The V-Moda V-80 is a special edition of headphones from V-Moda to suit the audiophiles interested in the HBO show ‘True Blood’. The V-80 is in some respects similar to the Crossfade LP; however, there are major dissimilarities as well. While the Crossfade LP is a pair of over the ear headphones, the V-80 is a pair of on-ear headphones. Also, in terms of color usage, the V-80 is available in a glossy black with the mesh on the underside of the headband done in red.

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The fascinating detailing in design continues with the carrying case as well which has a blood vial zipper. The carrying case which is also the exoskeleton to the headphones is made for much rough wear and the protective casing enclose all the parts to the device in Velcro straps. The headphones themselves are made for massive wear and tear. The headband in padded reasonably well and has a leather-covering.

The distance between the headband and the user’s forehead has been deliberately reduced to ensure better grip. The second feature that makes the V-so stand out is the ear cups. These ear cups, like the other models have replaceable metal shields on the outer surface. These metal shields can be replaced by custom made True Blood engraved metal shields and in other colors. They are held in place by metal appendages that move to provide for more comfortable adjustment. The headband is also foldable and points to its durability.

The cables are cloth covered and Kevlar reinforced. There are two cables included in the box: one with the in-line microphone and remote and the other without. Both cables terminate in 3.5 mm jacks, present on both the ear cups. The jack that is unused can be covered by a V- shaped tip.

The V-MODA V-80 headphones is a good example of the culmination of durability and sonic expression. The bass is retained as it is synonymous with V-Moda; but is extremely well balanced with the other ranges. The higher ranges are in fact rather impressive. The clarity is impeccable; both with respect to music and call making and taking. The 40mm dual diaphragm drivers are a piece of beautiful technology, channeling music directly into the ear of the user. Other accessories include a gold plated stereo adapter and 1/8 inches to ¼ inches jack plug. It is compatible with all kinds of audio source: iPhones, iPads, iPods, Mp3 player and the likes.

VERDICT FOR V-MODA V-80 headphones

V-MODA is well-known for producing top-notch headphones and this special edition headphones, definitely proves this. With an innovative design and the removable metal shields, it stands out in the Studio headphones category, which is dominated by simple (and for quite a few people) stylistically boring headphones. Their sound can be characterized as clear and solid, which certainly places in them, amongst the best on the market place. If you’re looking for a special edition studio headset with an impressive design, extra features and at a sensible price, then this one is for you.

<<Click here to see the price, specs and reviews of V-MODA V-80 Headphones>>
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