VXi BlueParrott B250-XT+ Headset Review for 2022

The BlueParrott Bluetooth Headset B250-XTS is an innovative listening device engineered for life on the road. It BLUEPARROTT B250-XTS in 2020has all the essential features necessary to deliver remarkable sound quality for calls and music. It also works well even in the noisiest environments with an impressive 91% noise cancellation. Moreover, the headphone has a stable fit and durable design that can last for years.

Compared with other products in the BlueParrott range, the headset has decent features. It blocks out less noise, uses earlier Bluetooth technology, and has less talk time, standby time, and range. It also does not support NFC pairing and voice control. However, it is the most lightweight, providing you with all-day comfort.

Design & Size

The BlueParrott B250-XTS has a sturdy and durable design that can withstand life on the road. Available in black, it looks sleek and elegant. It also has an over-the-head wearing style that helps block out noise and let you hear better. The adjustable headband provides you with a customizable fit and long-lasting design.  Additionally, the Bluetooth headset is wireless, which gives you the freedom to move around.

The trucking headset is smaller and more lightweight than other products in the BlueParrott line. It measures 7 x 6.1 x 2.1 inches and weighs 2.52oz/71g. In the box, it includes a USB charging cable, foam ear cushion, quick start manual, and spare microphone windscreen. It also comes with a warranty and a warning leaflet. More impressively, it is easy to use with multi-function button controls to pair devices, manage calls, and turn on/off the device.

The B250-XTS uses a 300mAH battery that delivers up to 20 hours of talk time and 490 hours of standby time. It takes approximately 3 ½ hours to charge fully. The box includes a standard USB-A to Micro USB connector charging cable.

Materials & Comfort

Designed for all-day wear, the BlueParrott trucking headset uses TPU for breathability, high tensile strength, and aging-resistance. It features a stainless steel band durability and silicone rubber for long-lasting wear. It also comes with foam ear cups and leatherette ear cushions for comfort. Additionally, the listening device utilizes PC/ABS, PC, nylon, and POM to create a comfortable design that can last extended periods of wear.

For long-distance driving, you need a headphone that is not only hard-wearing but also comfortable. The B250-BLUEPARROTT B250-XTS in 2020XTS is suitable for extended use. It boasts an ergonomic design that makes sure the device stays comfy with hours of wear. Ultimately, you can stream music, load GPS directions, and more without worrying about aching ears.

Sound Performance

The BlueParrott headphone delivers impressive sound quality for music. It comes with a 36mm speaker with a max input power of 50mW for excellent voice reproduction and balanced frequency response. It also boasts a frequency range of 150-6800 Hz to deliver a satisfactory audio performance with minimum distortion. Moreover, the device offers a clear sound by blocking out background noise for as much as 91 percent.

The headset also ensures admirable audio quality for calls. It uses a bi-directional electret microphone with a 150-6800 Hz frequency range and -47dBV/Pa sensitivity. You may make or receive a phone call and be able to have a crystal-clear conversation with the other caller. More impressively, the device allows you to transfer audio from the headset to your smartphone while on a call.


The B250-XTS headphone has a sturdy and durable design. Built to last for years, you may enjoy the benefits and features of the earpiece with style and maximum comfort. It also uses premium materials such as the leatherette and TPU to ensure toughness and resilience. Furthermore, the audio device is certified safe, high-quality, and high-performance by CE, FCC, IC, CEC, RoHS, REACH, TELEC, RSC standards.

The BlueParrott listening device comes with a one-year limited warranty. It also provides access to support content, including FAQs, Video Tutorials, User Manuals, and more, to extend the lifes

pan of your device. Additionally, you may use the BlueParrott App to get the most of your headset. It offers instant access to tech support and user guides. The app is free, too.

Connectivity & Compatibility


The BlueParrott B250-XTS supports Bluetooth technology Version 2.1 + EDR and has a range of Class 2 Up to 66ft/20m. It also allows a multi-connection of up to two devices and can be paired with up to eight devices. If you attempt to match the 9th device, the headset will automatically replace the first pairing on the list. Overall, it is a lightweight Bluetooth headset that gives you a vast range and hundreds of hours of standby time.

The Bluetooth headphone has 128-bit encryption to ensure security. It also supports four modes: EDR (2 and 3 Mb), SCO, eSCO, and sniff mode. EDR or Enhanced Data Rate provides faster data transfer and lower power consumption through a reduced duty cycle. SCO or Synchronous Connection-Oriented audio quality provides full-duplex audio, while eSCO or enhanced SCO allows greater flexibility in setting-up links. Finally, the sniff mode puts your device to sleep to conserve power.

Additional Features

In addition to superb audio quality and reliable connectivity, the B250-XTS comes with useful features that make it an excellent trucking headset. They make the device easy to use, adding comfort and flexibility on the job.


Noise cancellation is an essential feature for truckers; however, the quality of noise cancellation varies on implementation. The BlueParrott headset provides 91% noise cancellation, which means it blocks out sounds even in high-noise environments. It also uses the Xtreme Noise Suppression Technology to eliminate background noise and other distracting noises.


HD Voice makes everything better. It delivers twice the sound of a narrowband and prBLUEPARROTT B250-XTS in 2020ovides more audio information. It also offers wireless calling with significant improvement in audio quality. Along with noise-cancellation, the feature improves communication between you and the person you are having a conversation.


The B250-XTS has voice guidance that helps you operate your device. It notifies you when Bluetooth connection has been established or disconnected. It also prompts when the battery is low and when your device is out of range. The feature is turned on by default.


The headset features a multi-function button that allows you to control it with one touch. It enables you to power on/off the device, call and answer calls, and pair Bluetooth devices. You may also turn the volume up or down.


The BlueParrott device features a 128.bit data encryption that is secure enough to take massive computation and thousands of years to be cracked. The encryption is unbreakable, so you do not have to worry about other third parties listening in on your conversations.


The headphone uses a bi-directional electret with mic cover to eliminate breathing or breathy sounds. The mic cover also removes unwanted noises typically picked up by uncovered microphones. Moreover, it prevents the audio device from picking up the sound of air across the mic.


The listening device supports the BlueParrott App, allowing you to get the most out of your headset. The app offers a wide range of productivity-boosting features, including the integrated push-to-talk network application that allow conversations with one person, a group, or even all your contacts for free. It also enables you to customize the Parrott ButtonTM for fast access. More impressively, you can get your text read to you through the headphone so that you can keep your eyes on the road.


You can stream your multimedia, such as music and GPS directions, in up to two devices at the same time. You can connect it with two mobile phones or phones and a PC. Maintaining simultaneous connections offers more flexibility.


The B250-XTS headphone comes with a 300mAh battery that you can recharge for approximately 3 ½ hours. It includes a USB Charging Cable, a Standard USB-A to Micro USB connector (1m). Fully charged, the device can give you up to 20 hours of talk time and 490 hours of standby time.


After a few hundred hours of use, you will appreciate the spare cushions that come with the headphone. They can come in real handy as the original headphone cushions inevitably suffer from wear and tear, no matter how durable your device is. You can use them to replace the original and add another two to three years to the lifespan of the BlueParrott headset.

Product Highlights:

  • Provides 91% noise-cancellation
  • Conversate throughout the day with over 20 hours of talk time, with micro-USB charging
  • Multi-connection of up to two devices for flexibility
  • Streams many types of multimedia, including music, GPS directions, and more
  • Roam and talk with up to 66ft of Bluetooth range
  • Durable and comfortable

Who are these headphones for?

The BlueParrott B250-XTS headset is the perfect audio device for people who are always on the road. It benefits drivers, providing them with more talk time and long-range Bluetooth connectivity that reacts to your voice and answers calls automatically. It also streams GPS directions, which is essential for travel. Moreover, the device is durable and comfortable enough for all-day wear. Known as a trucking headset, it allows you to drive and talk simultaneously.

The sleek headphone is also suitable for people working in high-noise work environments. Being exposed to dangerous decibels in the workplace can drastically increase the risk of severe hearing difficulties. The B250-XTS BLUEPARROTT B250-XTS in 2020boasts up to 91% noise-cancellation that does not only ensure crystal-clear conversations but also blocks out background noise to protect your hearing.

Lastly, the listening device by BlueParrot is for every audiophile out there. It plays music with clarity and excellent sound quality. It also allows flexible connection by allowing you to stream multimedia on two devices at the same time. Furthermore, the B250-XTS is comfortable for extended wear. Whether you are on a road trip or commuting to work, you can enjoy your favorite songs.


The BlueParrott B250-XTS offers all the essential features you need in a mono Bluetooth headphone. It is hard-wearing and can last for years. It also delivers impressive sound quality for your music and calls, thanks to its industry-leading noise-cancellation. Moreover, the listening device comes with an incredible, rechargeable battery that provides up to 20 hours of talk time.

The construction of the headset is commendable. It is smaller and more lightweight than other BlueParrott products and comes in black for elegance. It also features an adjustable headband that provides a customizable fit. Additionally, it boasts multi-function button controls that allow you to manage phone calls and Bluetooth pairing.

Overall, the B250-XTS headset is an excellent trucking headphone. It has an extended Bluetooth range at 66ft, allowing you to walk and talk. It also blocks out background noise effectively and answers your calls automatically so that you can drive and have conversations with ease. Furthermore, the audio device streams many types of multimedia, such as GPS direction, which is extremely helpful on the road.

About the company

Jabra is an American brand, specializing in audio and video equipment. Their products include noise-canceling headphones, wireless earbuds, trucking headsets, fitness-tracking sports headphones, and video conferencing cameras. Packed with intuitive features, their audio devices let the right sound in and filters disruptive noises out to make your life sound better.

As part of the GN Group, the company has been bringing high-quality sound to the world for 150 years. GN is the BLUEPARROTT B250-XTS in 2020first to create ultra noise-canceling microphones the first to put an in-ear heart monitor in sports earbuds. They are also the only company in the world to combine consumer, professional, and medical-grade sound that allows for the intuitive solutions Jabra is famous for.

Founded in 1869, Jabra’s current headquarter is in Ballerup, Copenhagen, Denmark. They effectively cater to the needs and preferences of customers around the world, providing them with the power of sound and the best possible experience in music. They also improve the quality of calls. Moreover, the company promotes several audio technologies, from noise-cancellation to one-touch access to Voice Assistants. Overall, they support your audio and music needs wherever you are.

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