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Best Over Ear Headphones – Top 15 List 2017

Anybody who is serious about music, and specifically quality audio performance, ends up upgrading from stock earbuds to full-sized headphones. The drivers of over-ear headphones are big enough to recreate the magic of the...

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Choosing a pair of headphones would not be quite a task if your preference is just set to daily listening, budget over-ear headphones or earphones (this is more advisable for convenience) are everywhere. Wanting...


Top 10 Best Audiophile Headphones

Audiophiles are a class of people that is in pursuit of music gear that makes the music playback sound exactly like it was originally played. Audiophile headphones cater to this maniacal need for neutral...

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The Best Earbuds under 200 – Complete Guide

You’re probably tired of listening to the poor sound of those cheap earbuds that come free with phones or other devices. However, on- or over-ear headphones are not the ideal solution too if you...