VXi BlueParrott® B250-XT+ Headset Review

Whether you noticed it or not, Bluetooth technology has changed the way you listen and communicate. At home, or while travelling, you may have tried listening to music with Bluetooth headphones in order to have the freedom of movement that wired headphones simply don’t provide. In the office, you might have used Bluetooth headsets to take hands-free calls. From entertainment to communication, nearly every product in the consumer electronics market today has Bluetooth.

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As Bluetooth devices continued to improve over time, one thing remained constant – noise. All of the wired and wireless communication devices that you use today, including headsets and microphones, get exposed to varying levels of background noise that could disrupt clear communication, or at the very least, ruin your perfectly enjoyable listening experience.

Features of VXi BlueParrott® B250-XT

So how do manufacturers combat noise? Some build their products to act like acoustic barriers, relying on the physical design to prevent ambient noises from seeping through and affecting sound quality. Others, like the BlueParrott® B250-XT+ from VXi, make use of more active approach.

Sound Quality

Being one of the more effective noise-cancelling Bluetooth headsets around, the BlueParrott® B250-XT+ is capable of blocking out up to 95% of all ambient noise. This makes them extremely useful when you need to talk to someone on the phone or two-way radio, but you find yourself in a very loud environment.

The VXi BlueParrott® B250-XT delivers clear and highly audible communication minus the background noise thanks to its Xtreme Noise Suppression™ technology. This innovative feature senses ambient noise and pushes it out with an equal but opposing sound wave, resulting in better lines of communication both ways.

Another great feature that the BlueParrott® B250-XT+ offers is wideband audio. This puts less of a strain on the batteries, while still allowing for a more natural sound. With wideband audio, you get up to more than 20 hours of talk time on the BlueParrott® B250-XT+ with a single charge.

Its bi-directional boom mic is also equipped with noise cancellation technology, which makes it easy for the person on the other end to understand every word that you’re saying. And on top of the great communication features on the BlueParrott® B250-XT+, you can also stream music from your phone or other Bluetooth enabled mobile device in crisp clarity and remarkable audio quality.

Design and Durability

The BlueParrott® B250-XT+ is a single-ear headset that works great for a variety of professions. They are used in call centers, logistics companies, and by truck drivers who need to stay in constant communication while on the road. The single ear design lends itself to providing good audio sans noise in one ear, leaving the other ear free to listen to the sounds of traffic. This makes the BlueParrott® B250-XT+ the perfect tool for communication for people who need touch base often while trying to keep up with deliveries or shipment deadlines.

The single-ear design also makes the BlueParrott® B250-XT+ extremely light and comfortable to wear. It is durable enough to stand up to constant use, but flexible enough to fit around heads of all shapes and sizes. It has a control module, which houses the volume controls and the multifunction button, attached to the earpiece. The multifunction button acts as the power button, call answer button, and device pairing button.

There is also a companion app for the VXi BlueParrott® B250-XT, called the VXi BlueParrott® App, and it is available for Android and iOS smartphones. It is a PTT, or Push-To-Talk app that turns your smartphone into a souped up walkie-talkie. The app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and from Google Play.

Value for Money

There are plenty of practical applications for single-ear headsets in business and in communication. The BlueParrott® B250-XT+ delivers communication so clear that it was chosen by professional truck drivers as the best Bluetooth headsets on the market. Retailing for less than $100, the BlueParrott® B250-XT+ is indeed the “best sound for business”.

Conclusion for VXi BlueParrott® B250-XT

With its outstanding noise cancellation, remarkable sound clarity, and extreme comfort, the BlueParrott® B250-XT+ is arguably the best Bluetooth headset for business. There are only a handful of other products on the market that can compete with VXi in terms of cost, features, and form factor.

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