V-MODA M-80 Crossfade Headphones Review

V-MODA M-80 Crossfade Headphones ReviewWithin a short period of time, V-Moda become synonymous with unique, innovative and premier audio products  -mainly studio quality headphones aimed at audiophiles and music professionals – that are not just build from the finest materials but are also considered ergonomic and stylish. In line with their on-ear headphones, they present 2 distinct versions from their Crossfades series– the M-80 and the V-80, which are essentially the smaller version of their first over ear headphone, the Crossfade LP. While the two versions are almost the same as one another, the V-80 model being an offering for fans of the HBO show True Blood, the M-80 is their conventional mainstream product. A product that has been getting rave reviews since it first came out.

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Sound Performance

 With the 40mm dual drivers on each side, which is considerably smaller than the Crossfade LP with 50mm drivers, they deliver a well-balanced and more natural sounding signature. The bass is rich sounding and well emphasized. There is warm balance between the bass and the treble which is an improvement over the Crossfade LP is such a way that the Crossfade LP was a little harsh on the ears with it’s overwhelming club-specific sound signature while the M-80 is more well-rounded, the treble and the midrange are not completely overwhelmed. It does not have active noise cancellation properties but it does to a certain degree deliver mild or average passive noise isolation.

Design and Build

V-MODA M-80 Crossfade Headphones ReviewTrue to the tradition of manufacturing quality military grade tested headphones, V-Moda has incorporated durability and strength and combined them with comfort and sound quality, to come up with the V-Moda M-80 On-Ear Headphones, plus it also comes in different colors to choose from.

The design is very well thought out and unique. It is of high caliber materials – metal, plastic, and fabric, that has been specifically selected and tested to bring out its full potential. They are built like a tank, can withstand stretching and contorting in various directions and still retain its shape. It has even be dropped from great heights multiple times without wear or damage. The cables are reinforced with Kevlar, braided and fabric covered to withstand kinks and tangling. It also terminates to a 45 degree angled gold plated jack. It is truly an remarkable pair of headphones.


The headband is padded and has the V-Moda logo embossed on it. It has click adjustment to mold or adjust better to any shape or size of head. It is designed to take any type of abuse and in turns of comfort level, the clamping force is not too tight. The earcups are properly labelled and coated with pleather, with a red fabric lining on the inside of the headband.

Compared to products of the same brand, the M-80 is the smaller version of the V-Moda Crossfade LP. It is even smaller than the M-100 whom they share similarity in aesthetics but less portable than the M-100 and V-Moda XS. The earcups do not fold up for easier storage and unlike the V-Moda XS, they only have one audio port so it is not possible to daisychain headphones or to share music with a friend or a seatmate.  Made of the same materials as the Crossfade LP, they have smaller earcups and headband that are designed to go on the ears instead of around them. The earcups and headband are also padded with memory foam pads that conform to the shape of the ears and head to provide cushion them and comfort while worn.

V-MODA M-80 Crossfade Headphones ReviewThe Crossfade M-80 is one sturdy pair of headphones that is comfortable to wear and structured to radiate quality, performance and style – truly one snazzy pair of headphones.

Additional Features

It comes with the following additional features: a hard, clam, zippered case – for safekeeping and for carrying around; (2) audio cables – one with a one button remote for android devices or smartphones, and the other is with a three button remote for iOS or Apple devices; the cable is detachable and the microphone is intuitively located near the mouth while the controls are separate from the mic and is situated a little lower. They also have the signature aluminum shields that can be customized or personalized which is one thing that is unique with the V-Moda products; and lastly is a 2 year warranty which gives the buyer peace of mind.


  • As with all V-Moda products, it allows the user to personalize or express themselves by customizing the shields of the headphones. This makes each V-Moda product unique and allows the user to freely express their creativity.
  • With the dual drivers on each earcup, they allow the user to experience the immense soundstage of each music genre they listen to, making the listening experience more profound.
  • Because of the memory foam, it can be worn comfortably with or without glasses.
  • With the superior materials that was used to manufacture them, it makes them sturdy and almost indestructible.
  • The well-balanced sound signature makes this headphones ideal for almost any type of music.


V-MODA M-80 Crossfade Headphones Review

  • Being fabric covered, the cable can create some sort of noise that can be transmitted or delivered to the microphone whenever it rubs against clothes.
  • Weak clamping force could cause the headphones to fall off with sudden movement or head jerks.
  • On-Ear type can cause discomfort or ear fatigue when worn for long hours.


The V-Moda M-80 tops the list in terms of sound quality and durability. It is one amazing pair of headphone that not only looks good but also sounds great. It comes highly recommended from most critics if you are looking for a great pair of headphones that works well with almost any type of music, the M-80 is the one for you.

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of V-MODA M-80 Crossfade Headphones>>

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