersome for co-passengers on public transport.

As for the sound performance, these Koss headphones are superb. They have a well-balanced and linear bass that sound great to the ears without overpowering other notes. In this sense, these headphones are not just for sound-intense genres like hip-hop, but also suit well for classics. In fact, the mid range notes are completely free of bass, so they sound natural and neutral. Some notes even sound warm and soothing – something that is rare for a DJ style headphone.

Vocals, in particular, are crisp and carry good amount of texture to make it sound exceptional. The treble is also slightly smooth, and does not distort even when the volumes are maxed out. Overall, the dynamic range and sonic signature is exemplary for a pair of headphones that cost only $80.

Koss QZ-99 Noise Reduction Stereophone

To listen to excellent noise without the external sound, Koss QZ-99 Noise Reduction Stereophones are the right choice. These headphones are also affordable as they are priced at under $40 to give an excellent listening experience to users.

One of the most salient aspect of these headphones is their ability to effectively block outside noise. Such a feature gives an opportunity for users to dwell on the softer aspects of a track without being bothered by outside noise. Also, these headphones give users the choice to listen to different parts of a song in one ear cup or both. Users can switch this option between songs or between different parts of the same song. Moreover, users can adjust the volume on both the ear cups if they want to. Though this option will not be used all the time, it will come handy when more two people are sharing the headphone. It is also a good choice for those who work with sound systems, and want to hear each track at a different volume.

The design is a little different too when compared to other models that retail in the same price range. The ear cups are chunky and are attached to the headband by a thick piece of silver metal. The padding on the head band and ear cup are ample to make it comfortable for long periods of time without any fatigue. A cable that comes with these headphones are coiled and are attached to the right ear cup. These cables are thick and tangle-free, thereby making it convenient for users. One downside with these headphones is the cable does not come with an inline remote and microphone, so it cannot be used for audio calls.

Sound quality is fantastic on these headphones, as there is a marked difference between the highs and lows. These differences are more enjoyable in tracks that have a wide range of sounds and pitches. At the same time, there is a seamless blend of mid range notes and bass too, without any note standing out.

In short, these headphones are affordable and are a great value for money.

Koss Porta Pro KTC Ultimate Portable

Koss is mostly associated with making conventional looking headphones, though sometimes it comes up with trendier designs too. Koss Porta Pro KTC Ultimate Portable headphones is one such trendy design that scores well on the sound front too.

In terms of design, these Koss headphones are perfect street wear as it is both trendy and comfortable for outdoor use. The head band is steel while the ear cups are also steely with soft war pads. The ear cups are shaped like the number ‘5’, where the round portion of ‘5’ forms the ear cups. As a result, there is a rod that stays over the ears to give additional stability to users. Though the headphones sit on the ears, they do not exert pressure, and make it comfortable for users to wear. They also respond well to movements, and for all these features, weigh only a mere 67 grams.

The cable is fixed and separates into two cables, one for each ear cup. The cable that goes to the left ear cup carries the remote control and microphone that is compatible with most Apple products, and with some Android and Window devices.

These headphones have high levels of impedance, which also results in a lower output volume. Hence, these headphones sound pretty low at normal volume settings. However, at higher volumes, these headphones sound great. The crispness and detail that come with each of these headphones is remarkable, considering that it only around $130. These headphones are a mix of closed and open back design, so they sound airy and at the same time, leak sound.

The tonal balance is nice and blended to ensure that no particular aspect stands out prominently. The bass is also deep, but well controlled while the upper frequencies were also smooth. Overall, the sound quality is smooth and balanced to give a perfect listening experience, though users will have to crank up their volume levels.

The verdict – a good buy as it is affordable, looks trendy and comes with superb sound quality.

Koss UR40 Collapsible Over ear headphones

Koss has come out with yet another different-looking headphones. The Koss UR40 Collapsible Over ear headphones have specific design aspects that are not found in other Koss models, and this comes without any compromise on sound quality.

These circumaural headphones come in a combination of metallic silver and black. The outer side of the ear cups are metallic while the inner padding is black. The head band is a little bulgy, and comes with metal nets to allow better air circulation on the skull.

The areas that touch the skull are however padded to ensure that nothing pokes users while they listen to music. The closed leatherette design of these headphones provide a good degree of noise isolation, and at the same time, avoid sound leaks. As a result, they are perfect for travel on public transport. Moreover, these headphones are lightweight, thereby making them easy to carry as well.

Koss UR40 Collapsible Over ear headphones have a frequency range of 15 to 22,000 Hz, so users will not miss a single note on any track. The bass is full and intense, making it a perfect choice for bass lovers and for those who love to listen to hip-hop and electronica. Treble clarity is also good, and there is a fine balance between the different notes. Overall, a good choice for music lovers.

In short, these above products showcase the experience and expertise of Koss in making high-quality Koss headphones that combine the best of design elements and sound technology.

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