What are the Best Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone?

what are the best bluetooth headphones for iphone

Let’s face it – the pair of white headphones that come with every new iPhone are very, very basic. One of the main questions that we are frequently asked is – what are the best Bluetooth headphones for iPhone?  Bluetooth technology is in great demand,  as it has taken the way people communicate, share files, and enjoy popular media to an entirely new level. Because of Bluetooth, you no longer have to be tied down, in a manner of speaking, by wires and transfer cables. There are so many things that you can do with this breakthrough technology, and the number of conceivable applications continue to grow. Today, you can share files, take calls hands-free, listen to your music, and even control toy helicopters using your Bluetooth enabled device. The possibilities are virtually limitless when it comes to Bluetooth technology.

The most common use of Bluetooth, other than for file sharing, can be seen in wireless headphones, These devices allow you to listen to music stored on your phone or portable music player. Bluetooth headphones are also used to answer or reject calls without having to fish inside your bag or your pocket for your phone. Apple Inc. was one of the first manufacturers to effectively use Bluetooth technology, as evidenced by the number of wireless headphones on the market that are designed for use on iPods, iPads, and iPhones.

Bluetooth vs. Non-Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone

With wireless Bluetooth headphones essentially flooding today’s consumer electronics market, finding the right pair to suit your needs can be a little difficult. After all, Bluetooth headphones offer a range of benefits over traditional, non-Bluetooth headphones. Going wireless allows you the convenience of being able to listen to your tunes, pause the song to take an important phone call, then continue enjoying your music all without lifting a finger. And with Bluetooth technology making great strides towards improving sound quality and lowering production costs, the price difference between wired and wireless headphones is becoming smaller and smaller by the minute.

Key Characteristics of the Best Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone

So how do you know which pair of headphones to buy? Many iPhone and iPod owners today opt for Bluetooth headphones that not only sound great, but are also compact and stylish. Here are a few qualities to consider for when you want to find the best pair of Bluetooth headphones for your iPhone.

  • Good Sound Quality – Whether you want to get a pair of wired or wireless headphones, one of the first things that you will want to think about is how well they sound. For iPhone users, the sound quality of their Bluetooth headphones is doubly important because they not only want to enjoy their tunes, they also want to make sure that all phone conversations are carried on in the clearest and most intelligible way possible.
  • Reasonable Cost – Bluetooth headphones may be a dime a dozen today, but that’s not how much they cost at all. While a typical pair of Bluetooth headphones for your iPhone definitely costs more than a dime, they don’t have to cost a pretty penny either. Scour the consumer electronics market and you will find plenty of high quality headphones that won’t rip a hole through your pocket.
  • Comfortable Fit – More than being sleek and stylish, Bluetooth headphones should be comfortable to wear. “Can I call you back? My headphones are pinching again, ouch!” should not be something that you develop a habit of saying whenever you take a call with your wireless Bluetooth headset. And unless you only rock out to one song on your iPhone, you will need a pair of headphones that you can comfortably wear while listening to entire albums or the songs on your workout playlist.
  • Portable – Your Bluetooth headphones should be as, if not more mobile than your iPhone. After all, do you really want to lug a pair of bulky cans around every time you want to take your tunes on the road with you? Using a pair of Bluetooth headphones shouldn’t be so much trouble. Be sure to get headphones that are lightweight and compact enough to carry around with you all the time. Most of the time, if a particular pair of Bluetooth headphones appear to be more trouble than they’re worth, they usually are.

5 of the Best Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone

  1. Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Created by one of the biggest and most successful audio equipment companies in the world, the QuietComfort 25 from Bose is a pair of full-sized over-ears that deliver great audio, thanks to its effective noise cancellation feature. As its name suggests, the QuietComfort 25 reduces ambient noise and provides a comfortable fit over your head. It has cushioned ear cups and a padded headband for support, and it can be folded into a neat little bundle for easy transport and storage. It comes with a 56-inch audio cable that is fitted with an inline mic and remote for hands-free calling. The QuietComfort 25 is customized for use with Apple devices, and its active noise control feature is powered by a AAA battery. It isn’t the most affordable pair of Bluetooth headphones out there though, retailing for around $300. But if you are looking for noise cancelling headphones that are comfortable to wear and are capable of delivering superb sound, then the QuietComfort 25 is worth the investment.

  2. Sony MDR10RBT Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

    Superior audio performance is something that most people have come to expect from Sony and its products, and the MDR10RBT is hardly an exception. Delivering excellent sound quality for a pair of Bluetooth headphones that costs less than $200, the MDR10RBT is a great deal for iPhone users who want a nice step up from the low cost headphones that lack clarity and depth of sound. It is also lightweight and very comfortable to wear, as its cushioned pads create an acoustic seal around your ear that helps enhance its bass response. The intuitive volume controls as well as the raised rocker switch for track selection are clearly labeled and easy to reach. The MDR10RBT is powered by a lithium ion battery that is rated for up to 17 hours of use. Like most Bluetooth headphones, it also has an integrated mic that lets you take hands-free calls from your iPhone. For all its features, the MDR10RBT is still one of the better options to look into if you need a pair of high performance headphones for your iPhone.

  3. JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones

    For the iPhone user who enjoys listening to music while jogging or working out at the gym, the JayBird BlueBuds X makes for a pretty decent alternative to other pricier wireless headphones in its class. Lightweight and resistant to both sweat and water, the smartly designed BlueBuds X is comfortable to enough to wear that you won’t mind keeping it on even during long runs or strenuous workouts. To make sure that you will be getting a snug fit, the BlueBuds X also comes with three differently sized silicone buds and three wing foils that hold the headphones securely against your ear lobes. Sound quality on the BlueBuds X is as good as can be expected, as long as you can get a secure acoustic seal inside your ear canal. The controls on the BlueBuds X are simple and intuitive, and taking hands-free calls with it is easy. It retails between $130 and $170. If you are looking for a decent pair of wireless sports headphones that will work on your iPhone, then the BlueBuds X is definitely worth some serious consideration.

  4. Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone

    Lightweight and comfortable, the Powerbeats2 is a well-designed pair of the best Bluetooth headphones for iPhone that allow you to take your workouts anywhere you go. Sound quality is exceptional, with the lower bass frequencies sufficiently represented. There are semi-pliable hooks on each earpiece that give the Powerbeats2 a comfortable fit. It comes with a trio of differently sized ear tips, which allows you to control the amount of ambient noise that seeps into your field of hearing. As with other Bluetooth headphones, the Powerbeats2 also comes fitted with a mic that lets you take hands-free calls. It has an effective Bluetooth range of around 30 feet, and its rechargeable battery lasts for up to 6 hours of normal use on a single charge. Price ranges between $170 and $180, which is fair considering how well the Powerbeats2 sounds. If you want a pair of decent sounding Bluetooth headphones for your iPhone, you simply can’t go wrong with the Powerbeats2.

  5. Sentey B-Trek H9 LS-4560 Bluetooth Headphones

    With its sleek collapsible design, the B-Trek H9 from audio and gaming equipment specialist Sentey is one of the lightest and most portable pair of Bluetooth headphones on the market today. Its design gives it a relatively comfortable fit, as well as a decent amount of passive noise cancellation. Sound quality is fairly remarkable, and that extends to the voice quality when using the omnidirectional mic for hands-free calling. Selling for a mere $40, the B-Trek H9 gives you a low cost option that offers great audio for less.


Whether you’re looking for workout headphones or simply for enjoying your favourite tunes more, as mentioned, Bluetooth headphones have many advantages which can help us to make the most out of your iphone experience. All five Bluetooth headphones above offer great sound quality, durability as well as a comfortable fit.

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