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Turbine headphones have evolved greatly over the last couple of years. It is now the ideal choice for those looking for superior sound, high quality build and great style. These are called turbine headphones because of the iconic Bluedio Turbine design. After the success of the first few models of Bluedio Turbine Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, the company’s engineers worked hard to improve succeeding models until it came out with what is now considered as one of the cheapest yet highest quality headphones in the market, the Bluedio Turbine T2s. However, the latest model doesn’t always necessarily mean that it’s the best one as much as a huge price tag doesn’t always mean high quality. We will take a look into three top-selling Bluedio Turbine Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, the H Plus, HT and the T2s, and we’ll help you find your best option.

What Makes Each Model Different

Their specifications show that all three Bluedio models are practically the same; however, it is worth mentioning that with each new model comes improvement whether in style or function. For instance, only the H Plus and the HT models indicated an FM function. Currently, only black H Plus and white HT models are offered in the market while you can easily order your choice of black, blue, red or white T2s.

Aside from those minor differences, it is good to note that only HT and T2s have the “Shooting Brake” built. Shooting Brake basically means that there are metal accents on the body of the headphones. The H Plus, on the other hand, has an all-monochrome plastic body. However, an additional function that makes up for the H Plus’ shortcoming is that it has a microSD card playback function. Note: You need to buy the microSD card separately.

The H Plus and HT Headphones are both On-Ear headphones and are very similar in design and appearance. Ear cups are foam padded for a comfortable fit and the headbands are adjustable on all three models to fit all head sizes.The “T2s which are Over-Ear headphones stands out because of its distinctive rotary function. Because the ear cup can be rotated up to 195 degrees and it is foldable, the headphones are more portable and would require less space in storage”.

Finally, you can only expect much improvement with sound quality. Being one of the most recent Bluedio models, the T2s brings you richer and stronger bass and very clear sound with its ultra-big speakers with a 2.24-inch diameter.

The Bluedio Advantage Over Price, Comfort, Style and Quality

It is common for one to find turbine headphones from various brands with such hefty price tags. Some customers would shell out hundreds of dollars only to have a mediocre sounding and looking pair of headphones on their ears. Thanks to Bluedio, the average-income customer can now own a pair of turbine headphones that looks, feels and sounds expensive.

Unlike other Bluetooth headphones that will stop the music as soon as the battery runs low, these Bluedio Turbine Wireless Bluetooth Headphones allow you to use a plug-in audio cable when the battery runs low. You may need to buy a separate audio cable for some Bluedio models though and these are usually available for cheap.

When it comes to comfort, Bluedio definitely has an advantage over many Bluetooth headphone brands. Aside from the fact that it feels great to wear, the Bluedio H Plus, HT and T2s are all ergonomically designed and features adjustable headbands so that it may fit most head sizes. Whether these on-ear H Plus and HT headphones would cover your ears completely depends on your ear size. For small to medium ears, expect most part of your ears to be covered and for larger ears, it may leave some area uncovered; however, this will not affect the listening experience and the comfort at all. If you prefer having your ears covered completely fir an even better audio experience, the over-ear feature of the T2s would be more ideal.

Among the three models, the T2s has the most impressive design in our opinion. However, style and design is purely subjective depending on the user. Aside from the fact that it looks cool, modern and hip, the rotary design of the T2s makes it a whole lot comfortable to wear. The option to choose from 4 available colours as well sure does have its advantage.

Both the H Plus and the T2s originally sells at around $100 but both are available below $50 – definitely great value for a high quality product.  If you’re someone who wants to own a convenient, stylish and good pair of headphones without breaking the bank, then these Bluedio products should be great choices.

Is There Even a Downside to These Headphones?

Of course, just like any product in the market, these Bluedio Turbine Wireless Bluetooth Headphones also has a downside. We are completely being honest with you with the above features and while those seem pretty good, you must know that if you’re a professional in music, these might not be the right headphones for you. Music producers and recording artists will probably need a pair of headphones with very high sound quality that cannot be provided by Bluedio with these models. Don’t get us wrong though. The H Plus, H2 and the T2s produce superior sound quality which is good for music enthusiasts; however, it may not be up to par with the needs of a professional that requires high precision such as a music producer.

What Do Other Customers Think About These Headphones?

We aren’t even surprised that there are thousands of reviews for all these Bluedio Turbine Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. While there are others who may have said they weren’t too satisfied with the product and say it’s just “okay”, there are more who have given high praises for these headphones.

The ability to connect to an Android or iOS device is a big deal especially for those who listen to their music when on-the-go and these customers who have continually searched for cheap yet high quality Bluetooth headphones find the above Bluedio products to be worth more than its price.

Being the most recent release among the three, a review from a “DJ Miyagi” on the Bluedio T2s perfectly sums up what most customers need to know about the product: “Battery life is phenomenal, comfort is at (its) best, sound quality is amazing (Bluetooth and corded – powered and not powered), build quality is fantastic – especially for the price that they are selling for.

Our Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a pair of standard build yet high quality and stylish On-Ear Bluetooth headphones, any of the Bluedio H Plus, HT or T2s would be great value for your money. However, if you really want to make the most practical decision money, style and function-wise, despite its lack of FM radio and microSD card features which isn’t a big deal at all for us, we would have to put our money on the Bluedio T2s. Aside from its rotary style feature, sleek and shiny finish and superior sound quality that hits all the right notes, we love how it’s foldable so that it would fit easily in a small bag or a desk drawer—all those great features for a price below $50.

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