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Top 15 Best Blue Colored Headphones in 2020

Top 15 Best Blue Headphones – Ultimate Guide & Reviews 2020

 Headphones have become an essential part of our lives – be it for listening to music, taking calls hands-free, or even creating music. They are simply indispensable when it comes to connecting with our gadgets in a wired or a wireless setup. Choosing the right pair of headphones is essential, and getting your ideal pair

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Top 20 Best Wireless Home Theater Headphones in 2020

Music transcends a person to another universe. If there is an out of body experience possible – it is through the ears. It is a scientifically proven fact that music not only resets our brains it also helps plants grow better. Want to experience all this? Get some wireless home theater headphones and immerse yourself

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Reviewing Sony X Headphones

Sony Corporation is a renowned electronics company that specializes in making a range of electronic devices such as headphones, sound systems, TV, gaming consoles, household appliances, computers and more. This Japanese multinational conglomerate that is headquartered in Tokyo has been in operations since 1946. Over the past decades, Sony has made its products synonymous with Credibility,

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Top 15 Best Bluetooth Headsets in 2019

Top 15 Best Bluetooth Headsets in 2020

Do you have to take and make several calls on a daily basis? Are you on the lookout for the best Bluetooth headsets that can make your work (and life) easier? If you find yourself nodding your head to these questions, you have come to the right page! In today’s fast paced world where everyone

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Top 15 Best True Wireless Earbuds in 2019

Top 15 Best True Wireless Earbuds in 2020

Earbud cables have never been very much liked by music listeners; however, for many, they had been a necessity as traditionally, the wireless earbuds would not sound as good as the wired ones. Things have changed as earbuds technology has come a long way and the progress achieved in Bluetooth wireless technology has propelled the

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The Best Creative Headphones In 2020 – Complete Guide

Creative has done some real creative work in the field of audio DSP and digital entertainment. They are credited with the creation of Sound Blaster sound cards which redefined the audio arena. With such prodigious legacy behind them, Creative set out to create headphones. They have all types of peripherals in their line-up eg. Over-ear

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Top 10 Most Durable On Ear Headphones In 2020

Whether you’re launching a snowboard off the cliff or commuting to work, the reliable on-ear headphones rest on your outer ears and run a gamut from low-cost portables to high-end models. Between two extremes of hefty over-ear and tiny in-ear headphones, there’s a middle ground and that’s where these on-ear headphones exist. They’re similar to

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