Unique WeSC Headphones Series

WeSC, an acronym for We Are the Superlative Conspiracy, is a Swedish company that specializes in clothing, headphones and other accessories like watches. WeSC draws its inspiration from skateboarding and snowboarding. This company was founded in 1999 with an idea to win over the young generations who were disillusioned with the products and operations of existing mainstream companies. As a result, it began to sponsor unknown and underground artists, musicians and skateboarders along with popular hip hop artists such as Timbuktu. Due to these initiatives, this company came to be seen as a revolutionary brand, and it appealed to young Swede population.

In fact, this company maintains a list of sponsored individuals who are called as “WeActivists.” The definition given by the company to its WeActivists group is a list of talented people who are good at what they do irrespective of whether they are known to the world or not. The same is reflected in the company’s products too. It aims to make high-quality products that catch the attention of users.

When it comes to headphones, this company is not a well-known brand, but strives to come up with products that use the latest technologies in the audio world. Its also spends resources in design to come up with a cool-looking product that will appeal well to its audience.

Below are reviews of some of the WeSC headphones series

Wesc unisex Piston Street Headphones

WeSc is a fashion conscious brand, and this reflects on the design and usability of all its products including its headphones. In this sense, WeSC Piston headphones are in tune with this brand image.
These headphones look amazing with their sleek design. It costs under $30, thereby making it affordable for anyone who wants to own a good-looking headphone.

Users have a lot of options with respect to design in this line of headphones. They can choose from animal prints to a simple charcoal color, depending on the preferences o each user. The prints are consistent throughout the headphones. For example, the charcoal colored headphones have a consistent black color with matte finish throughout the headphones.

The overall design is compact and concise as it does not stick out of the head. Some of the headsets even have an urban look that goes well as an accessory with any dress. The finish of these headphones is also neat and smooth throughout. The WeSC headphones series are connected to the ear cup with metal wires to give a semi-retro look to the headphones. On the bottom of the right ear cup is a 3.5 mm jack that gives users the option to plug into another headphone to share music with their friends.

There is not much padding on the head band as the entire headphone is covered with a soft material. Despite this lack of padding, it does not poke on the head at all. The ear cups have good padding though to give users a comfortable feel while wearing it for large periods of time. Though noise isolation is not great, it does stop noise from leaking outside.

Another cool aspect of these low-priced headphones is the ease with which these headphones can be used for travel. The ear cups fold inwards, thereby making it easy for users to carry them. Users will have to buy their own headphone case or leather bag as there are no accessories that come along with these headphones. This lack of accessories is understandable considering the price at which this product is sold in the market.

Sound quality of these headphones is amazing as well. Its 40 mm neodymium drivers give a powerful output that make it a pleasure to listen to all forms of music. There is a particular emphasis on bass, and this makes it perfect for those who like to listen to jazz, hip-hop, electronica and other bass-intense genre.

While the bass is intense, it does not feel overpowering in non-bass tracks. Surprisingly, other genres of music sound good on these headphones too. The only downside of these headphones is that treble has very little presence, so there tends to be a big roll-off at the top end. Though it is not visible in most tracks, this lack of treble can be evident in high-pitched vocal and instrumental tracks.

All in all, a good buy. Wesc Piston headphones offers great value for money in terms of design and audio performance. When users buy this headphone, they get a great value for their money.

Wesc Oboe headphones

Wesc Oboe headphones look unique and attractive, and appeals to the target audience of Wesc- young Swedes.

To start with, the package is simple and comes with three things, namely the headphones, a cable and mini-poster with different models of WeSC headphones series. Since these headphones also retail for less than $30, it is fair enough that there are no more accessories that come with these headphones.

The headphones come in a jazzy blue color. There are also other colors to choose from, but all of them are bright and lively to keep in tune with the preferences of the younger generation. Its two ear cups are attached to the head band with chunky pieces of buttons. The entire headphone is made of good quality plastic that is durable and at the same time, is lightweight enough for it to be carried around. There is a slider that makes it easy to adjust the height of the head band to fit the size of any user. Though there is no heavy padding on the head bands, it still sits comfortable on the head. The speakers, however, have good padding that makes it comfortable for users to wear it for long periods of time.

The cable is simple and is made of braided black fabric. At the end of each cable, there is a 3.5 mm jack that fits well with any MP3 player or other devices.

In terms of sound quality, it is pure and clear. Such a clarity makes this headphone highly versatile as it can be used not just for listening to music, but also to watch movies and to listen to audio books. It also works well with any genre of music as these headphones have a natural and neutral sound. These headphones are well-known for their sonic signature, so there is a good balance between highs, mids and low range notes. Its volume range is also decent for the price. Though it has 30 mm drivers instead of the usual 40 mm, it does not sound too low.

Wesc unisex Conga heart breakers

Another good pair of headphones that does not cost a ton of money is Wesc unisex congo headphones heart breakers. In fact, it is one of the cheapest priced headphones from WeSC headphones series that compares well with products from other renowned companies like Sennheiser and Skullcandy.

For starters, the design is sleek and simple. It comes with a wide head band that is made of flexible material so that it sits well on the world without pushing it in any way. The head band is attached to the ear cups by means of a thin wire-like attachment. The sliders on either side of the ear cup makes it easy for users to move the head band up or down until they get the right fit. The ear cups are rounded and are padded with good quality material to ensure that users feel comfortable while wearing them. However, these WeSC headphones series do not do a whole lot in terms of noise isolation, so this is probably not the right choice of product for crowded places like trains and buses.

There are no accessories that come with these headphones, but that is understandable considering its low price of $20.

In terms of sound quality, these headphones are deep and full. Every note that is played on these headphones have high levels of clarity, thereby making it a pleasure for users to listen to this headphone’s output. The highs are crisp while the mid-range notes are warm and soothing, so all different genres of music sound good on it. There is no emphasis on any particular aspect, hence, the sound signature of these headphones is well-balanced. Moreover, the transition between different notes, especially the difficult high to mid range is smooth and easy on the ears.

Overall, these headphones are a good value for money as they look great and have a decent sound quality. Its comfortable fit and durability are also added features that make these headphones a good product from WeSC.

The above reviews bring out certain unique aspects about WeSC headphones series. It is evident that WeSC puts much emphasis on appearance as it tries to reach out to a younger audience. At the same time, it is also affordable because the company understands that young people may not always have access to lots of money. All in all, these headphones provide a great value for money!