V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Review

V-MODA V-80 Headphones Review

Headphones are one accessory that combines fashion with functionality. V-MODA Crossfade M-80 is meant for theV-MODA Crossfade M-80 Review fashion-conscious, techno-savvy next generation. They express themselves through what they wear, carry and use. These headphones can be customized to match your mood and outfit. The one unique selling point of this headset is that no other company offers you this option.

Design & Materials

V-MODA is the favorite of fashionable audiophiles because it lets you customize your headbands, shields, and accessories. V-MODA invites you to endorse yourself through their state-of-the-art customization service. The headphones are made of flexible steel, plastic, vegan leather, and foam. There are dual coils made of graphene and titanium fitted into the transducer.

Headbands – There are three options to choose from – all black, all white, rose gold & black. This means that the color of the vegan leather would be black or white. The metal fixtures or clamps holding the earcups would be plated rose gold or powder-coated black or white.

Shields – You can choose from Color printed shields, Laser engraved shields, 3D printed shields. After you have chosen the type of shields pick the design to enhance it. To complete the visual and artistic expression get;

  • Color printed shields – This is the latest personalization technology offered by V-MODA. You can pick the colors to be printed on your shields. They are printed using the Cyan Magenta Yellow Black (CMYK) color printing. This technique allows you to layer colors on the aluminum shield, i.e., the base. You can take your pick from the design catalog created by the Milano Design studio. Or you could opt for their first-class concierge service. Through this service, you could have your design printed on your shield.
  • Laser engraved shields – bring you a clean-cut, two tones look that you can tweak for personalization. The engraving strips off the base color of the shield to reveal your design in white. This is perfect for logos and graphics where monochromes make the maximum impact. Engravings by Milano Design Studio are available to take your pickV-MODA Crossfade M-80 Review. Or you could use their concierge service to have your design on your shield.
  • 3D printed shields – can be printed in precious metals such as gold, silver, steel, and platinum. The artisans at the Milano Design Studio will expertly craft them to your satisfaction.
  • Design – You can customize the design on your shield. You can pick a design from the catalog, use a Monogram or upload your design.

Screws – These shields are fitted on to the headphones using screws. You can pick the color of the screws in matching or contrasting colors.

Accessories – V-MODA offers accessories such as over-ear cushions and VOIP-PC microphone adapter. The ear cushions are available in black and gray while the adapter is in black only.

Bespoke Headphones – V-MODA offers bespoke customization through their first-class concierge service. You can upload your design. Then you will be paired with one of their designers/artists to customize the headphones to your expectations and desire.

Fit and Comfort

V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Vocal has been master-crafted from military-grade materials that are ready for the elements. They are 53 percent smaller and lighter than other headphones. The superior quality metal and materials have been selected after 5 plus years of research and development for durability and comfort.

The headset is virtually indestructible due to the SteelFlex headband. It is covered in vegan leather and 3D breathable mesh. The cables and 45° plug are tested to strict V-MODA standards for durability. This test bent the plug and cable over 1 million times which is 100 times the industry standard.V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Review

The steel headband can withstand bending for more than 10 times. Due to the military-grade quality; these headphones can tolerate humidity, salt spray, extreme temperatures and exposure to UV rays. The earpads are made of memory foam covered with the same vegan leather on the headband.

The ergonomic design of the headphones sits naturally on your head. It does not dig into the head or pull your hair. The connector between the headband and the earcups is sturdy, durable yet flexible. The earcups are curves along the line of the head. If the headset feels a little tight – just pull it outwards a few times. The headband will extend to fit your head comfortably. The Ergosoft memory foam pads cushion your ears for excellent noise cancellation and superior comfort. Extra-Large (XL) size cushions are available for XL comfort.

The exoskeleton case is meant to store the headset when not in use. You can listen to your favorite music here, there and everywhere with “every wear”. This means these headphones are perfect for gym, office, traveling, commuting and mobile music production. Besides, you could make a collection of customized shields to match with your apparel. For example, a denim and leather print shield will go well with your checked shirt and jeans. You could match the shield on the headphones to the belt, and boots, etc.

Imagine being organized and having easy access to all your cables, flash drive and VIP tuned Faders earplug. The V-strap system makes all this possible. Hang the headphone case securely on your backpack using a carabiner. This arrangement frees your hands and space in your bag. When not in use – place the headset into the case and move on. And when you are listening to music the case is secure and keeps the other accessories close at hand.

Audio Performance

V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Vocal headphones are a Master or M-series headphones that bring you Hi-Res sound certified by the Japan Audio Society. These headphones feature a sophisticated sound signature that ensures V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Reviewexceptional detail and sound quality. These headphones have been developed from the M-100 to raise the bar of sound quality to new heights.

The patent-pending 40 mm dual-diaphragm drivers deliver outstanding sound. There is an inner and outer ring also known as the coaxial dual dynamic layout for a balanced diameter chamber. One of the diaphragms is made of titanium and the other of graphene. The advantage of two drivers that they separate the deep bass sound frequencies from the sizzling highs and crystal-clear mids. This produces the frequencies more precisely for enhanced audio without distortion.

The coaxial dual dynamic layout is an acoustic design that brings about a true balance between the size of the drivers and the chambers of the earcup to produce premium quality sound. The back to back antistrophic coil layout offsets the magnetic interference making them highly sensitive.

This arrangement also brings about a consistent sound wave propagation from the two diaphragms. Which  culminates into louder, clearer sound minus distortions. Each V-MODA headset is quality-tested for 6 frequencies. These strict quality-control tests ensure the consistent quality of each driver. Thus, these Crossfade M-80 Vocals exceed the competition by any order of magnitude.

You will hear precise sound vibrations with a clean and deep bass. There are no bloating, booming or muddy mids. The range of sound frequency is between 5 to 30000 Hertz which is ultra-wide clarity complemented by a vivid midrange. This ensures that you will hear crystal clear vocals, clear clashing cymbals, and crisp high hats. The sound is not colored in any manner. In other words, it is flat with a balanced frequency response.

The Micro VAMP AMP/DAC technology is legendary. All analog components like a tape deck do not need a DAC as they already have analog low voltage signals. But digital audio devices require DAC and headphone AMP to transmit sound. This technology has been condensed on the V-MODA headphones. That is why this 53% smaller headset packs such power.

The analog noise cancellation cuts out all the distracting sounds without the hiss and pressure of the Active Noise V-MODA Crossfade M-80 ReviewCancellation (ANC). This means you may be in the traffic or on the subway these headphones will leave you only with the music. Due to the materials used in the headphones – memory foam earpads.

The Ergosoft foam earpads block off the ambient sounds by dampening or reducing their transmission into the ears. Besides cutting out the distraction that provides superior comfort during long listening sessions. There is no battery analog mode due to which you get to hear a pure powerful sound. There is no latency, no pollution or coloring due to the artificial Equalizer (EQ). You hear only powerful clear sound without the two-extra digital to analog conversions that pollute the music. Due to the obsessive quality control, there is less than 2dB variance in sound.


V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Vocal are equal parts beauty, brain, brawn, brilliance, and bass. Made of Military-grade materials these headphones meet the MIL-STD-810 quality standards for durability. The headphones will not only tolerate rough use indoors and outdoors. They can take 60 drops from 1.5 meters on to concrete.

To prolong the life of the headphones there is an exoskeleton case. This form-fitting case helps store the accessories and the headphones when not in use. There is an exoskeleton V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Vocal -strap. It allows you to organize the cables and the 0.25-inch adaptor with some more room for the Fader earplugs and USB drive.

The carabiner clip helps secure the case to your jean’s loop or backpack. This ensures quick access to the headset when the mood strikes.

The Kevlar-reinforced cable can withstand more than a million bends. This is because of the built-in strain relief that is a hundred times more than the industry standards.

If you drop your headphones by chance do not worry. The constituent electronics and shell will withstand rough use and drops on surfaces like rock, concrete, and marble.

You wear and take off the headphones hundreds of times in their lifetime. The SteelFlex headband will retain shapeV-MODA Crossfade M-80 Review for more than 10 flat bends.

The vegan leather, plastic earcups, the aluminum shield, and foam earpads lend ruggedness to this headset. You could easily take these headphones into a military operation and they will be unscathed.  There is wind, hard water, dust, dirt, grime, heat and frigid weather. These headphones will withstand all of it and keep you cocooned in your music.

Additional Features

V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Vocal has been developed by traveling artists and musicians. This is the only headset brand that endorses you while fusing fashion with functionality.

A headset is an essential tool in a music producer or musicians’ life. These headphones deliver flawless, uncolored sound day in day out. They can be used at the studio and with mobiles and tablets.

The founder of V-MODA is a DJ and music producer. He designed the LP2 to play true sound and withstand the rigors of travel. Anticipating the needs of globe-trotting musicians and audiophiles V-MODA designed the Crossfade M-80 Vocal.

The professional pedigree of these headphones is evident in the Hex design, dual-diaphragm divers, semi-open earcup and accessories. These patent-pending Crossfade series were master-crafted by over 200 audiophiles, music editors, Grammy-winning musicians, artists, and DJs. They collaborated for years to fine-tune the features on this line.

The manufacturer used myriads of prototypes to get feedback from these masterminds to create this versatile headphone with a natural or flat sound.

The frequency response of these V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Vocal is 5 – 30,000 Hz. The sensitivity is 42dB at V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Review1kHz 1mW and the impedance is 28.5 ohms.

You can even make a call or share music. There is a SpeakEasy microphone cable that is tuned for voice recognition for voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, etc. It is also primed with sound isolation with a separate microphone and remote-control housing that is helpful in crowded places. The remote control allows you full control over the operation i.e. to switch between music and calls seamlessly.

The cable is compatible with all 3.5mm inputs on the tablets, smartphones. laptops and PCs. You can access the optional BoomPro which is a professional grade boom microphone for Skype, Voice, and gaming.

The remote control on the cable is designed for convenience. This spindle-shaped remote is ergonomically designed for ease of use. It helps control the volume and music playback. It allows you to answer or end the calls.

Included in the box are the V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Vocals, an exoskeleton case, a carabiner, Kevlar-reinforced 1-button remote plus mic cable with a 24-carat gold 3.5mm connector and a V-MODA sticker. They weigh only 200 grams.

The headphones come with the instant 6-star support code. This means as soon as you buy the headphones register yourself on the V-MODA website. This will allow you to gain access to all the facilities such as promotions, the Immortal Life program, etc.

The Immortal Program makes your upgrades easier. When your headphones come in automatic access to this program it is guaranteed this will not be your last V-MODA. To access this program, register your headphones on their website. To enter the Immortal program, select the headphone you wish to trade. Then select the headphones you want an upgrade to. Ship the old V-MODA headset with all the in-box accessories. You will receive a coupon code with a 20% rebate. Use this coupon to buy the upgrade. This way your love affair with V-MODA carries on and we become Immortals. All the headphones, accessories, cables, etc., are immediately recycled and not retained by V-MODA.V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Review


V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Vocal headset has the following features and the scores as follows;

Build quality – This headset gets a full score on design. It is the miniature of the older Crossfade LP. It is made of plastic and metal with good heft and air of solidity yet it is 53% lighter and smaller than the original. This means it can withstand a drop and will remain undamaged by this own weight. This headset has very few moving parts that are prone to breakage. There are a detachable cable and a carabiner in hardcover for protection. The case can be hung using the carabiner on your bag for easy access. The 3.5mm cable is universally compatible with all Android and iPhone devices. The Kevlar fabric offers mechanical support to the cable prolonging its life. A stereo cable could be included along with a 3-switch cable by V-MODA.

Comfort – The M-80 scores 75% due to its small size compared to a full-sized predecessor. Though it does not have an uncomfortable viselike grip. The headband should have been adjustable. The cups have no or limited range of motion, especially along the vertical axis. The metal frame is somewhat rigid thus the comfort is entirely in the soft ear pads. The soft material and memory foam padding make long hours of listening; a breeze.

Sound Isolation – The M-80 has partially vented earcups. Besides the headphones have a slightly rigid structure. Due to this the sealing or sound isolation is not complete and perfect. It is sufficient when commuting but not on the airplane or in the subway. Thus, the headset scores 75%.

Sound – Various manufacturers tune their headsets for consumer-friendly audio. Some punch up the bass while others limit the dynamic range or flatten the sound stage to create an illusion of a detailed retrieval and volume. While others create a faux 3D space. V-MODA appeals to the audiophile through their signature sound. The low V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Reviewfrequencies are emphasized without being overblown. The bass is powerful and deep with an emphasis on mild mid-bass. Though the sound loses a bit of resolution at the bottom there is body to the sound. The presentation is smooth and soft with full and controlled bass. It never sounds crowded or overshadowed. There is a slight hint of a bass bleed and mild warmth due to the full low end. The mids are smooth and quite level overall. The note presentation is soft minus much bite. The female vocals sound better, smoother and thicker on the M-80. There is an open feel to the midrange too. Though the M-80 does not do well with busy tracks it does not get congested like others. The treble is laid back and smooth. the top end isn’t noticeably recessed but lacks the energy and sparkle. The cymbals lack the shimmer and the sound isn’t as crisp. The general tone is neutral besides the resolution and detail is lower. The treble is not sufficiently relaxed for the M-80 to be called dark yet the top end extension is like the Crossfade LP. The resulting sound is mellow, non-fatiguing and very forgiving. But if you listen to low volumes some presence at the top would do good. Thus, the treble could have been better. M-80 scores in the presentation where this supra-aural headset comes across as nicely layered but not distant. The sonic space is large and well-rounded. The sound stage is well rounded and spacious as opposed to flat and congested. There are good-natured clarity and good dynamics. It is efficient and easy to drive neither does it require external amplification. Overall M-80 is excellent for neutral or natural sound required by sound engineers and professionals.

Value – The V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Vocal is an excellent portable headset. It scores 90% there as sound isolation and comfort are lacking due to the lack of flex and semi-open cup design. But it scored on few moving parts and rugged construction. The headphones are sturdy and compact. Besides you can enjoy your headphones by customizing the shields and headband. The efficient dual-diaphragm drivers are the highlight of this headset. The drivers and the remote-control cable go hand in hand with smartphone functionality. The cable has a built-in mic with sound isolation. The smooth, non-fatiguing sound is customer-friendly and retains a high degree of technical ability. Though smaller than its predecessor – the V-MODA Crossfade LP – one does not miss out on the sound quality. The M-80 portrays the sound staging and midrange frequencies just as well as the best headphones in the market.

Product Highlights

  • From the M-Class Modern Audiophile series
  • 3D soundstage
  • 40mm Dual-diaphragm Drivers
  • Passive Noise Isolation
  • Unprocessed pure sound
  • SpeakEasy Mic
  • BoomPro Compatible
  • Kevlar Reinforced Cables
  • Reveal shield kit
  • Supra-aural
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