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Best Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone

Courage. Banking on this one word, Apple has finally done it. They killed the headphone jack in their latest iPhone. You can still wire up but it’s not as easy as finding the familiar...


Top 10 Best iPhone Earbuds – Complete Guide

iPhone is the second most common thing today, next to a political opinion. It’s more than just a gadget, it’s a subculture. Through an elitist marketing gimmick, Apple products have been set apart from...


Top 10 Best Foldable Headphones

Have you ever been spoiled by foldable headphones? They close up to half their size and sit amicably in the corner of your bag. Or maybe you have struggled with big, huge headphones which...


Top 10 Best Bang and Olufsen Headphones

Bang and Olufsen is a veteran in the audio field. Although lately we have been flooded with Bose, Sennheiser and Sony headphones, B&O are the ones who triggered some of the most popular trends...


Best Headphone Stands – Complete Guide

It’s not a glorified banana hanger – it’s a headphone stand for your precious and quite pricey headphone. This seemingly uncomplicated device took a long time to finally make it to the list of...


Top 10 Most Durable On Ear Headphones

Whether you’re launching a snowboard off the cliff or commuting to work, the reliable on-ear headphones rest on your outer ears and run a gamut from low-cost portables to high-end models. Between two extremes...