Zipbuds Earphones – A truly innovative audio product

Zipbuds is a brand that is so well-known among customers, but its innovative product is sure to take the world by storm. In fact, innovation is the most important aspect for a company if it wants to stay on top of its competitors.

Currently, the earphones market is so crowded that it is hard even for established players to popularize a product. To overcome such intense competition, innovation is the key as it helps a company to stand out among its competitors.

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Below is a review the Zipbuds earphones

Zipbuds earphones has rightly chosen the innovative path to establish itself in this crowded market. This innovation is the form of cables that can zip up.

In other words, users can simply zip up their earphones when they are not using it, and this zip ensures that cables do not ever get tangled again. This zip feature has aroused the curiosity of many users, and has led them to buy its Juiced 2.0 Never Tangle Earbuds. Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 Never Tangle Earbuds Featuring ComfortFIt2 Technology Review

Design is one area that distinguishes Juiced 2.0 from other earphones, and this design is also its biggest selling point. In fact, the name Zipbuds comes these earphones that can be zipped up when not in use. A zipper is built into the cables that give users the option to zip it up until the area where the cables split for each ear. As a result, the cable is tighter and there are no more tangled cables.

Other than the zip feature, these earphones also come with other cool design features. The ear buds have an ergonomic design that come with what the company calls “ComfortFit2.” The ear buds are designed in such a way that they are angled to provide a more secure fit.

Moreover, these ear buds seal the ear canal completely without hurting the ears. Though there is nothing extra on these ear buds except the angled design, it nevertheless seems to be sufficient to get a good fit.  As a result, these earphones are more comfortable than many other earphone models available in the market today.

Yet another cool feature that will appeal mostly to the younger generation is its “glow in the dark.” When the room is dark, the cables of these Zipbuds earphones glow to provide exciting visibility. Moreover, this feature makes it easy to find earphones even when there is no light! Due to these cool features, Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 Never Tangle Earbuds Featuring ComfortFIt2 Technology is a hit among the younger audience.

Besides cool design, these earphones score high on comfort too. Since these ear buds fit well into the ears, noise isolation is excellent. These earphones use only passive noise cancellation technology with the help of its good fit, but they nevertheless seem to keep most external sounds away. Also, these earphones come with three different ear buds, namely in small, medium and large sizes to ensure that users get the perfect fit for their ears.

These earphones sound great across all frequencies. The 10 mm audio driver present on both the ear buds deliver a wide range of frequency – from bass to highs and treble. The design of these earphones partially contribute to better sound quality as it minimizes pressure on the ears and ensures that the driver is positioned at an optimal position to deliver the best sounds. The bass is powerful and deep, and this level of intensity is surprising for earphones.

In this sense, these earphones break the myth that powerful bass is the domain of expensive headphones. Along with the deep bass, the high notes are crisp and clear. The midrange notes are warm and soothing while the low end notes have a great amount of clarity. The transition between these notes is smooth and there is a perfect balance that exists between these different notes. As a result, these earphones are perfect for any track, both vocal and instrumental.

The overall design of these earphones is sturdy. Unlike many other models available today, the quality of cabling is top class. In many cheaper earphone models, the cable tends to break after sometime, and this would warrant an entire replacement of earphones because the cables are not detachable. While the cables are not detachable in these earphones too, the chances for it to break is very low because the cables are made of military grade Aramid material that can withstand everyday use. It can also take frequent falls and rubbings better than the traditional earphone cables.

Despite these advantages, there are also some downsides to these Zipbuds earphones, Firstly, there is no case that comes with it, so carrying it become difficult. Another reason is that these earphones are on the heavier side because the cables tend to be heavy. To make sure that the zip works well, these cables have to be sturdy and should be made of thicker material, and this is exactly what zipbuds has done. However, this heavy material has increased the weight of these earphones, so they are not portable and are not conducive for outdoor activities such as running.

In short, Zipbudds is a new entrant in the field of earphones, and it has entered the market with a big bang. Its unique zippered cable model has attracted many users, especially the younger generation. This zippered model goes to show the innovation that has gone into its making, and at a larger levels, brings out the need for innovation to attract users.

The cables zip up easily, and this aspect ensures that cables never get tangled again. Along with this zipper cable, these Zipbuds earphones come with “ComfortFit2” technology that give users a great fit. The sound quality is great too with its angled ear buds and 10 mm drivers. For all these innovative features, these earphones cost much less than other models, thereby making it accessible for all sections of users. For all these reasons, these earphones are a great value for money and it is a one of a kind product that is sure to impress users in a big way.

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