V-Moda Zn In-Ear Headphones – Complete Review 2022

These headphones offer customized sound quality that audiophiles from all over will appreciate. These limitedV-MODA Zn Review in 2020 edition in-ear headphones use top acoustic engineering that can keep up with your demanding requirements and an active lifestyle while ensuring that you will experience pure audio pleasure in the process. The Zn headphones have power-packed features that are meant to exceed the attributes of the previous two wired headphones that V-MODA came up with, which on their own were already award-winning choices. This product was the result of more than 2 years of research and development in the quest to achieve outstanding ergonomics along with natural noise isolation for a truly enjoyable listening experience.

Design & Size

These headphones come with a dynamic 8mm driver that produces unmatched speaker driver precision as well as extreme accuracy that makes distortion a near impossibility.

The in-ear design makes these headphones a great option if you want to enjoy audio tracks and podcasts all day long without announcing to the whole world what you are up to for hours at a time. this design also ensures that the pure sound quality is delivered directly to your ears, reducing risks of the sounds leaking out.

The headphones include ActiveFlex sport ear hooks that you can use for a comfortable fit especially for a more active experience when you need to ensure that the in-ear headphones will stay securely in place inside the ears. These ear hooks can quickly be detached so you can achieve customized comfort when you are done working out and prefer to listen to podcasts or your favorite songs without the ear hooks in place.

They come with a tangle-free cable that has a striking aesthetic which will complement the sleek look of the headphones while ensuring that it will not clash with the rest of your look for a seamless appearance.

These headphones are equipped with a high-sensitivity microphone that enables you to make and receive calls with superb clarity that you can count on regardless of where you are placing or receiving the calls from.

The Italian design and luxurious materials used make this an exceptionally elegant pair of headphones that you will be proud to use in any setting, without the embarrassment that may come from using a chunky pair of headphone for your listening pleasure.V-MODA Zn Review in 2020

Materials & Comfort

The headphones have a zinc (Zn) metal allow housing that produces balanced sound while ensuring stress-free acoustics, thanks to the patented liquid metal casting procedure that forged this remarkable housing.

They are equipped with made in Italy acoustic fillers that are positioned in between the housing and the driver to manage the airflow mechanics for unbeatable acoustics. These fillers come from a limited supply source, making the Zn headphones even more special when it comes to style and performance.

They come with a proprietary DiamondBack tangle-free cable that will make your life much easier, so you will not have to deal with the annoying tangles that can take up too much of your time when you can instead start listening to your favorite music.

These come with 4 different sizes (XS, S, M and L sizes) of bass level isolating soft silicone or BLISS to ensure that the in-ear headphones will fit in the most comfortable manner possible that will also result in a secure fit you can rely on to stay inside your ear all day long – until you remove them yourself.

Sound Performance

The headphones are equipped with a newly tuned 8mm driver that delivers a remarkably wide frequency band for almost zero distortion, allowing you to enjoy your music with incredible clarity so you can distinguish the instruments being played – and feel like you are a part of the live performance.

They use the V-PORT airflow system mechanics to unravel even the slightest nuances of the performances, so you V-MODA Zn Review in 2020can enjoy lifelike music whenever you wish to.

The BLISS soft silicone fittings work to enhance the noise isolation attributes of these headphones so the sounds from your environment are muffled, allowing you to concentrate on the audio track of your choice without the distractions that can come from external sounds.

The 3.0 fittings also enable you to fully appreciate the deep bass for a more vibrant experience, especially with fast-paced music tracks.


The tangle-free cable offers up to 20x more durability compared to other headphone cables in the market today. This means that this cable will be able to keep up with the use and abuse that you may subject the headphones to on a regular basis, so you can enjoy the product’s awesome features for years to come without worrying about premature damage.

The 24k gold plated plug is built to be bent for more than 60,000 times, which is more than 10x the industry standard. This guarantees that the cable can withstand the frequent and demanding use of the headphones for years to come.

These Zn headphones come with a 2-year warranty.

Connectivity & Compatibility

The headphones are compatible with Apple devices such as the iPhone (from 3GS to 6S Plus), iPod Touch (2nd generation and later), iPod Shuffle (3rd generation and later), iPod Nano (4th generation and later), iPod classic 120 GB, as well as the MacBook, MacBook Air, iMac, MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro (2009 and later models).

They come with a 3-button SpeakEasy remote microphone that you can use for easy connection with your Apple V-MODA Zn Review in 2020iOS device of choice so you can manage, without any hassle and inconvenience, the functions including music, answering calls, volume control recording of voice memos, commanding of Siri, and more.

Additional Features

These headphones come with a chic black carrying pouch that is made in Italy that provides you with a container where you can place the headphones safely while you are in transit to keep them protected from damage, with enhanced aesthetics that can work seamlessly with any outfit you have on at any given time.

Highlights of  V-MODA Zn 

  • Constructed with a zinc metal allow housing that provides a balanced sound and superb acoustics through the liquid metal casting method
  • Comes with a tangle-free cable that is built to withstand more than the usual heavy use for unbeatable durability you can enjoy for years to come
  • Includes detachable sport ear hooks that will keep the headphones in place during active sessions such as workouts or running
  • Built with an Italian design and luxurious materials for supreme elegance you will be proud to show off in any setting
  • Features BLISS soft silicone fittings that offer customized comfort to ensure a secure fit along with noise isolation benefits

Who are the V-MODA Zn for?

These headphones are suitable for people who want a premium feel and look to complement an incredible listening experience. They are built with luxurious, first-rate materials that guarantee reliable durability that you V-MODA Zn Review in 2020can enjoy for years to come. The headphones also sport an Italian design that you will appreciate if you wish to continue listening to your favorite music in various settings but are not too keen with wearing conspicuous headphones that attract too much attention with their bulky size. The aesthetics of these headphones can be used proudly and will not clash with your outfit so you can enjoy nonstop high-quality audio with a welcome touch of elegance.

They are ideal for those who want a durable pair of headphones that will not easily break with regular use. The DiamondBack cable is reinforced to withstand more than the usual wear and tear that a headphone cable is subjected to on a regular basis. It is also resistant to tangling so you do not need to deal with the frustrating struggle of trying to untangle knots when all you want to do is just relax with your favorite podcast.  In addition, the 24k gold is designed to stay strong and undamaged for up to 10x more than the industry standard, assuring you that accidental pulling will not result to premature damage on your headphones’ cable.

They are great options for those who want to continue listening to music while being engaging in more active activities such as running or working out. The headphones come with detachable sport ear hooks that work to keep the in-ear headphones intact inside the ear while you move around, preventing the headphones from accidentally popping out of your ears just as you are doing an intense workout session.


This is an awesome pair to have if you want headphones that provide exceptional sound accuracy in a classy package. The premium materials all work together to deliver a balanced sound so you can distinguish the nuances of the music tracks while offering an elegant aesthetic made even classier with an Italian design that you can take whenever you go without feeling embarrassed with the headphones’ appearance.

These headphones are a great choice if you prefer a durable product that you can count on for countless hours of pure audio enjoyment. The headphones are built to last for a long time without succumbing to risks of premature V-MODA Zn Review in 2020damage due to frequent and heavy use, with features such as a reinforced cable that is tangle-free and an all-liquid zinc metal construction that offers superiors strength and durability.

On the other hand, these headphones can only be used with Apple iOS devices. This means that they are not compatible and therefore, not the best choice for headphones if you have Android or Windows devices. The in-ear design may also not be an ideal choice if you are more comfortable with using over the ear headphones, or if you are not keen on inserting something into your ears – even if it is to enjoy the superb sound quality.

About the Company

V-MODA was established in 2004 in Los Angeles, with a goal to bridge the gap between the music, tech and fashion industries by producing aesthetically pleasing headphones that deliver high-quality sound while working with, instead of against, a person’s style. The award-winning producer of world-class audio devices and high-fidelity headphones merged with Roland in 2016 and resulted in enhanced resources that enabled the further promotion of product research and development. It has become the preferred brand of modern audiophiles, DJs, and well-known producers who want only the high-quality sound delivery along with innovative materials without compromising stylishness.

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